Giving Back to the Community & Being Kind to One Another

Giving Back to the Community & Being Kind to One Another

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November 19, 2020
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Betty Sakamoto: Aloha and welcome to Betty’s Real Estate Corner brought to you by Roy and Betty Sakamoto now part of Coldwell Banker Kapalua. With us today is also one of our top people here, Elizabeth Quayle. We’re real excited about a day here and spending time talking to you. Holidays coming up, election’s over, I hope, for God’s sake. I don’t know what’s going to happen next but we’re all together in all of this so we’re going to have a nice time here. Danny Couch got us started, which obviously we all love. I don’t know if Roy was dancing over there but the rest of us were.

Roy Sakamoto: I was rocking. Yeah.

BS: Oh, he was rocking out he says. I don’t know if we got him on there enough but when it come to the end and we’re going to go back with it again, anyway, anyone is listening. Thank you so much. We’re happy to be here today and let’s say a quick “Hello” here to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Quayle: Hello, Hello everybody. We are happy and we are grateful.

BS: And Roy, my husband.

RS: Yeah. That’s a great week heading into thanksgiving. Let’s talk about thanksgiving.

BS: You know, one of the things that is near and dear to everybody’s heart today is holiday, holidays coming up. Social distancing all of the things that we’re hopefully going to have in place this year trying to make thanksgiving great for all of us. Let’s all think about starting now. You know, coming to each holiday, thanksgiving, Christmas and what we can do for one another and for our community. We know today there’s so many people unemployed hopefully it’s going to get better right now. It does seem like it is in Maui anyway but it also could turn and make it very difficult again, let’s work at things, over the years we’ve often said when it comes to a holiday. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to give with money. You might have a neighbor who has 4 children, 5, whatever that maybe could just use a little bit of help. Someone helping with the kids so she could go shopping or do shopping for her, assuming that we’re all getting out okay. Let’s just make this year one of the best years ever and be thankful for whatever it is that we have. Let’s just. Don’t you think my partner’s here in crime?

EQ: I think that we’re all having to rethink these holidays.

BS: Yeah.

EQ: I’m so used to having my kids and friends and everybody for dinner on thanksgiving. It’s going to be a different movie this year. We’re going to be very limited to having my kid and grandson usually they bring all their friends that don’t have a place to go, it’s just not going to happen this year. That being said too, there’s lots of things you can bake and make and hand out. We’re lucky enough to live in Napili Hale which is a great little community. We have so many wonderful neighbors, everybody grows fruits and veggies. There’s so much that can be shared without having to really hang out with each other.

BS: I think you’re right on that. Let’s all think about it, just maybe a happy face even when you’ve got a mask on someone knows you’re smiling. Let’s all remember that we need to smile with one another and make people happy and say “Happy Thanksgiving”. Turn up your Christmas music which is already on as though Christmas is already here. Let’s find all those little ways to pull one another together and make plans for stuff that we can do. There was a thing in Lahaina right now and I think Roy could tell us what it was to give to. 25 dollars is a contribution that will actually get someone a shirt. What else Roy because it really is great?

RS: Yeah. It’s a chef prepared thanksgiving meal, rubber slippers, t-shirts. It’s put together by the Lahaina Town Action Committee. It’s for a 25 dollars donation a lucky recipient will receive a free thanksgiving meal, t-shirt, rubber slippers. Again, we’re a community here on Maui. I want to give a big shout out to Citizen Church in Kahana. We passed it this morning on our way to the station here. There was a long line of cars waiting to get into the church parking lot where they were handing out boxes of food, veggies and so forth. Wow! What a great community response. The line of cars there was just heartbreaking but heartwarming from the standpoint that there are people helping like Citizen church.

BS: In rows and rows of cars. Again, none of us will ever plan to have a problem or plan to be hungry or plan to be homeless but we do live. I think, nationwide right now there’s so many people that they say are two paychecks away from being homeless. I think that the government more or less is trying to help people and to stop people from being thrown out of their homes at this time. It really is difficult and nobody ever plans that. It has to be hard and embarrassing. Whatever we can do, whenever we can, whatever smile we can pass on, let’s all do it. I mean, it’s an important time.

RS: Maui food bank does a heck of a job. A big shout out to the Maui food bank. It’s something we can all support whether it’s a dollar, $5, $10. Whatever we can send into the Maui food bank, please do.

