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A Celebration of the Arts & The Hawaiian Culture at Ritz Carlton Kapalua

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April 6, 2023
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Betty Sakamoto: Aloha and welcome to Betty’s Real Estate Corner, brought to you by Coldwell Banker and Sakamoto. Here we are again. It seems like it’s been a long time, but we did miss a couple of shows, didn’t we?

Roy Sakamoto: Yeah. We did.

BS: Yeah, not too many but we did miss a couple, so it kind of makes a big difference I think when we’re not here, every week.

RS: Yeah, but we’re back.

BS: We’re back. And it’s going to be a fun day, I think. We’ve been coming up with a whole bunch of different ideas for things in the future. Cindy right now came up with something really interesting that I’m not sure we can really talk about, but it had to do with a firefighter who passed away in Kihei and a very sad story, but somebody wrote a song about it.

RS: Cindy did.

BS: Cindy did I’m sorry. Cindy Paulos from the station here. It was spectacular. She had a recording of somebody singing it. It is the best. We’ve really got to figure out or she’s going to figure out the best way to make that work so that she may kill me for saying this right now, but it’s too late to stop me. It is so wonderful, and I think it could be great for the family so hopefully that’ll happen.

RS: Yeah, the whole intent would be a fundraiser for our valiant late firefighter’s family. I mean the song is really haunting. It is fantastic.

BS: It is. It’s so amazing and it’s so hard to believe ever that something like that can never happen on Maui. I mean, he was so young it is just beyond comprehension. I hope that a lot of us feel that way living here, at least I do. I feel safe. I feel good. I just can’t imagine anything bad happening and of course it does but it’s a very difficult thing.

RS: Yeah. I mean, our first responder is our fantastic all our firemen, the medics, the police. When we lose one of them it is very tragic. We lose a part of ourselves.

BS: It is, Roy. I mean, it is so tragic to think that anyone here, anyone, anywhere but I’m just saying right now, it’s Maui. Maui feels to me most of the time like the safest place in the world and nothing bad should ever happen. So maybe, if nothing else, as you listen to this today, think about the person near you, next to you, the person that you love or you’ve never met, and always be kind and good to them. Take care of them.

RS: Then remember to thank our first responders again, our firemen, policemen, and our paramedics who are doing a fantastic job.

BS: Absolutely. Our teachers. I mean, there’s so many people today.

RS: Absolutely

BS: We need to all thank. I guess let’s go on with the real estate show.

RS: Yeah.

BS: See what we come up with here. We’ve got a lot of information today on what’s going on at The Ritz-Carlton this weekend.

RS: Big weekend.

BS: It’s going to be huge and so many people are going to be there. A lot of what is there is going to have no cost so you can go there. There’s a ton of parking, at some point I’m sure it fills up, but you’ll figure out where to park once you get to Kapalua and enjoy the moment and everything that’s happening. We have a list, Roy, of a lot of events.

RS: It’s our 31st celebration of the arts at The Ritz-Carlton at Kapalua, and it’s put together by Clifford Nae’ole. Clifford has been the cultural advisor to The Ritz-Carlton for many, many years, ever since The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua opened, and what a great, great man. He’s been responsible for putting on the celebration of the arts. This is its 31st year, and it is a fantastic community event like Betty says and many of the things going on are free. There is a luau that is that you pay for on Saturday night, which is fantastic.

BS: And they do have a good kamaaina rate, I think for what it is.

RS: Yes, for the luau, right.

BS: Absolutely

RS: Starting tomorrow, Friday, it actually starts very, very early at 5:45 in the morning to 6:30 at what is now Honokohau Beach most people know it as D.T. Fleming Beach. It’s an E ala E and Hi’uwai ceremonies, which is basically rejuvenating yourself, your body, and spirit in the water. This starts early, 5:45 to 6:30 attendees should bring your bathing suit and towels, and no photography. Photography and video is prohibited. Actually, a very sacred ceremony and a great thing to participate in. It starts at 5:45 last til 6:30 at D.T. Fleming Beach.

