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Advice on Moving to Hawaii from the Mainland

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November 9, 2018

Are you finally taking that leap of faith? If you have decided to make the move to Maui, you are probably wondering what in the world you need to know about how to survive this move across the Pacific. Well, if you are feeling a little overwhelmed and are in search for some helpful information then you are in luck because we have a go-to guide for you to help make your big move a breeze. Here’s our handy checklist of tips on what you need to know before moving to Maui.

Downsize. Downsize. Downsize
If you’re planning on moving to Hawaii then it is finally time to purge! Downsize as much as you can before the move because the honest truth is you probably won’t be using your snow gear anytime soon and won’t be needing those heavy jackets either. Pack light and bring only what you need. Think about hosting a garage sale a week or two before moving and try to get rid of as much stuff as you possibly can before the big move.

Budget for Moving to Hawaii
You probably haven’t thought about what it will cost to ship your car or all of your belongings across the Pacific and that’s OK but you’ll definitely want to get a number in mind before the move. Consider whether it will be cheaper to buy a car when you get to the island or if shipping your car over makes more sense. Consider budgeting for the items you plan to buy here and searching ahead of time on West Maui furniture stores like Mind’s Eye Interiors.

Searching for Maui Jobs
You’re ready to move but have you started your job search? Well, that’s a good place to start. There are many jobs you can find on the islands and by planning ahead and googling jobs in Hawaii. You’d be surprised what’s out there and it never hurts to have something to bring you to the islands.

Moving Your Pets to Hawaii
This is a big one! Don’t forget that if you plan on bringing your pet to the islands then you will want to take actions ahead of time so you won’t have to quarantine your beloved pet. Do your research ahead of time and weigh whether or not this is the best move for your pet.

Housing and Locations
You’ll certainly want to know more about the real estate housing on the island before moving. Start considering if you and your family would like to live closer to the beach, up the mountain where there’s cooler weather, or in a neighborhood close to a good school. Our Maui Information pages should help you with that. Perhaps take a look at some of our favorite properties on this website like Kapalua homes for sale, Kapalua Bay Villas oceanfront condos or condos in Kaanapali.

And that concludes our checklist for moving to Maui. If you’re looking for the perfect home to move into then make sure to look at our luxury beachfront properties. Contact us with any questions you may have and continue to look at some of our new listings today. Aloha.

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