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September 3, 2020
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Betty Sakamoto: Aloha and welcome to Betty’s Real Estate Corner brought to you by Sakamoto Properties, now Coldwell Banker Kapalua. Really happy to be here today! When I hear Danny Couch, always kind of brings a great smile to me. I could listen to his music all day, every day because I do love Hawaii.

Roy Sakamoto: Absolutely, what a great lead-in. Danny Couch and I love Hawaii.

BS: And today, we’re here together…my husband Roy Sakamoto and myself. I think again it’ll be fun to tell you a little more about our affiliation now with Coldwell Banker, which we started just before the pandemic and then all of this hit. So it’s been a very interesting time for all of us. We’re still very excited, we’ve moved into the space at Kapalua which we mentioned on the radio the last couple of times. Right near Sansei Restaurant, right near the Pour House restaurant, which is fabulous and it’s open right now for dinner…I think almost every night but if you Google the you can figure it out. I know they’ll do some deliveries, so it’s really a great time at Kapalua.

RS: Yeah, you know it’s been a fun transition. I think most people or many people know us as Sakamoto Properties, which we were for…

BS: 40 plus years.

RS: I guess so, and we actually had discussions with many of the real estate companies in Hawaii. The larger companies that were trying to either buy us out or merge or a combination of the above. And after I think we figured out 15-16 months of conversations, we decided that Coldwell Banker Island Properties was the best fit for us. And so Roy and Betty Sakamoto took their show on the road and joined Coldwell Banker Island Properties, and then together we took over what used to be Kapalua Realty. So we are now based at the shops at Kapalua!

BS: Right. It really has turned out to be perfect for us, we’re having a lot of fun modernizing it and we’ve got a number of new people coming on. The easiest way to reach us right now is our cell phones! I’m at Betty Sakamoto 808 870-7062, Roy is…

RS: 870-7060

BS: And then of course And we’re getting a lot of people on our website talking to us! We actually have a photo from Pineapple Hill, that kind of gives anyone the idea of what’s going on weather-wise at Kapalua. So if you go to, you can actually find the radio show, which a lot of people have done over the years but you can also get a quick look at the weather. We’re trying to get that updated but it just seems to me every time I try to fix it it’s a little off kilt or a little something. But one of these days we’re going to make it bigger and better!

RS: Yeah, yeah absolutely. But it’s been a fun transition, we’re excited about it. Business has been absolutely fantastic. It was kind of slow right after the pandemic hit but I’d say the last two months have been kind of bonkers.

BS: It is interesting because I think that one of the things that’s happened right now is that interest rates are so low, so almost for anybody and certainly there’s segments of the market or that could be the population. It’s no matter, what it’s so difficult. So I hate to make this sound like it’s all so easy because it’s not for everybody. But the interest rates have helped a lot of people who have been thinking about buying, and have been renting for a long time, but it is getting so many people into the market at a time that you may be able to find a good deal on something. And then the interest rates are so low, I mean you’ll be able to probably end up right at three percent or under even points are lower, and I think there’s some other qualifying things that are helpful to somebody you know from the standpoint of financing today.

RS: No, I think it’s an excellent time for buyers to be looking no matter at what price level. Whether you’re kind of looking at entry level or high-end, middle range, it’s a great time. I think we’re gradually transitioning to a seller’s market. We’re not going to see that for a little bit yet so if you’re contemplating, buyers I’d say get off your seat and make an effort! Go talk to a realtor, hopefully somebody with Coldwell Banker Island Properties, and get yourself a professional to help you. They can help you find a good loan officer to work with, good escrow company and the whole process is very simple really. You know one of the things on the way over here today, when we’re doing the show together we bring a bunch of things in the car as we’re driving from West Maui and I noticed one of the listings that we started talking about was 1316 Ainakeo Road, which is at Waiakuli Terrace. A really great listing listed with Lena Taberna and George Nunes. George Nunes was a classmate or maybe a year older than my daughter but really a great agent. His phone number is 808 385-4665 and I would really think about giving him a call on something like this really great property! Near the cannery near Front Street, you could walk almost anywhere and again it’s a nice house.