BS: It says here which I think is really amazing. If you ended up doing this, you join with cultural practitioners for an invigorating ceremony guaranteed to rejuvenate your body and spirit. Chants are offered to all of you to the sun. Attendees should bring swimwear towels, as Roy said. I think it is going to be something that will be unbelievable.

RS: Very spiritual. Very, very spiritual.

BS: I know I’m not going to do it, though.

RS: Well, 5:45.

BS: I would love to. I wouldn’t mind 5:45. I just don’t think I can do it. I would really urge anybody that would love being out like that or love being involved, do it. Go down there. It will be easy to get parking. It’ll be really fabulous. Give it a go.

RS: Yeah, and then continues on the celebration of the arts continues on. This is actually a private ava ceremony with the Hawaiian practitioners and hotel executives who will sit on sacred mats to sip the bitter ava. Again, this participation is only by invitation. It’s only to the Hawaiian practitioners and the hotel executives but everybody from the general public is invited to and encouraged to attend. Again, no photography and video. It is again a very sacred ceremony. It’s very historic and we can all learn something from ceremonies like this.

BS: I think you’re right Roy about that. The next thing as the night or the day goes on, is 9:45 to 10:45 in the lobby. This sounds like it could be really a spectacular moment. They have their emotions and spirituality run high as traditional chants of genealogy and the islands are expressed by practitioners asking permission to be a part of the celebration of arts. It just sounds like, again, this is going to be dedicated in a way to serving the culture. I think it really does sound like something that could be beautiful to be involved and to just be there and listen.

RS: Yeah, and then starting at eleven o’clock and running till 4:30 tomorrow will be the hands-on art and demonstrations where we will have artisans from all over Maui, all over Hawaii, actually, who will be there in attendance. You can actually learn how to make some of these items that these artisans practice and do. I think a great experience for everybody. You can create your own heirloom.

BS: I think you could. And I think there’s going to be people there that’ll be talking about it and giving you a lot of different thoughts for something that you might be able to do. That might be something nobody else will ever think of, but you’ll have it for the rest of your life because you created it as part of this weekend. I think it could be really spectacular, Roy. It sounds really great.

RS: Yeah. Here’s another great one. From 11:00 to 3:00, you’re able to visit the long-distance voyaging canoe. The Maui’s own long-distance voyaging canoe that will be more than Honolua Bay. They’ll have shuttles out to the canoe and weather permitting it’ll run from 11 to 3 p.m. and ages five and up.

BS: It’s not really well, it’s not a good thing I think you end up with like little babies there. I think that’s the point. I think to not make it difficult on whoever is doing the work there.

RS: Yeah, but this is complementary at no cost, and what a great experience to be able to get on the long-distance voyaging canoe.

BS: There’s one Roy that at one o’clock to two o’clock in the lobby. The women of the Halau Hula Makani O Kapehe will bring a wide variety of hula to the Alaloa Lounge under the guidance of one of Mrs. Samonte. Right?

RS: Yeah

BS: Their presence is guaranteed to be absolutely the best and very entertaining and it’ll go on from one o’clock to two o’clock there in the same area the lobby which is where we all go at night to have a burger or sushi, which is absolutely spectacular there at The Ritz. I mean, there’s no place better, I don’t think, to go in and get some very, very high-end sushi. I think it’s perfect. It’s really a perfect setup there.

RS: Yeah. Here’s one I hope I have time to attend from 12:45 to 1:45. It’s the Keanae Traditions of the Taro, Kulolo which basically is hard work and good taste. I’m looking forward to trying out the poi and the kulolo which is the taro. Taro kind of a pudding that I love.

BS: Do you think we should take a mini real estate break for a second? We’ve got a lot left on here to get through, but I think it is good to have people know what’s happening and think about being there.

RS: Well, it continues on Saturday, too. It’s really great. There’s activities throughout the morning starting at 8:30, you can plant a legacy at Pu’u Kukui. Pu’u Kukui is our West Maui Sacred Mountain. Basically, that’s the head of our watershed in West Maui. You’re able to go out there and plant basically a legacy at Pu’u Kukui. What a great experience.