EQ: Yeah

RS: Especially in this holiday season that we’re coming into.

BS: Let’s all do it and remember to be kind. The thing that happened this last week or so, for a woman who had been homeless. I keep pronouncing Fuega.

RS: Fuga

BS: I still say it wrong so I’m not going to try. It’s a story that I think everyone has heard. She was on the radio. She’s a singer. There was a kind of an interchange of verbally with her and a couple of people after she said that she was homeless and hadn’t eaten food, it’s very sad. It was very sad. It was very upsetting for anyone, my heart goes out to her. My heart also goes out to the guys that were there, that were wrong but it just happened. I mean, probably she’s their peer. She’s someone they’ve been close to. They crossed over the edge. Again, let’s all remember to watch our words and to remember what I said a minute ago. Nobody ever plans to be homeless or to be hungry. Maybe there’s been a time in each of our lives that we didn’t have so much money in our pockets and you were worried about where your next meal or your next rent check was coming from or you were putting money together. Roy used to even say back when we our early days. He used to like to, not like to say, but would say, in the real estate business realtors either don’t have money for their rent or they don’t have money for their taxes. It was kind of humor but looking back it was because it was a different time and everybody struggled at times. I am very thankful for my life and everything that I have here on Maui. Thank you Roy. Thank you Elizabeth. We have a great life together.

RS: We’ve been very fortunate. Don’t forget our kupuna, support Hale Makua. Hale Makua does a heck of a job for the frail and elderly here on Maui. If you go to their website, check it out, see all the good things that Hale Makua is doing throughout the community not only in the nursing homes but also throughout the community.

BS: Yes. Well, I suppose we should do a little bit of real estate.

RS: Yeah

BS: I think that might be a good idea. I know Elizabeth has a property that she was talking to us when she first ran into this studio on Halelo Street which has been a favorite of all of ours. It’s one that probably with the number of people looking at it now, should sell in the near future. Want to give us some of those details?

EQ: This is such a fabulous spot. Kaanapali Vista and Royal Kaanapali Estates were the first part of Kaanapali Hillside that were developed. This particular property was built in 1973. My clients bought it in 1975 and lovingly lived in it until last year when Leslie finally passed away. It is single story home, every room has an ocean and golf course view. It’s a 1975 home that’s had some upgrades. Whoever ends up with this property is going to make it their own. It’s one of the two properties on this particular street that has no rooftops in front of it, nor are you looking across the golf course towards the highway because it’s off facing Lahaina side. It’s a very sought after location. I can’t tell you how often we show it back in the 70s. People were cowboys and built stuff without permits in some cases. In this particular home, there is a studio that was non-permitted and very close to the golf course. The sellers are having that, they’ve got the plans approved from the county. They’re having that removed starting next week. Now that objection will be gone, you’ve got the opportunity to go in there without that issue and make this home this your own. We’re showing it very often. A little caveat on that, there’s a little studio upstairs above the pool and we have the most lovely teacher living there for several years. She took care of Leslie the last two years. She’s teaching in Lahaina and help special needs kids and makes the place available for us whenever we need to show it. I am so grateful to have this listing and this awesome tenant in there. You have to come, see it. It is easy to show and if you’re somebody who can take on a project you’re going to be a happy camper.

BS: Call Elizabeth about that (808) 276-6061. It is one of the most fabulous listings anyone has in Kaanapali.

RS: It’s a great location too. You can walk to all of the Kaanapali resort or take your golf cart. Get a golf cart, drive it to Whalers village, go shopping, go to the restaurants.

BS: Be on the beach.

RS: Yes, be right there on the beach. Kaanapali beach. What a great location.

EQ: The particular listing and pardon me for interrupting Roy is at a $1,369,000.00. So, giving a little room for negotiation there. You’re going to have a great piece of paradise at a great price.

BS: Yeah, it is a fabulous place.

EQ: Yeah

BS: Great interest rates right now. Everybody keep that in mind. One of the other things that we’ve been getting a number of calls recently, owner occupants. People who are really trying to step up right now and figure out how they can buy as a first time home buyer. We’re gonna keep going on things like that but what you should know is when you check with us or check with a realtor that you already know is that what you want to do right now is talk about the interest rate. Even if prices seem a little high you’re going to be getting in at a good time because it is going to be probably your home for many years. Roy, what do you think right now? Interest rates? They’re still in the twos.

