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Just for Today, To Sell or Not to Sell & Affordable Housing in West Maui- Betty’s Real Estate Corner

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July 21, 2022
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Betty Sakamoto: Aloha and welcome to Betty’s Real Estate Corner brought to you by Roy and Betty Sakamoto, Coldwell Banker Kapalua. Here we are it’s another Thursday in Kahului Maui oh Wailuku really. We’ve headed over from Lahaina side just kind of interesting Roy is on his way here we ended up having to be in separate cars. I just recorded a message for everybody to vote in the election. The primary coming up so I thought I’d read it. If I can do it again and get it through my brain but basically what we are saying is Roy and Betty Sakamoto Coldwell Banker Kapalua humbly ask and encourage you to vote in the primary election. You should receive your primary packet in the mail by July 26th. Completed ballots must be received by the county elections division by 7:00 pm on August 13th. If you have any questions on that at all check out elections.hawaiispelledout.gov. The message brought to you by Roy and Betty Sakamoto where prestige is our business reputation our foundation and obviously still selling real estate. I found something else today that I thought from a little flyer that I had a long time ago and I feel like politically etc. We all need to do our best to take care of one another to change the way we’ve been operating or some of us are on certain days or whatever it is, but this basically is a just for today thing. I will exercise my soul in three ways. I will do somebody a good turn and not get found out. If anyone knows of it, it will not count. I’ll do at least two things I don’t want to do just for the exercise. I will not show anyone that my feelings are hurt. They maybe hurt my feelings that is but today I will not show it. I just think some of those things are great and I don’t know. Just feel like there are a lot of things today. We have a really sweet new friend who’s been visiting. Some very close friends of ours Jack and Diane Lord her name is Lisa. I’ve always pronouncing it whether Lisa or Liza. She’s the most amazing young woman. She’s been here from Ukraine for two months. She’ll be leaving here soon and as we mentioned something about, she was going home. It’s not like there’s home I see the look on her face. I kind of would like to ask everybody that we all pray for the people from Ukraine and any people around the globe that are hurting like this. This young woman, she is the future. As we talked yesterday, she was getting ready to go. I told her she’s the one that’s going to change the world. Her and her generation. We’ve got to all help her in that. Let’s be kind. Let’s take care of one another. The great Roy Sakamoto just walked through the door so maybe we’d better talk a little real estate.

Roy Sakamoto: Yeah. Well, let me talk about Hale Makua first.

BS: Yes. He is a little late because of a board meeting for Hale Makua which he has been involved with for basically 40-plus years. Hale Makua since your mom was sick.

RS: Yeah, I think so.

BS: Yeah, an event.

RS: Anyway, great board meeting. A lot of expansion plans for Hale Makua coming up. As many of you know we were about to take over the lease on a county lease on the Kahului Community Park. Hale Makua Kahului is about to announce some great expansion plans for the community of Maui stay tuned.

BS: You are not going to give us any little secret details maybe a little tickler.

RS: No, I mean forthcoming.

BS: Okay, forthcoming.

RS: Forthcoming. Stay tuned anyway.

BS: Well, that’s exciting. Roy has been involved with Hale Makua since his mother was a resident for let’s say a brief period of time. It was amazing. What we learned about Hale Makua and how they operate and the way they take care of people. It was way different than I ever expected. Mom was really happy. When things got difficult, they saw to it that her room had a bed there that Roy’s dad could lay in and sleep in when he wanted, and or anybody that was there and tired would be able to do it. The nurses and any of the employees there are so gracious and wonderful. We are all so fortunate that we have them, and we have the Roy Sakamoto of the world who are willing to put in a lot of time and energy to make it better.

RS: Well, we’ve got a great board led by Wesley Lo who is our CEO. Many good things are going to be announced about Hale Makua in the coming weeks. Again, standby a few tweaks to do but thanks to the County of Maui and the Maui community. There are going to be some great things happening.

