Top Luxury & Entry-Level Real Estate in Maui: Sentry Tournament of Champions 2021

Life in Hawaii: Top Luxury and Entry-Level Real Estate in Maui + Sentry Tournament of Champions 2021

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January 7, 2021
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Betty Sakamoto: Aloha and welcome to Betty’s Real Estate Corner brought to you by Roy and Betty Sakamoto now with Coldwell Banker Kapalua.

Roy Sakamoto: Yes. Good morning. Happy new year everybody.

BS: At the moment, just that moment that I heard Danny Couch and I love Hawaii it’s the perfect moment to think about where we are, where we live, how fortunate we are with everything that happened yesterday. You got to say that most of us had a comfortable feeling that this is home, that we’re safe. I just felt so horrible about the rest of the country and everything that was happening. Again, I love Hawaii. I love the life that we have here. I’m fortunate and number one I’m an American and I’m going to support American ways. I hope that we all can figure out doing that. Our politicians obviously will come and go but I think that we’re on a good path and I’m looking forward to the country getting back on track.

RS: Absolutely, no matter who you voted for. We do have a new President come January 20th and we should respect the choice of the massive of the American people. Let’s all support President Biden and wish President Trump well in his future endeavors. We need to move on and get rid of this huge animosity that’s been created and Danny Couch had a perfect lead in.

BS: He did.

RS: Yeah

BS: I love Hawaii.

RS: We all love Hawaii.

BS: We all love Hawaii.

RS: That’s why we’re here.

BS: I think what Roy just said is really key that we have to stop now and whoever we were for. We have a new president as of the 20th. Let’s support him. Let’s give him a chance. Most of us, each time I mean they’ve been over in my life which is getting older and older there have been a lot of presidents and there was the one always that I voted for maybe the one that won and maybe it wasn’t who I voted for but whatever it is if you just stop for a minute give that person a chance let them all come together. I was shocked recently when I realized that it had become so separate quote across the aisle. I thought growing up that either side of the aisle would go for what was right, what was right for the majority of the American people. Let’s hope and contact our senators and congressmen and our local politicians and just say let’s all remember that it doesn’t matter what side of the aisle you’re on, let’s do what’s right. Right is right.

RS: I think yesterday was a good start. You saw some of the staunch republicans were backing President Trump kind of realized that this wasn’t the way to go. Hopefully we’ll see more cooperation between republicans and democrats and independents and no matter what your affiliation is. First and above all we’re Americans and we need to protect our freedom and our way of life. With that in mind that’s…

BS: Here we are.

RS: Yeah

BS: Listen to everybody. I mean, you don’t have to shut your mind because someone is one thing or another. Let’s all listen to one another whether it’s about real estate, whether it’s worth any, someone that we aren’t usually working with or whatever our jobs are. Let’s remember, pay attention to one another, our children’s friends and grandchildren’s friends and let’s all just make it.

RS: or Lahainaluna versus Maui High.

BS:Well, wait a minute. Excuse me, Lahainaluna.

RS: We’re not on TV but Betty has a Lahainaluna face mask.

BS: Yes, which I wear every day but I do think you’re right. I mean, we have some really fabulous schools here on Maui and I married into Lahainaluna.

RS: Yes

BS: I’m kind of on that path however there’s so many great kids on this island and families and we’re fortunate to know most of them. The kids that play football are amazing. All of the sports on Maui it’s such a great. It’s like a village. It’s a small village Maui and people are really great together. I’m so fortunate anyway.

RS: We all are.

BS: I met Roy.

RS: Yeah

BS: Yeah

RS: Thanks. We’ve got a great event going on right now for the Maui community hasn’t been a whole lot of publicity this year about the Sentry Tournament of Champions. Today was the first day of the tournament itself. The program was yesterday and one of our old program partners and his son and daughter-in-law.

BS: Actually, great story. He played with Roy a lot and his son like was 7years old I think or 8 years old he came every year.

RS: Little Joey.

BS: Little Joey and then his daughter was here off and on.

RS: Right

BS: They were always here but this year they’re the winners, right?

RS: Yes. They flew here all the way from Detroit played a few practice rounds and went out yesterday they played with Patrick Reed for 9 holes and Kevin Kisner for 9 holes and ended up winning the program.

BS: That’s always fun. Winning is fun.

RS: Tom Lagrasso and your family hats off and I know you’ll be back next year to defend.

