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March 16, 2023
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Betty Sakamoto: Aloha and welcome to Betty’s Real Estate Corner, brought to you by Roy and Betty Sakamoto. It’s a big day here. I’ve been away for a few weeks. Happy to be back. Cindy Paulos here have this beautiful lei waiting for me. It’s a wonderful day. I could not be happier than to just be here doing that is real estate corner with my husband.

Roy Sakamoto: Betty’s real estate corner.

BS: Betty’s real estate corner. Here we are. A couple of things Roy just brought up that we really want to talk about right now. Our Hale Makua and fundraising and everything that’s going on right now. There’s so many needs on our island and whatever we can do, if we all just pay a little bit of attention and make contributions where we can. Hale Makua, Roy’s been on the board forever. What’s going on there right now, Roy?

RS: We’ve got a lot of great plans coming down the pike here. There are some big expansions. Our Kahului facility will be expanding next door into what is now commonly known as the gate ballpark right next to our facility in Kahului. And we’re also looking at improving our Wailuku facility. So, between the two we have approximately 340, 350 beds in our nursing facility. We also have home health. We have a lot of different facets to Hale Makua. We’ve been a non-profit here on Maui for many, many years, dating back to World War II.

BS: I know everybody has heard different stories from World War II, but I really do think it’s great I mean, the story that I heard, which came more or less from Roy’s dad who was here, obviously, at the time. But really, it’s an amazing thing how it got started. It was basically the Buddhist church who stepped in realizing that the hospital was being used really for servicemen. So, there was no place for let’s say, an aging person who had nowhere to go, no family, etc.. At least one or more of the Buddhist church opened up part of their church in a way that they could take care of and service these aging people. And then from that eventually came Hale Makua. Now, that’s a kind of simplistic way of telling the story, but it does say a whole lot for Maui and the people of Maui, starting back at the very beginning or at least for me the very beginning.

RS: That’s another reason why Maui No Ka ‘Oi. Maui is the best. The community here on Maui we band together, we help each other. It’s like no other place on Earth, really.

BS: I think Roy is right. I mean, there’s so many things that happen here that you’ll see somebody just step in and take care of it. Whatever the job is somebody steps in and takes care of it. It’s amazing.

RS: It really is.

BS: Totally amazing.

RS: Yeah.

BS: The other one, we wanted to talk a little about the Food Bank. That’s another thing on Maui. Okay, the pandemic’s over. There’s so many things that are done you don’t need anymore theoretically but it’s not true. I mean, there’s a lot of people on Maui who go hungry or don’t have enough to eat, etc.. I mean, it’s really a frightening moment for people with little children, mothers bringing a child home from a hospital that they don’t have enough, and they really need something. The Food Bank totally steps in.

RS: It does. It really does. Our company Coldwell Banker Island Properties, we have offices all over the island, Kihei, Wailea, Kapalua, Upcountry. We have these barrels for the Food Bank. We are gladly taking contributions if you’ve got an extra can of spam whatever please help our needy here on Maui and drop off whatever you can with our one of our offices or you can donate monetarily also directly to Maui Food Bank. We said it before every dollar feeds. Every dollar gets you four meals through Maui Food Bank.

BS: It is an amazing thing, Roy. It’s absolutely amazing the amount.

RS: If you donate $10 that leads to 40 meals for the needy, $20 leads to 80 meals for the needy. Fantastic.

BS: It’s hard to you know when you say the needy. It sounds so difficult for anybody to step up and say, “I need. People do need and they have children, etc. They have all sorts of reasons why they don’t have enough money to keep their family eating three meals a day or two meals a day. It really is vitally important. Again, all keep thinking about it. Let’s contribute, let’s do what we can do. And if it is, just stop by a Coldwell Banker office and put something into one of the bins, it can’t hurt any. It’s going to be over soon. They only collect like this for a certain period, but I would say look for it. Find it. Call Coldwell Banker office and find a way to bring something by. It’ll make a difference to somebody.