BS: Super. One last thing about Hale Makua before we move on. Everybody forgets how Hale Makua really started. Basically, prior to World War II the elderly on Maui had really almost no place except the Maui Lani hospital in Wailuku which was known as old men’s home. It took until the hospitals basically were primarily service or servicemen oriented. Eventually, the Buddhist church stepped up and in the basements were housing people that needed help and were unable to be taken care of at home. It was until August 17th, 1947, that Hale Makua opened its first 24-bed home. Volunteers began construction of the new home apparently in Happy Valley. I’m not sure exactly what that was.

RS: It’s our Wailuku facility.

BS: is it? Okay.

RS: Yeah

BS: 1945 basically after the end of World War II. The young Buddhist association wanted to be able to resume religious activities at their hall and they were the ones that actually took it upon themselves to build a new home for the men at that time. Anyway, I guess enough said maybe a little real estate. What do we got today?

RS: Well, a lot of real estates actually.

BS: Still crazy busy.

RS: Absolutely busy.

BS: It’s interesting because there are so few listings. I mean there are a lot of people trying to make decisions about what to do or to change what to do, to sell or not to sell, and that’s a real difficult question for someone. If you live in Maui and you don’t have a place that you’re going to be living don’t sell I mean, it’s as simple as that. I think that for a lot of people change is happening. They are able to get into something else etc. I think that they are second homeowners so there are a lot of people out there looking at real estate right now.

RS: It’s very tempting to sell when the market’s hot. Let’s say you bought a house for $500,000 your market conditions now are $800 to $900,000. Whatever it might be that’s a fair profit in selling. Then, what do you do?

BS: That’s totally right.

RS: Right, make a nice profit. Unfortunately, too many people are moving to the mainland taking the $400 $500,000 profit and moving to Boise or Las Vegas or wherever. We are seeing too much of an outbrain of young talent. We need to really get started on more affordable housing projects. Maui really needs affordable housing and I think the whole community has to get behind this.

BS: Well, I think you are right Roy. We all have to get behind it because it could be for anybody. If we have a home that’s okay but for kids for grandkids for the next generations. We want our children to be staying here. We want our grandkids to be able to move here and stay but the way it’s been going would make it increasingly difficult. I think let’s all pay attention and support any plan for affordable housing. Let’s be sure that there’s some affordable housing that’s really affordable. I saw something about a plan that’s coming up. That would be very small places but would give that. Would also be directing the homeless situation because somebody could have a small very small studio apartment that had a bathroom, a closet, a kitchen, and a place to sleep. That’s fabulous because that takes somebody who right now has nowhere to live and then finds ways. There’s a lot I understand ex-military that need places and are unable to get them and it goes on and on and on. Let’s all support that.

RS: Yeah. The state just announced a great program for Lahaina. The Lahaina side 200 affordable units. Two-three and four-bedroom units. There are some affordable guidelines as far as rents and so forth. These are going to be much-needed 200 new apartments on the Lahaina side. Unfortunately, they won’t come online for two and a half three years.

BS: But it will be still needed.

RS: Right. I’ll tell you a big hat off to our Council Chairwoman Alice Lee. She’s been a big proponent of affordable housing. Alice, we need more people on the council like yourself that will back affordable housing projects.

BS: No question she has worked hard. We’d have Dr. Norm Estin calling in and he was going to check in with us. Oops! I think he’s checking in here. Oh, shoot.

RS: Nope

BS: Said he hung up.

RS: Anyway

BS: Let’s just see. We did take a minute there getting back to him.

RS: Right

BS: I think he is driving so maybe he just had to give that up for a moment. Oops! I think he’s back on the line. Dr. Norm?

RS: Little glitch here.

BS: Hey Dr. Norm. We didn’t get to. Are you there, Dr. Norm? Wait he’s there. Are you there? Where are you? We lost you. If you can hear me we’ve just lost you again. If you can, call us back. Roy, I think we’ll let you try to talk about a thing with channel house. Is that the one you have there?

RS: I’m going to start with a Hale Ono Loa apartment. Hale Ono Loa apartment number 402 is listed by Chase Traphagen out of our Coldwell Banker Kula office. Chase can be reached at (808) 870-6804. It’s a one-bedroom, one-bath, 558-square-foot apartment right on the ocean at Hale Ono Loa. Call Chase (808)870-6804 to take a look at this.