BS: That will be great. Really super family and the kids are all growing up now obviously because his son was playing with him.

RS: Yes

BS: His son and another family member.

RS: Right

BS: His daughter’s wife.

RS: Right

BS: They’ve been married for

RS: 10 years or some.

BS: Yeah, I think so. Really super people. Amazing.

RS: Yeah and a bigger effect of the tournament though thanks to Sentry Insurance. The effect for Maui charities and a lead recipient of of the charity dollars courtesy of Sentry Insurance is Halemakua. There’s also the Lahainaluna Foundation, the Boy Scouts.

BS: I don’t know all of them but they do any. First of all everybody comes out and helps. Lahainaluna High School I know this year was part of the cleanup crew. Now, there’s very few people that are allowed on the course this year.

RS: Yeah, a little different this year.

BS: It won’t be a big job.

RS: Yeah but still Maui charities are going to be the proud recipients of a few dollars from Sentry Insurance and courtesy of Sentry and the PGA tour, many thanks.

BS: It does matter. Any of these different charities help so much the school. Again, Halemakua has really benefited for probably 40 years and Roy’s been on the board more than 40 years. It’s kind of gone a long time but it’s been really great. The other thing we were just driving past Citizens Church in Lahaina side.

RS: Yes

BS: They’re located in Kahana and the minute we get near and you can see they’re lined up and obviously they have a food giveaway drive.

RS: Yes

BS: I mean they’re in, it’s the traffic is parked and lined up from Kahana basically to Kaanapali.

RS: Yeah over a mile.

BS: You know in your heart nobody wants to be in that line. Nobody. So if anyone is sitting there they need it. They’ve got children, they’ve got a job that they don’t have enough hours at. You’ve got to thank Citizens and all of the other different places that are working now to see to it that nobody goes hungry and let’s hope that keeps happening.

RS: Right. Big shout out to Citizens Church. Thanks for all you do for the West Maui community and much needed food help. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

BS: Should we try to do a little real estate here?

RS: Certainly.

BS: We brought a bunch of different properties that we’ve been thinking about. Obviously, Kapalua for most of you that know who we are,where we’ve sold the most properties. Almost 50 years that we’ve been working together here, we’ve done a little bit of everything. We’ve been fortunate that we’ve been able to do the upper end but we will still help you in whatever way we can. If you’re looking to get into your first time home and you’re trying to get through the path of how you got a mortgage and what you do, we can help to direct you and we would love to also spend our time helping you. Pretty much West side but Coldwell Banker now. We have offices all over the island and we’re able to get a perfect referral after we learn enough about what you want and what you’re doing and see to it that you get the expert advice that you need no matter where you want to live.

RS: Right. Do we have Coldwell Banker offices in Kapalua, Kaanapali, Lahaina, Kihei.

BS: Kula.

RS: Yes. Upcountry

BS: Wailea

RS: Yes. Whatever your needs on Maui we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for a property on Kauai or the big island we can help you also because we have branches there. We’ll go through a few of the listings that we have listed through our Coldwell Banker West Maui offices and Betty will start off.

BS: One of the properties that is interesting to me and Elizabeth Quayle who’s been with us for a long time at Sakamoto Properties and now is Coldwell Banker. She comes up with a variety of properties from the lower end to the very top but she has one listed at Napili Ridge Unit C3 listed at $204,900.00. It’s leasehold but it’s a great property. It’s an easy place to live. One bedroom, one bath, it has a pool. It’s a short walk to a beach and it is a way to get yourself started and into the market. Again, that’s way worth looking into. You can reach Elizabeth at (808) 276-6061. Thinking about something like that because it’s a way to get into the West Maui market and be close to everything. It’s got lots of amenities there.

RS: Yeah and for those of you who are looking for investment properties. Properties that vacation rent and rent well, there are three listings at Honua Kai. These are all listed by Amy Lamb and Jesse Wald. You can reach Amy at 385-0768 and Jesse at 446-5841. To give you an example here’s a studio at Honua Kai. Hunoa Kai as you know is on the North Edge of the Kaanapali resort, right on the ocean. Here’s a studio listed by Jesse and Amy at $995,000. Give them a call Amy 385-0768, Jesse at 446-5841. They also have a one bedroom, one bath listed at only $899,000 at Honua Kai also. They also have another one bedroom listed at $799,000. Amy and Jesse please give them a call.

