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A Convenient New Option For Paying Maui Property Taxes

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January 20, 2017

A new convenience for Maui home owners has recently emerged regarding the payment of property tax. The County of Maui has made an agreement with Maui credit unions to allow residents to pay their property tax bills at local credit unions. Still more convenient, they can also set up automatic payments so we won’t have to worry about remembering to submit these payments and take time out of our busy schedules to do so.

The credit union payments are available on all three islands in Maui County, including Maui, Molokai and Lanai. Owners simply need to set a due date schedule and the credit union will withdraw the appropriate funds and remit payments to the Maui County Finance Department.

Eight Maui County chartered federal credit unions are participating, along with one branch of an Oahu credit union. Here is a list of the participants.

  • Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union
  • Kahului Federal Credit Union
  • Maui County Federal Credit Union
  • Maui Teachers Federal Credit Union
  • Molokai Community Federal Credit Union
  • Valley Isle Community Federal Credit Union
  • Wailuku Federal Credit Union
  • West Maui Community Federal Credit Union

As Finance Director Danny Agsalog pointed out, Maui home owners sometimes finish paying off their mortgage and forget that they still have to pay property tax, which can create quite a mess. This service is a great way to stay on track and spend more time focusing on your other home-related goals, like maintenance and renovation. It’s a nice arrangement that benefits everyone involved.

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