RS: Absolutely. It’s obvious we’re not just a real estate show.

BS: That’s right. But we’re here.

RS: We’re here.

BS: We’re going to do a little bit of real estate. We’re going to talk about what’s happening, talk a little about the market, which is really difficult I think that’s an interesting, difficult whatever we want to call it right now interest rates are still considered by most people to be fairly high prices. The limited number of inventory makes a big difference right now.

RS: Huge difference.

BS: Huge difference for people. Again, if you’re interested in real estate call an agent, call somebody that you’ve been working with, chat with them a little bit, learn what there is to learn, and then maybe you’re off by a few years for what you want to do, but get a plan in place because it can work. It’s hard and it’s going to take time. I think we’re seeing more and more happen that’ll work for everyone.

RS: Yeah, it’s funny, you know, it wasn’t that long ago when we’ve figured well a 6% mortgage. Wow, that is fantastic. Rates then were eight, nine, 10%, 11%, 12%. So, 6% was like gold. And now when you talk 6% mortgages, people are saying, oh, my goodness, what happened to the 2% and the 3% mortgages? Well, it doesn’t happen anymore. We went through a very, very difficult time and not only nationally, but internationally and in the world of finance. We’ll never see that again. The 6% mortgage, I mean, that’s a great mortgage rate right now.

BS: It’s a good mortgage, but never say never.

RS: No.

BS: Because we’ve said that before you know we’ll say no, that’s never, ever going to happen again but yet it did. To my opinion, it probably will again. I wouldn’t wait for I think that somebody if you have the ability to buy right now, you can find something that you can work into your system, find even an owner that’ll finance. There’s all sorts of ways that you can get into a property today. I think you can still do it.

RS: Yeah. And now more than ever, I think it’s essential that you deal with a professional. Get a professional realtor who has relicensing requirements every two years. There’s a huge continuing education program for all of us realtors. So, either call myself Roy at (808) 870-7060. Call Betty (808) 870-7062 and we’ll help point you in the right direction. We will set you up with talking with some mortgage lenders, escrow companies. If you’d like to interview escrow companies before you actually pull the trigger, we’ll help you. We’ll hold your hand all the way through.

BS: And Roy’s right. I mean, all of a sudden, if you’re talking to an escrow company, you’re talking to a lender, and you’re watching for something to happen or something to change. And we’re seeing right now prices are changing and it’s not on everything, but you got to take get yourself out there. Think about it, talk about it, find properties. When something pops up, the realtor is going to think, aha, I’ve got to call those people that checked in the other day and all of a sudden, they’re going to be the ones that hopefully will be the ones that step into a new property.

RS: Absolutely. Again, call me Roy (808) 870-7060, Betty (808) 870-7062 or you can e-mail us too. You can email me [email protected] or [email protected].

BS: We brought with us some of these current listings and nothing’s going to be for everybody, but I think it is interesting if you take a look at something. In West Maui, everybody says there’s nothing available that’s not millions. I mean, that’s not true. Maui Lani Terraces has a one-bedroom, one-bath, 530 square feet of living area, pets are allowed. It’s listed at $449,000, it’s a good property. I mean, it’s a spot that you could live for a long time. Donna Butterfield is the agent that has the listing on it. She can be reached at (808) 874-8668 and I would chat with her about that property. It’s really a nice listing. Give her a call, get a look at it, and see if there’s if you’re in that range and it can work for you, give it a try.

RS: Yeah, I know Donna really well and she’s one of the most professional realtors in our business. Call Donna Butterfield at.

BS: (808) 874-8668 oh, wait, down here I got a cell phone that’s different (808) 866-6005. It’s a little complicated or you can also do her [email protected] but give her a call and chat with her. I agree with Roy. She’s a great professional realtor and she’ll be there for you. It’s a good listing for $449,000.