BS: I think we’re probably saying these phone numbers a little bit too fast for anyone to actually get a chance to write them down but if you go to Coldwell Banker or go to our website you can get into everything. You’ll find any property that you want or make a phone call to us. Roy Sakamoto at 870-7060 and we’ll say that more than once. We can direct you to the property that you heard of here and be sure that you get the agent that knows the most about it.

RS: Sure or call Betty. Betty at 870-7062.

BS: Perfect.

RS: Good.

BS: Let’s see. Golf Villas Kapalua another thing theoretically this would be the entry level at Kapalua, 15V-1 a one bedroom, one and a half bath listed at $625,000 really a great property, nice golf course view, a little bit of ocean view and it’s large. It’s pretty much over 8 almost 900 square feet plus Lanai. It’s really big, it’s spacious and it’s a part of the Kapalua resort.

RS: Right on the bay course. It’s the lowest price one bedroom and your view couldn’t be any better.You are right on the golf course. One bedroom one and a half bath listed at $625,000 and you can call Roy at 870-7060 or Betty at 870-7062.

BS: Absolutely. You know one of the things that Kapalua and Kaanapali in a way is similar in a different way or even Wailea. Any of the resorts you can buy in there, live there and be a part of the whole resort. That really is pretty spectacular. If you are just out walking in the morning or you want to get down to the beach from any of the condos it’s just a short walk to the beach pretty much Kaanapali or Kapalua and you’re just a part of a great community. The whole West Maui people do stick together there and it really is a great place to live, the schools are good obviously. Lahainaluna is a great school, Maui prep great school, all of the grammar schools are really good. West maui is great. Perfect.

RS: Yeah. Here’s one I just came across actually I wasn’t aware this was listed Hale Ono Loa Apartment Number 104 listed by Elizabeth Quayle. Elizabeth is at 276-6061. This is a one bedroom, one bath, apartment number 104 at Hale Ono Loa right on the ocean in Honokawai at $467,000. Asking price $467,000.

BS: That’s another great property oceanfront. It’s got a nice pool, it’s got a little bit of everything. You can walk to a lot of places from any of these that are on the lower road.

RS: Yeah. It’s a smaller development, very friendly, everybody knows each other. It’s a really a nice development Haleo Ono Loa.

BS: Yeah. That would be another. Anything along the lower road you have any of the others?

RS: Yeah. Well, actually Elizabeth again. She’s been very active just came up with the listing at the Whaler. This is the studio, right at the Whaler. It’s in Whaler II, the second tower at the Whaler Apartment Number is 965 and a great price listed at $845,000.

BS: I noticed we printed a bunch of these at the last minute as we were leaving. A little afraid that we would get wrapped up in politics which is not really our thing.

RS: No, it’s not.

BS: We didn’t want to do that so we brought as many things with us as we could. Another great listing agent for our office Robert Myers and he seems to have stuff in a lot of price ranges. He can be reached on a cell phone 283-3067. He has some listings at Kapalua very top of the market, Kaanapali top of the market and then even on Front Street. 960 Front Street across the street from the ocean listed at $2,200,000. You know, nothing could be any better than that to be a part of Lahaina town.

RS: No, no. It’s a great listing. Speaking of Robert, he is also got a Masters. A two bedroom, two bath at the Masters. A great price. The unit number is 1502 two bedroom, two bath at the Masters which has been really popular, really active market also. This is listed at a $1,095,000 two bedroom, two bath about 1,500 square feet. Call Robert 283-3067. Accidentally Robert used to be the Marlboro man.

BS: Yes, he was.

RS: Yeah.

BS: He was the Marlboro man.

RS: If you remember, this is for the old timers. The TV ads for Marlboro cigarettes.

BS: Yeah and he was on a horse.

RS: Yeah

BS: I know there were several Marlboro men over the years but he was one of them. Handsome guy riding a horse and I wish I could remember. We got to look it up one of these days.

RS: Yeah

BS: Just to remember it. It was fabulous and he is really great guy. Here’s another one Roy, this is a Roy Sakamoto and Betty Sakamoto listing. 1212 Summer Road at Pineapple Hill 8 bedrooms, 8 1/2 baths. It’s very specialized. It was built on three lots. It’s listed right now at $5,900,000 which again for the person that would be interested in this. It’s really a great price for what it is. The way that it was built, it was built on three lots. It’s got a lot of land space. The pool I believe is at least 1,500 square feet, fabulous. Fabulous for any young family, perfect.