RS: Yeah. Well, depending on different programs and so forth. I think the most important thing for any buyer is to work with a professional, work with a realtor. A realtor can help you find the best loan officers to work with. The best escrow companies to work with and help guide you throughout the whole transaction.

BS: Absolutely. I think the minute, Elizabeth has done quite a few owner occupant deals recently. It’s been great to see the people coming and going from the office chatting about things. Don’t you think Elizabeth that the interest rate is one of the top things?

EQ: Money is cheap right now.

BS: Money is cheap.

EQ: Money is cheap and if you’re able to qualify for a loan there’s a variety of loans depending on the type of property you’re wanting to buy. First time home buyers at a particular price rate can go in with an FDA loan with no down payment. Your FHA no down payment. No, FHA you can have a very low down payment. VA no down payment.

BS: So, keep that in mind. I mean, that’s huge right now so talk to someone. It’s so easy to think that you can never do it but over the years we’ve had people that come in, sit down and maybe it’s a year, a year and a half, 6 months whatever the time is that they think about it. Talk to lenders, talk to people that we refer them to see what they can do. Keep them looking at properties, look for owner financing. It’s nice with owner financing they’re probably going to want you to have some down payment but let’s all work together on it. I think we can help you find a home. Our office can help you make to find a home. It’ll be great.

RS: Yeah. It’s very scary but we’ll help you all the way through. Call us, Elizabeth, Roy, Betty. My number (808) 870-7060. Elizabeth your number?

EQ: 276-6061 808

BS: (808) 870-7062. You can find us. Our new office is at 700 Office Road at in Kapalua. We’re pretty easy to find most of the time. Office is open 7 days a week maybe not exactly 8 hours every day because it has been a somewhat you know crazy period for numbers of people on the island and stopping by, so try to reach us first but we’ll do our best to have someone available for you that can talk to you whether you’re looking for a fabulous Kapalua home or you’re looking for your first, as a first-time home buyer. We’ll be there to help you.

EQ: I want to give a shout out while I’m thinking about it. We’re talking interest rates. We have the most fabulous lenders, title people, surveyors, building inspectors. We have this community of reputable people that really keep us in business and doing things properly. I’m so grateful for everybody that works in tandem with us to make these dreams come true.

BS: Absolutely, there are some amazing. There’s always Fran, First Hawaiian Mortgage she’s helped all of us out of many a jam trying to get a deal closed. Central Pacific Bank really works hard, First Hawaiian Bank. There’s so many different lenders available and some. You also may know someone yourself that you’d prefer to work with and we’ll all no matter who it is because you know it’s got to be someone that you can connect to, but we can help you find those people that you can connect to for a mortgage and all the other things that you have to do to buy a home. What else are we thinking of today?

RS: Well, Elizabeth also has a great listing on Front Street.

EQ: I have a really very fun listing on Front Street. My client is actually came over for two weeks and she’s staying for a month. Her son’s doing school online from San Francisco. This little home is probably a half a block from baby beach. It sits on Front Street. It has a beautiful yard. It is a 3 bedroom, 3 bath home, that has 3 small additions that serve its bedrooms as well, so it could be literally a 6 bedroom, 3 bath home although it’s legally a 3 bedroom, 3 bath home. You can build up. It’s right across the street from Kahoma Villages where they’ve just put in all the great town homes and single-family homes. Those single-family homes were selling in the 750s last year. There’s two on the market at a $1,100,000.00, so this house at a $1,850,000.00 with the opportunity to build up and put in a pool, etc. Is a phenomenal value in a fantastic Lahaina town location.

BS: And is on the right side of the road, meaning the ocean side of the road so, with kids, family, etc you’ll always be able to wander over to baby beach and back and not have to even cross Front street. That is a great one. What about 271 Front Street? That’s an amazing one also. Totally ocean front, huge frontage.

RS: Yeah. This is an old pioneer mill plantation home built in 1942. It’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bath residence at the Puamana end of Front Street. It’s got about 180 feet of ocean frontage with seawall there. That was certified back in 19 I think 1973 or 19. Anyway, the seawall had been certified previously. Home needs some help. It has termites and so forth but the location is fantastic. It’s a little over a quarter of an acre with again about 180 feet of ocean frontage. It’s interesting, thanks to Meyer Computer and our website. We’re getting calls on this from all over the world.