BS: Okay, we think we have Dr. Norm back on here. Dr. Norm? We think you’re on, but I guess a bad connection or something. I think we’re going for the moment if you hear me. There I hear you briefly but then you’re not coming through all the way. Are you there? I think we got to probably, unfortunately, give up I mean we were hoping for a Dr. Norm message today. Norm, we just aren’t getting through. Next time we will get Dr. Norm. I had one here Roy. Did you get to the end of Hale Ono Loa?

RS: Yes

BS: One of the ones that I wanted to mention George Nunes and Lena Taberna Coldwell Banker Kapalua have a listing at the Channel House. Leasehold property listed at $385,000, one bedroom, one bath. Great location, walk to the baby beach, etc. The lease rent is $418 a month and I think it renegotiates in 2029. It’s a great location for someone. Obviously, the $400 which could go up I don’t know the exact details of at least right now. It is something worth looking at and it does become affordable. It’s worth really kind of checking this one out. If you are looking for a place to live in it couldn’t be any better. It is a nice property. It’s got every appliance that you need etc. It’s an easy great place to live. That’s just one from me, Roy. What do you got next?

RS: Channel House is a great location you don’t need a car. You can walk or bike right into Lahaina town. Fantastic location.

BS: I didn’t say Lena’s phone number. Lena Taberna at (808) 281-4240 and George Nunes. They are both great realtors. George can be reached at (808) 385-4665. Again, great realtors with our office and definitely have the ability to help you get into a first-time home.

RS: George is Lahainaluna.

BS: Yeah, go Lunas.

RS: Call George or call Lena. Here’s another one. Here’s a Royal Kahana apartment number 407 one bedroom, one bath is listed by Patrick Franta from our Coldwell Banker office. Patrick is at (808) 280-7728. It’s a Royal Kahana apartment number 407 listed at $865,000. It had a price adjustment had been listed at $899,000. Call Patrick (808) 280-7728.

BS: Here’s another good listing the Valley Isle Resort, one bedroom, one bath, listed at $860,000. Oceanfront property development. Kristen Kingwell (808) 281-7313. Excuse me, we have too many bad things going on here. Let me repeat that again (808) 281-7313. Why don’t you go ahead with a few there and let me sneeze.

RS: Yeah, before I forget “Happy Birthday!”

BS: Oh, almost.

RS: Betty’s birthday is tomorrow.

BS: Yes

RS: Yeah, big day July 22nd.

BS: It’s going to be a big birthday. They are all big now. I think there comes an age that they are all big. Ironically, I think when you turn 30 or 40 or 50 it’s a lot. Well, there’s a certain age let’s call it 80 that once you’re there it doesn’t matter. I mean I’m happy that I have a wonderful world that I live in, and a wonderful husband, and children, and grandkids, and I live on the island of Maui. I did come from Buffalo New York which I love, and I hate that people say it’s a great place to be from because it’s a wonderful city, but I’ll tell you Maui no kawaii.

RS: Yeah, Buffalo is actually on its way back.

BS: Yes, I’ve heard that. It is.

RS: Yeah

BS: But it is. It’s a great city, great people I could tell. Maybe I’ll do a show on Buffalo one of these days but right now let’s stick with Maui.

RS: Okay, all right. Anyway, “Happy Birthday!”

BS: Thank you.

RS: If anybody’s around our office it’s a 700 Office Road around 10:00 o’clock tomorrow there’s going to be lots of birthday cake.

BS: You could be in deep trouble with that.

RS: All of Maui is invited.

BS: Oh my God.

RS: The Coldwell Banker office at 700 Office Road adjacent to the Kapalua Florist and Sansei. 10:00 o’clock tomorrow for Betty’s birthday cake.

BS: Whoa! This is crazy.

RS: Here’s one, The Breakers in Honokowai apartment number E-41, and how about this for affordable? It’s listed at $489,000. It is a studio which is adequate. It’s 438 square feet, Rick Kepler from our Coldwell Banker Kapalua office as this listed. Rick can be reached at (808) 283-3729. It’s The Breakers in Honokowai, a studio and it’s a great price $489,000.