BS: I’m kind of jumping around looking at this road, but later on at 4:00 to 4:30 and the Salon Ballroom, they’re going to have something entitled 30 Years of Aloha. They’re going to have a short video of the celebration of Arts 2022 which won some I think amazing awards. I think that’s going to be a great tribute to Maui and the practitioners that are involved in this. Again, something that could be really great to be to take the time to sit and watch.

RS: Again, a big credit to Clifford Nae’ole the spiritual advisor for The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua. Clifford this has been his baby and thank you, Clifford, for all you’ve done. We understand this will be your Aloha Festival after 31 years. We hope not. We hope you’re still at least around in an advisory capacity because this is so much a part of you. Mahalo, Clifford. I look forward to participating in a lot of these activities.

BS: I think you’re right, Roy. Clifford will always be there in spirit in hard and I think that he will always walk in that door and spend a little bit of time coaching people coming up with telling them the stories about why it is so fabulous, why Kapalua. Why The Ritz-Carlton at Kapalua is special.

RS: Right. This is all capped off Saturday night from 5:30 to 8:30 is the celebration of island taste and together with the Carmen Hulu Lindsey Hula halau. She’s also supervising or overseeing a falsetto contest. Falsetto singing in Hawaii as we all know is a very almost a lost art anymore. Hopefully, we’ll see a resurgence of this.

BS: It is amazing when you hear some of those voices and how they can take it. It seems just a little further, a little further, a little further. It’s amazing.

RS: Yeah, for tickets for this great luau, you can call (808) 665-7089. We just did ours this morning actually and will be attending. Hopefully, we’ll see everybody out there. The menu is fantastic. I mean, it’s got your kalua pork of course steamed sweet potato, imu steamed turkey, steamed pork and beef, laulau.

BS:  What’s for dessert?

RS: Well, well, getting there.

BS: Okay

RS: Wait a minute, I’m going to get through all of them.

BS: Okay.

RS: Important stuff. Got you. Got my taro, poi with that chicken long rice, the fern shoot, the pohole salad, diced ahi seafood salad, poke, rice of course, coconut pudding the haupia, coconut cake. There’s your dessert coconut cake.

BS: Perfect.

RS: Yeah, and soft drinks and juices, coffee and tea. Also available will be cocktails, beer, and wine. There are kamaaina rates, so call them at (808) 665-7089.

BS: Now, one last thing in case we run out of time here, if you’re looking for real estate today.

RS: Yeah.

BS: I think that you should make a phone call. I think that you should call possibly Elizabeth Quayle at (808) 276-6061. If you’re looking for real estate today, give Elizabeth Quayle a call and see what she’s got that you could possibly discuss.

RS: Yeah, or you can call me Roy (808) 870-7060.

BS: I never thought of that one.

RS: or Betty

BS: At (808) 870-7062. We can get you some real estate and you could own it in a couple of weeks. So, it could be a lot of fun. We could see to it when now we’re not going to give up going to the Luau.

RS: No.

BS: To show property. We are going to have to get people to help us on some of this.

RS: I’ll try.

BS: It’ll be fun and it’s a great time. Whatever anybody says, it’s not a good time to buy real estate in a lot of ways places like Kapalua have gone up kind of steadily, steadily, steadily. I think it still is the time to buy real estate.

RS: It’s a fantastic time. Here’s one we’ll get on to real estate sorry to leave as a celebration of the arts but, here’s one of our listings. It’s a vacant lot at Pineapple Hill address 1010 Sunset Place. It’s a vacant lot, listed at $1,100,000. It’s a little over 11,000 square feet of land. Pineapple Hill at Kapalua is one of the great residential subdivisions. There is two tennis courts, a private pavilion, great recreation area. All the roads are private. The lots are what we call single loaded, where there’s lots of only one side of the street so it affords better views for everybody. Call us, Roy (808) 870-7060 for information on 1010 Sunset.