RS: Yes this is in Lahaina and Lena’s number also is 808 281-4240. Now they’re agents with Coldwell Banker Island Properties, they have no idea we’re talking about them on the radio but this has been on the market for let’s see one day and I printed this out this morning. So far this morning there were 100 agents that hit on this listing and 144 possible clients that hit on this.

BS: Actually an interesting idea, somebody out there, call them and tell them that you’re hearing about their listing on the radio. I think they’ll be stunned by that information but it’s fun they’re both great people. And I’m sure they know the market really well, that particular market. Home was built in 71 but again it appears that it’s going to be a good property.

RS: Now what a great price: three bedrooms, one bath, listed as 699 five. So just under seven hundred thousand and some notice is required to view it but please call Lena or George and they’ll be able to set it up for you to view this. And while we’re talking about people not knowing anything about us being on the radio and talking about it, I wanted to give a shout out to Chuck Fleming. Chuck, if you’re listening, you’re on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Aloha, aloha Chuck and look forward to seeing you here!

BS: Another quick listing. Hello, Chuck this is Betty Sakamoto! We haven’t talked yet but one of these days we will, aloha. Elizabeth’s listing you know for another really great priced home in West Maui. Elizabeth Quayle who’s Coldwell Banker Kapalua with us, 808 276-6061, but this one 166 Hilo Street listed at a million 369. That’s a really amazing place.

RS: It’s in the Kaanapali Vista subdivision, which is the the first upper level subdivision in the Kaanapali Resort and fronts right on the golf course, on the Kai course. And Kaanapali and this was built in 1973. It’s a three bedroom, four bath, and it’s just under 2000 square feet.

BS: That was…remember one of the early subdivisions obviously.But who was it that was living there because we had met him, a celebrity, he was really such a nice…oh that’s terrible. Oh well it’s very embarrassing, I know it’s a…but really one of the early subdivisions. You really, you walk right down, you cross the road, there’s a light there, and you’re pretty quickly on Kaanapali Beach. You know, you’re not far from Whalers Village…

RS: George something!

BS: Oh come on somebody in this room should know right now, he comes to us guitar. Yeah, okay, somebody better call us about.

RS: Anyway we’ll yeah it’ll come to us right, out right after we get off the air.

BS: I think so, yeah. You know another thing as we’re talking about the properties. Remember everybody was saying…

RS: George Benson.

BS: George Benson exactly! He was amazing though and such a nice man, was raising his family.

RS: Remember we flew back with him one day, once from Los Angeles and he entertained the whole airplane?

BS: Yeah he was really, I mean he is great…he’s a great person. You know, well quite a few years ago now we were all talking…a recession as a terrible thing to waste and it was almost amusing. But the other day somebody also got on the idea of that now maybe a pandemic is a terrible thing to waste. So again hard for so many people, so you hate to make light of it but it is an interesting time that we can take to pull ourselves together. If we’re interested in buying a property, buy a property. If you’re interested in selling a property, you’ve got time to really…at least a lot of us have time to at least…use it. Use it properly, use it to not just although we do too much of that to the television things and whatnot but use it in different ways. To change your life and that might be sell a property, buy a property, refinance a property, so I think that we’ve got a lot of different things here! There was a couple of south side properties that we were also going to chat about. The one that you and Bob Sella have listed is a great property.

RS: Yeah, it’s Bob Sela, Tom Muldoon, and myself have a listing at 45-84 Makena Road. It’s just south of the Wailea Resort. It’s a huge piece of property! It’s 1.1 acres right on the beach. Older two-bedroom, three and a half bath home on it but over one acre on the beach is awesome and we have it listed at 11 million five hundred thousand dollars. And very easy to see, it’s vacant so give myself a call – Roy Sakamoto 808 870-7060 or Tom Muldoon 808 870-9083 and we can make sure you see this.