BS: Here’s one other that Elizabeth Quayle has listed. Elizabeth is (808) 276-6061 Pohailani Maui unit 219 listed at $667,000 recently reduced so it’s an excellent price for what it is. It’s in beautiful condition. It’s been very nicely upgraded. It has vaulted ceilings which were part of it, front row, a nice sunny apartment. It is really worth taking a look at and you do have two bedrooms, one bath close to the ocean. It’s west side so if you are working on the west side, it’s a great value worth taking a look at. Again, call Elizabeth Quayle (808) 276-6061.

RS: Here’s a great home that’s in Maluna Kai Estates. It’s listed by Mary Anne Fitch from our Kapalua office. It’s four bedrooms, and three and a half baths, listed at $1,995,000. It’s within the gates of Maluna Kai Estates which is a small very quiet subdivision in Napili. It’s gated for privacy really a nice neighborhood. Mary Anne can be reached at (808) 250-1583.

BS: You can walk from there up to the Napili market and any of the shops in Napili. You are very close to Kapalua. Theoretically walking distance but personally, I would not advise anyone to walk the lower road to Kapalua. Really so close to Kapalua not that far from Kaanapali and the Napili shopping center has a couple of great restaurants. Joey’s is there.

RS: Yeah, Joey’s kitchen.

BS: Joey’s kitchen a place that we love. What’s the other restaurant and I’m drawing a blank right now. It’s really great.

RS: It’s really great too.

BS: That’s terrible we have no brains sometimes. Remember we are getting older no brain.

RS: Mama’s Rotisserie that’s there.

BS: And of course, The Shop just the grocery store has all sorts of available food and salads and everything that you could think of.

RS: Maui Tacos

BS: Maui Tacos

RS: Napili coffee.

BS: The coffee store. The coffee store is one of the best coffee stores.

RS: Yes

BS: Period. They do some of their own pastries or they were. They are really good. They used to do some really great cookies. I’m trying to not eat as much junk as I used to but really great coffee and a place that I’ll stop as often as I can. I think you can also call in there and with an order.

RS: Right

BS: Or go there because it’s a really happy place. Call Mary Anne at (808) 250-1583. This is for the only home listed right now in Maluna Kai Estates in Napili. Listed at $1,995,000, four bedrooms, three and a half baths. A great buy.

BS: That one really is perfect. It’s a great spot. I’m just finding I’m flipping through here too quickly, I guess.

RS: Here’s another one, it’s listed by Ray Chin. Ray is also out of our Kapalua office. It’s five bedrooms, three baths home at 10 Puamana Place in Napili. Napili/Kahana is right around the border there and it’s listed at $2,600,000. 10 Puamana Place is the address. Ray Chin can be reached at (808) 344-2677 and tell him you are calling for 10 Puamana Place. Five bedrooms, three baths over 2500 square feet of living area, and boy you are right across the street from the ocean.

BS: Ray is also an amazing agent. He is very young but yet he’s been around quite a while. Call him or look at Ray, raychin.com. We are now down to the two-minute warning, so I think we are going to say a quick goodbye. Maybe Roy has one more listing he wants to mention.

RS: One more David Quant from our Kapalua office has this great one bedroom, one bath at Kahana Reef apartment number 411. It’s listed at $8,950,000. I was talking to Dave about this yesterday and they are getting a lot of activity on this. BS: Right on the ocean.

RS: Right

BS: Beautiful

RS: Kahana Reef number 411 is listed at $895,000. It’s one bedroom, one bath and you can reach David at (808) 457-0604 and tell him you are calling about Kahana Reef 411. Listed at $895,000, one bedroom, one bath right on the ocean.

BS: Now, I think it’s time for us to sign off say aloha say look for us. Again, call Roy at (808) 870-7060 or myself Betty Sakamoto (808) 870-7062. We say those numbers so fast but try to find us. Check out sakamotoproperties.com

everything we have is on there and Danny Couch. Love Danny Couch. He is someone

that’s been really kind to Hale Makua. Done so many things for Maui and everywhere. I guess we’re signed off pretty fast now.

RS: Aloha

BS: Aloha