BS: There’s so many great properties on the market right now Roy. I’m just kind of flipping through some of them that you handed me, and it really is looking like there is more and more, and again, there’s a lot of the upper-end properties that are on the market right now.  Kalama Street in Kihei interesting property listed at $6,750,000 oceanfront looks pretty amazing to me. Three bedrooms, three baths. I think again, something like that that appears to have over 32,000 square feet of land. You should be able to do almost anything with two lots that are there. So, give us a call and we can chat with you about that or call. Well, I’m not sure if we get to call in that one.

RS: Yeah, call Roy or Betty (808) 870-7060. We’re kind of skipping around a little bit, but I’ll go back to vacant land. We have a listing at 308 Cook Pine Drive. This is also a vacant lot. What’s interesting on this, the owners of this lot had planned on building on it. They designed a fantastic home on the property and then some personal issues came up and they had to unfortunately leave the island and move to Arizona for some family issues. This is available, the asking price is $1,800,000. This is for a great view lot plus all the building plans that have been approved already by the Design review committee. Does not have county building plans approval yet, but everything is ready to submit. And again, the design review committee at Pineapple Hill has approved this. So, it’s a ready-made package and it’s ready to build on and the listed price is $1,800,000. So, call Roy at (808) 870-7060 or Betty at (808) 870-7062.

BS: Here’s another one Casey Fukuda, who was gracious enough to play in a golf tournament with all of us this weekend. He has a listing at the Mahana in the heart of Kaanapali. Really beautiful, beautiful unit, one bedroom, two baths. You can reach Casey on that at (808) 254-5362 or email him at [email protected]. Anyone that knows the Mahana will know the beach out there is quite spectacular and listed at $1,295,000 way worth taking a look at if you’ve been thinking buying something on Maui.

RS: Yeah, right. At the Mahana, everything is oceanfront so it’s a great location. Here’s one that is perfect for the owner-occupant. It’s Pohailani and Honokawai. Well about the edge of Kahana, I guess, and West Maui. Unit number is 137. It’s a two-bedroom, one-bath listed again at $675,000. Natalie in our office has this listing. Just came on the market fairly recently. Call Natalie, her number (808) 268-5108 regarding her Pohailani 137, two-bedroom, one bath. It’s great. Pohailani has a lot of owner-occupants and so this would be great for somebody that’s living here.

BS: We’re quickly coming up to our signoff time to Roy. We’ve moved along, I’d say pretty fast. Here’s another Elizabeth listing, which is at the Masters. Two bedrooms, two baths almost just under 1,300 square feet $1,570,000, and really nicely done. I think this one is the seller already has found a replacement property, so they are looking to get it sold. It’d be worth giving Elizabeth a call. Again, (808) 276-6061.

RS: Here’s another great homeowner-occupied property Hoonanea in Lahaina unit number is 416. It’s a fourth-floor, two-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath apartment. It’s listed by Ray Chen. Ray can be reached at (808) 344-2677. Hoonanea 416 two bedroom, two and a half baths huge apartment is over 1,200 square feet and again perfect for owner-occupants. Someone living here the maintenance fees per month are fairly reasonable at $516 and property taxes are $61 a month, which is great.

BS: Okay, so let me just think now, what else is there that we want to kind of say? We’ve got we’re at the two-minute warning. So, it’s going to we’re going to be back to Danny Couch pretty quick right now.

RS: Okay. How about the Sunday brunch at The Ritz-Carlton?

BS: The Sunday brunch at The Ritz-Carlton. Yes.

RS: The Easter.

BS: The Easter Sunday brunch there is supposed to be spectacular. Really amazing. So that’s got to be way bigger than anything we’ve all done.

RS: Absolutely.

BS: It is great. The Sunday brunch, day in and day out every Sunday at The Ritz-Carlton. Do it. It’s absolutely the best fun. The help is great. The valet park starts with that. Pullin valet park and enjoy the rest of your day and tons and tons of food.

RS: The waiters, waitresses are fantastic.

BS: They are. They’re the best.

RS: Do have kamaaina. One thing about the brunch, it’s pretty much to the couch afterwards for me.

BS: Okay. We got Danny Couch back here. Listen to Danny Couch anytime you can, you can find him at dannycouch.com. A special aloha from us.

RS: Happy Maundy. Aloha.

BS: Happy Easter. Aloha.