BS: Another I mean a couple of other things that I keep thinking about as we go. You know, since we haven’t been on the radio for a while is that we are now getting people that are checking in with us that didn’t even realize. We were off you know that have said you know we’ve been looking for it, we’ll get in the car and we’ll try to figure it out. So now we’ve got more people because of the change in how people listen and watch things. You know, that are going onto our website to find it, are going on to the radio station kaoi am or fm, and you can find ways to get to that also. So if you pay attention to it we’d really appreciate it and then call us 870-7062 or 870-7060,

RS: Yeah and thanks to Meyer Computer, you can watch a video with the audio of our radio shows so hit on our website,, and we’re part of the Coldwell Banker Island Properties network. Which incidentally has gotten huge now with takeover on the Big Island, two companies have joined Coldwell Banker Island Properties from the Big Island. There’s exposure now in Kauai also, so if you’re on Maui and listening to us. And thinking about Big Island Properties or Kauai Properties, give us a holler and we’ll point you to someone. One of the professionals on Kauai or the Big Island, be able to help you. You know what we haven’t talked about voting.

BS: Voting, yeah that is one of the things we talked about driving over here. It was that one of the things we’d really like to get everybody thinking about is this is a major election year and we all have to vote. If you’re not registered, I believe you still can register. So do it, register so that you are able, when November comes, around to be able to cast your vote. And we also talked about because you know as couples even we don’t necessarily all agree but I think we need to take time to talk to our family. To listen to people to go, online. To maybe not get so buried in some of the arguments on television right now. But again I think it is important don’t you, Roy. If we listen, if we try to understand what’s happening, it’s very confusing for most of us.

RS: Oh absolutely, and a lot of rhetoric going around especially on the national stage but it’s important you know? Get out there and vote, and also on the local stage! The county council, there’s oha trustees. I mean there’s are a lot of races to pay attention to and I know none of us probably know all of these candidates but read about them. Like i’m not familiar with the oha candidates and i’ve done a lot of reading…good/bad. Whatever that I can read about different kind of candidates and you know form your own opinion.

BS: Yeah, it’s true. I mean you do have to form your own opinion and you know vote no matter who you choose, you’ve got to think it over. I mean try to do it as educated as you can and with as many of the things that you want and need. You know, so you really do have to pay attention. Always, this year. I think is going to be especially important, even as families, as couples around the dinner table. On the telephone, whatever it is now, don’t get into major fights with one another because I think that’s pretty important but I do think that we’re going to all have different opinions. And listen because you’ll learn something from somebody that will either change your mind in one direction or another or solidify your mind but again just try to read on stuff. I know so many families are working so hard right now because they’re homeschooling their kids and they’re working or laid off or they’re…I mean it’s a very difficult moment but still the election this year is going to be vitally important. So let’s all pay attention and try to make some good decisions.

RS: No question and you know on the national political scene, you know no matter who you back for president whether it’s Mr. Biden or Mr. Trump, please vote! You know it could come down to Hawaii could be the swing state. Where final decisions come down to Hawaii now.

BS: Everybody laughs at me because I always say that but I mean really think about it probably. And whenever I’ve gotten on this people kind of laugh at me but let’s just say it could even though we don’t have that many electoral votes and we’re just a small state but this is the year that it could turn out that Hawaii is the final state and they’re waiting for our votes. And they’re waiting for the few electoral votes that we have.

RS: It could happen.

BS: Good I’m glad someone finally agreed with me. Yeah my husband. Yeah my husband, Roy, but anyway, we’ve been together a long time now. We have between us five kids, eight grandkids kids in college, we’ve been really involved with Lahainaluna High School and their stadium. Roy’s been on the board of Hale Makua since his mom was there probably 40 years ago. I can’t remember the exact 30,35,40 years and they’re so amazing. I mean there’s so many things in Maui that we’re fortunate to have and I hope that our life as it is can be that way continuing you know for the next generations.