RS: Yeah. Here’s another at Maui Lani Terraces unit number is E102. It’s a one-bedroom, one-bath listed at $575,000. Listed by Jason Gilbert out of our office. You can reach Jason at (808) 866-3074. Ask him about Maui Lani E102 listed at $575,000, one bedroom, one bath. Maui Lani Terraces is a great place for owner-occupants or second home also.

BS: I’m just looking at this listing here for Pohailani a two-bedroom, one-bath unit. I thought they were leasehold.

RS: No

BS: No. I guess for some reason I was thinking they were still leasehold, but this looks like a really great property $665,000, two bedrooms, one bath. I think that seems to be a great deal. It looks like it’s nicely remodeled, etc…

RS: Right. Yeah. Here’s another one at Pohailani two-bedroom, one-bath unit number is 137 listed at $675,000 fee simple where you own the land. This is listed by Natalie at our office. Natalie (808) 268-5108, ask her about Pohailani 137, two bedrooms, one bath.

BS: I kind of skipped over Diane Mullins last telephone number. Diane can be reached at (808) 283-0881 and I would give her a call on the other listing which is the two-bedroom one bath at 665. So, check in with Diane and that looks like a great property.

RS: Here’s another great owner-occupant type building. It’s a Hoonanea in Lahaina. It’s unit number 416. It’s a two bedroom, two and a half baths, about 1,264 square feet, listed by Ray Chen out of our office. (808) 344-2677 Ray Chen and this is regarding Hoonanea number 416. Two bedrooms, two and a half baths, over 1,200 square feet, which is a great square footage for an owner-occupant two-bedroom.

BS: Here’s another one Roy that I think that the Mahana one bedroom, two bath listed at $1,330,000. I think that’s what it says here. This print’s getting smaller and smaller. Casey Fukuda has the listing (808) 264-5362 and that’s [email protected]. Casey another one, one of the most professional realtors you ever meet. Someone that if you hook up with Casey you can stay working with him for as long as you want. If you’re looking for something, he’ll be all over it with you. I would really hook up with Casey spend some time with them, give him a lot of information and it’ll be fabulous. You’ll get a great result from that.

RS: Yeah, the Mahana is great. It’s all oceanfront right on Kaanapali Beach so call Casey on that. Here’s another great property. It’s the Kaanapali Plantation unit number is number 35. Two bedrooms, two baths listed by Elizabeth Quayle. Elizabeth is one of the more experienced, more professional realtors anywhere on Maui. Her number is (808) 276-6061 and ask Elizabeth about Kaanapali Plantation unit number 35, two bedrooms, two baths. Great location, Kaanapali Plantation.

BS: Elizabeth also has a great listing of the Masters in Kaanapali up on the Hillside. Spectacular location, two bedrooms, two baths, $1,610,000 is the price on that. Great, great property. And like Roy saying some of these agents, I mean, they will take care of you, they’re kind of lifers in this nobody quits. We hang in there, we keep working, working, working but we do our best to see to it that we can keep somebody geared into finding a property, even if their life keeps changing. We’ll have you talk with a lender. We’ll have you talk with an escrow company. We’ll have you set up so that you know what’s going to happen next and Elizabeth again, (808)276-6061.

RS: Yeah. The Masters is a great development up on the Kaanapali Hillside. What’s nice is there are no vacation rentals allowed. It’s great for a second home or owner-occupant. And here’s another one at the Masters unit number is 3105. Two bedrooms, two baths. It’s huge. It’s a little over 1,500 square feet listed by Robert Meyers. Listed price is $1,650,000. Robert Myers can be reached at (808) 283-3067. Again, this is at the Masters, which is a great development. Again, no vacation rentals allowed.