BS: All over the world.

RS: Yeah

BS: It’s fabulous.

RS: People are inquiring about it so thank you Meyer Computer. We’ve got Jesse here in the studio videotaping this so it’ll be up on our website too,

BS: Here’s another great story about that house. Roy’s I’m going to call him best friend, I don’t know if guys have.

RS: From grade school.

BS: Yeah, from grade school, okay. They hung out there but his parents lived in the house. Roy was swimming there forever as a kid, right out front so he knows the whole story. Then, they also at the time when they were building, they would put all of the wood strapped together, I don’t know exactly. You tell the story a little better but they would put it in the water and the salt water would keep the termites out. Now we’ve caught up to the termites but other than that it worked for a lot of years.

RS: It did and that was the common way of curing wood. Coming back to 271 Front street, for all the local guys out there. We used to have if you remember the old tin boat. It was made out of corrugated iron and kind of in the shape of a boat with a jewelry rigged outrigger. We used to launch that from 271 Front Street.

EQ: That was not right.

RS: To go out collect lobster off the outer reef, go fishing off the inner reef. What a great location. 271 Front Street is listed at $2,995,000.00 and just waiting for the right buyer.

BS: It is a spectacular home. Like Roy was saying a minute ago, yeah, there’s some termites and there’s this and that and it’s going to need a lot of remodeling. Earlier, I mean, quite a few years ago we sold that house to its current owner and another two houses that are right nearby and we assumed then that they would be remodeled or torn down or something but nobody ever did. They did bring them. You know, fix up bathrooms and do things to make it nice, paint, etc. They didn’t really change them very much.

RS: No.

BS: It was just living there on the ocean in Lahaina. It’s pretty fabulous.

RS: In fact, I had a call last night from a realtor on Oahu with a big real estate firm wondering why this hasn’t sold. She has a client interested in it. Hopefully flying over this weekend, maybe, to take a look at it. She said something like this on Oahu would have been sold in in a week.

BS: Yes. That’s what they say.

RS: so we’ll see. Yeah.

EQ: Well, it’s plus that awesome plantation floor plan with the big tall ceilings and master suite in the front on the ocean. There’s just so much about this house. I love this house.

BS: You know, we’re going to wind down faster than ever.

RS: Well, we’ve still got time for.

BS: We’ve got time for a little bit.

RS: Yeah

BS: We’ve only got 3 minutes left. Well now, probably as I talked 2 and a half.

RS: How about a nice condo, Elizabeth?

EQ: Boy, if you’re looking for something on the very affordable end you can get a couple of things at Napili Ridge probably for under 350 feet, simple, one bedroom, 3 blocks from the Napili bay. We have a spectacular two bedroom, upper floor masters unit on the front row that’s got ocean views. You can see the beach down by the Cabanas at the Royal Lahaina as well as a Kaanapali plantation. One bedroom, two bath, views to die for. There’s just some really good opportunities out there. Please give us a call. We’re happy to help you with everything.

RS: All of these that Elizabeth mentioned would be great for owner occupants. I mean, these are all custom ready for owner occupants with excellent financing available out there.

BS: I think you’re right, both of those really would work. You know, it’ll be great for somebody.

RS: Yeah. The masters is great. Napili Ridge it’s kind of a sleeper.

BS: It is a sleeper.

RS: A lot of people don’t know about it.

BS: Great condition right now. It’s really super.

EQ: So many realtors that’s been their first home here.

BS: Yes, that’s true.

EQ: so many realtors.

BS: Yes, that’s true. As we know, we keep winding down a little bit more. Let’s go back for a moment to thanksgiving. It’s going to come up before we know it. Let’s remember and when I was telling the story about Paula Fuga, what I kind of wanted to say was let’s all think about what we say. You know, it’s not that the worst thing happens but let’s just be careful. Let’s be careful what we say. Let’s be loving to everybody. Let’s smile, be happy. Let’s share it. Let’s share and let’s share whatever our wealth is. You know, take care of things, make contributions when you can at your church, anywhere you can. Pretty soon we’ve got Danny Couch back.

RS: Yeah. Let’s take the spirit of Danny Couch into our holiday season here.

BS: And remember I Love Hawaii.

Roy & BS: We all love Hawaii.

EQ: Lucky we live here.

BS: Lucky we live Hawaii. Aloha.