RS: Absolutely, and you know we’re not totally a real estate show, we’re kind of a community show if you will. And a lot of charities, a lot of nonprofits out there on how we need our help and so do what you can to support them. Especially nowadays during this pandemic! A lot of worthwhile charities out there. We support Hale Makua, we support the Lahainaluna Foundation, we support various canoe clubs. Whatever we can, boy whatever we can.

BS: Yeah and so we urge all of Maui to support! Support your favorite charities, you know one of the other things that we’ve talked about often during holiday season in supporting charities and supporting people. Sometimes what you really need to do is just support your next-door neighbor or the people across the street or the people that you know have a lot of kids at home right now, and maybe if you were to pick something up for them or help them with the drop off. I mean anything you can do you know with your mask and social distancing. I think all those things are really important. It could be just maybe dropping off some puzzles or something, some games for the kids. You know some a box of peaches from Costco, I mean any of the things that you might come up with that might just help your neighbor and I think those things are as important on a day-to-day basis as all of the charities because they can only do so much. But sometimes just one-on-one we can help one another so let’s give that a try too.

RS: Absolutely, absolutely. You’ve still got another couple of those properties that you’re going to chat about. I know Gary Moore’s advertises on this radio station, doesn’t know we’re going to give him a shout out with one of his listings but Gary’s got a listing at 70 Ili’ilani Place in Kihei. It’s a two bedroom, two bath. A smaller residence, 864 square feet. It’s actually a bank owned property and fantastic listed price of 549. So if this is something that could interest you give Gary a call 808 891-8989 and he’ll be able to set up a showing for you.

BS: You know, I’m still have my brain a little bit on this idea of neighbors and what we can do for one another and you know how we all used to put together like a big bag or a box of books and take them somewhere and then a while ago the charities don’t really want so many books anymore? But it might be something worth doing, putting together a big bag – a shopping bag full of books and taking them to one of your neighbors because and again it could be all different grade levels or what I mentioned before puzzles. Let’s think a little bit on all sides! I mean we want to sell real estate, I know but just again I think it is one of those things that can help a lot just a bag of books, where somebody may just pick one of them that really interests them but it kind of settles them down for some period of stress. I mean we all are under, I think extreme stress today. No matter what your financial situation is and certainly there’re many difficult financial situations but we need to help one another.

RS:Oh no question you know? Maui, I mean we’re a village here and we’ve got to support one another. You know, just take care of each other, stay safe you know, stay healthy…

BS: This weekend in particular. We talked about it last night that we would try to do our best this weekend to really not go anywhere you know it’s going to be a holiday weekend. Let’s do our best to stay home because no matter where you go it’s possible. There’s going to be more people there than you would like to be there and you know we’re all trying to mask up. I have my Lahainaluna High School mask for those who can kind of see this and I think that the mask is important, the social distancing is important, and I just think for this weekend it’s going to be a little crazy. So let’s try our best to take care of one another and part of that is to just stay home.

RS: Yeah, you stay home and read about your candidates for various offices.

BS: Hey show that mask, this is like the old. We’re on the radio but I know but it’ll go on there.

Yeah, yeah but we’ve got a Calrose mask that I’m holding up for our video and it’s kokeshi rice, which is distributed by waihata and company. I’ve never heard of that well must be good rice.

BS: Well we’re going to be back the third Thursday of the month so that’s going to come up quickly but for today we’re kind of getting ready to wind down. This flies by as far as I’m concerned so again, our messages are let’s all vote. Let’s think about what we’re doing, let’s do our best. But whatever you got to vote and whatever moves you into that direction but really try hard to understand what’s happening in our world. It’s difficult, no question it is difficult.

RS: And all of us stay safe, stay healthy. Wear your masks take care of you and your family, your neighbors family, whatever you can do to help one another.

BS: And check out what you’re doing with your real estate, it depends on a lot of things but a lot of the local lenders will help you and we have now an end and Danny Couch is back with “I love Hawaii”. And I do love Hawaii, our theme song. Aloha, aloha talk to you soon