BS: Okay, one more here. Let’s see Mihaela Stoops and Joe Dorner. A lot of people know Joline because she’s been here forever and she’s really spectacular. She now has most of her listings with Mihaela. They’ve worked together for a long time. I think it’s really a great pair helping you and spending time with you. I would call Mihaela on this (808) 357-4000 and chat with her a little bit about what’s going on in the real estate market or Joline you can reach at (808) 276-9015. And again, just get some information, chat a little bit. I think the primary person that you’ll talk to is Mihaela. Mihaela is really, really a great agent and works extremely hard and I would check in with her. She’s got a lot of different listings and I would take some time with Mihaela and Joline, get together with them, and see what’s going on.

RS: Yes, absolutely. Here’s the new listing that we have. It’s a two-bedroom, three-bath unit at the Ridge Kapalua. Unit number 1611, 12, 13. Kind of confusing. It does have three doors, but it’s all on one level from the ground floor parking area, there’s no steps into the apartment, all on one level. It’s a little over 1,700 square feet. It’s huge. This is at the of Kapalua, listed at $1,950,000. We just hit the market a few days ago and we’re showing the heck out of it. In fact, I think we have one offer that’s got a counteroffer, but it’s still available, so call myself Roy at (808) 870-7060 or my co-lister is Taka Ura. Taka is also great. He can be reached at (808) 269-5522. Call me or call Taka and tell us you want to see Ridge 1611-13 and we’ll make it available to show you.

BS: That I saw for the first time today. It’s really, it’s somewhat original but it’s in really good shape. They’ve taken good care of it. It’s been rented off and on for all these years. It really is. It’s a nice property. The view is spectacular. So again, if you’re looking for something that Kapalua, a two bedroom, three baths, you’re going to have to one of these days stand up and remodel it. I think it’ll be well worth it. The fact that it’s ground floor, you enter from the parking area, there’s not a step anywhere. And for a lot of people that makes a major difference today so take a good look at it.

RS: It’s a great rental unit or second home or primary residence.

BS: Right. And then in this one, both agents understand Japanese. Taka speaks it fluently, but I don’t. Can you give Taka’s number again for everyone in case someone is listening? That is better in Japanese than English. It’d be nice to know they can actually reach Taka and speak Japanese.

RS: Sure, Taka can be reached at (808) 269-5522. Taka Ura San (808) 269-5522 or call myself (808) 870-7060.

BS: They’re doing a great job on that one. I can’t believe the number of people they’ve had through it already. They got it set up during the listing period so that they’ve had already a lot of people that have looked one person has made an offer, but it’s really been it’s been shown unbelievable number of times right now.

RS: Here’s a single-family home. It’s not quite oceanfront. It’s listed by Mary Anne Fitch, who’s one of the top agents on Maui. In fact, one of the top agents in Hawaii. This is 10 Hui Road E. It’s a three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath, over 3,100 square feet listed at $6,500,000. Call Mary Anne (808) 250-1583 and tell her you’re calling about 10 Hui Road E really a three-bedroom, three-and-a-half baths, over 3,000 square feet. Great location, not quite oceanfront, but you’re right next to the ocean and just a really nice property.

BS: Yeah, that is a spectacular property. Really, really great. Anything else you can think of that want to talk about today or shall we keep going with the listings? Is there anything else?

RS: Yeah, let’s keep going. Here’s one that’s also listed by Mary Anne. This is at the coffee farms in Kaanapali, address is 1053 Oka Kope Street. It’s listed at $7,975,000, just under 4,000 square feet. A four bedroom, five bath, just under 4,000 square feet but you’re also sitting on over eight acres of producing coffee land. Call Mary Anne (808) 250-1583 and this is the coffee farm in Kaanapali.

BS: We’ve just hit the one-minute warning so if there’s anything that we think we might want to get out there to everyone who’s listening today, can you think of anything in particular?

RS: Well, don’t forget Maui Food Bank, and don’t forget Hale Makua.

BS: Hale Makua’s website is halemakua.org.

RS: And mauifoodbank.org.

BS: Okay. I mean, so if you want to look something up for either one of those, those are the two websites. And now we have Danny Couch back. I love Hawaii.

RS: Aloha.

BS: Aloha.