RS: Yeah

BS: or for a business.

RS: Yeah. It was designed by Master Architect Rick Ryniak. It was built by Gary Dixon Construction. Again, this is right on the golf course so your ocean view, your Lanai, Molokai views are fantastic. Eight bedrooms which is huge, a little over 8,000 square feet. It’s the only home at Pineapple Hill that’s on three lots and yet you’re only paying one maintenance fee.

BS: That’s right.

RS: Yeah

BS: The house has upstairs five bedrooms. I think that really again for a large family to have everybody upstairs together. It’s really designed for a family and that was how they built it. There’s two stairways up which I’ve never seen. Actually, in the old days you used to see that in some houses but now I haven’t seen that for years. There’s two separate stairways at the very…

RS: on the side.

BS: Yeah. The two sides of the house.

RS: It’s really a dramatic entry. If you go to our website and click on, you scroll around a little bit 1212 summer road. Meyer Computer has done a great job setting up our website. Go to and you’ll scroll around a little bit looking for a 1212 summer road. Dramatic entry, when you walk in the house there’s atria. Indoor atria on both sides and quite dramatic. It leads right on out to the great ocean view, free-form pool. It’s really fantastic.

BS: It really is. Quite spectacular in every way. It’s great.

RS: and the price is is really really good for an 8,000 square foot, three lot home at $5,900,000. It’s fantastic.

BS: Also at the end of a coldest hack which I think is really nice because I think for kids, etc.

RS: Right.

BS: It will be a nice spot. A perfect house. Perfect!

RS: Not much traffic at all.

Betty Salkamoto: No. What else do we have down there? We just opened escrow on 1214 summer which was adjacent to it which was just a single home on a single lot but really again perfect condition. Should be closing on that within the next several weeks, 30 days.

RS: Next two weeks or so.

BS: Again, Pineapple Hill right now has got a Kapalua in general. Pineapple Hill has gotten extremely busy. We’ve sold almost every property that we’ve had listed up there. In addition, we’ve been selling properties there on the ocean. Roy has closed one at $24,000,000 recently which was pretty great and it’s a fabulous home. Nice family have bought it.

RS: Oh, yes and speaking about Oceanfront at Kapalua we just listed 9 Kapalua Place. If you are familiar with Kapalua at all, this is in the Kapalua Place subdivision. It’s a gated subdivision, right on the ocean. There are 5 lots that are right on the ocean, 4 have homes on it and including this. 9 Kapalua Place it’s a 4 bedroom, 5 1/2 bath a little over 7,400 square feet right on Oneloa Bay which is a great sandy beach not very much traffic at all. This listing is on at $16,000,000. $16,000,000 and you are getting quite a bit of house and a little over 30,000 square feet of land which is about seven tenths of an acre.

BS: One of the things on all of this if you go to and take a look at our website you can pretty much get to any price range in there, any location in Maui. You could put in a price range that works for you. You can find some information on financing. Best to call one of the agents and talk to us about it. There’s so much on our website you can get into any listing not just our listings. You’ll be able to get all through whatever is in MLS today and it really is a great way to go whether it’s our website or another one. Pick one, get on it but for now and you’ll be able to see everything.

RS: Yeah. Whether your interest is Upcountry or Wailuku or Kahalui. If you go to this will give you entry to the Maui multiple listing system and you can look at all of the available listings. Call myself, Roy at 870-7060 or Betty 870-7062 and we can certainly help you with wherever the property is.

BS: We have now got the 2 minute warning so to speak. We better kind of wind down now but I think if we go back to what we were saying in the beginning let’s remember that we’re all Americans. Let’s try to love one another even if we don’t agree with one another, on their politics or anything about them. Let’s remember to give everybody a little space and a little love.

RS: What a great new year’s resolution?

BS: Wouldn’t it be. I mean for all of us.

RS: Yeah

BS: And then, we’re going to wind up again with my favorite. I Love Hawaii will come on pretty quick but I love a lot of places. I grew up Buffalo New York. I love Buffalo New York and wherever you’re from you love it. Whether you’re Kihei, Lahaina. Let’s all love Hawaii.

RS: Absolutely. Thank you Danny.