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October 6, 2022
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Betty Sakamoto: Aloha and welcome to Betty’s Real Estate Corner, brought to you by Roy and Betty Sakamoto, Coldwell Banker Kapalua. Here we are, Roy Sakamoto and Betty Sakamoto. Another whatever today is. It’s been an exciting day already.

Roy Sakamoto: Another great day on Maui.

BS: Another great day on Maui.

RS: Absolutely.

BS: We just got over from West Maui and that’s always a great ride. It’s so beautiful and spectacular and the weather is perfect. Traffic was good.

RS: And we’re going to have the whales in maybe a month.

BS: They should be here.

RS: Yeah

BS: They should be checking in.

RS: They should be checking in.

BS: That’ll be a pretty exciting time. There seems to be a whole lot going on. A few quicker real estate things, which will be interesting. Interest rates still a little higher than everybody wants them to be. Fewer listings, election coming up. I mean, it seems like there are so many things happening right now. One thing that we’ve talked about driving over here was the general election November 8th.  I think it’s so vital this year always, but this year in particular, that we have to vote. And if you haven’t registered yet, it’s time that you have to figure out registering to vote. You can do it. Remember that once you’ve done it, you have to vote, or if you’re already registered, that’s even better. I mean, you just got to make a plan. So often we’ll talk to people that for one reason, or another aren’t going to vote because of something. There are all these illogical reasons. Even the one that you still hear sometimes, oh, you know, my husband votes, and I’m kind of not that active in the community, but you have to vote. You have to think about it. You watch television, you know things that are going on. Think about it. Vote. And your vote does count. We’re all smart enough to vote. It’s not a matter of the best education or the best anything. We’re all people and we’re all citizens of the United States. Let’s do it. Let’s vote.

RS: It’s been interesting to see people where English is their second language being so proud that they voted.

BS: Absolutely.

RS: How great. I mean, that is super. My hat’s off to all these citizens who have English as a second language who are so proud to vote. Everybody should rally behind this. We should all vote.

BS: I agree. If you go to the polls and vote which I’m hoping that we are able to do this year. I love when they give you the little sticker that says, “I voted” and you just put it on your shirt or put it on your sleeve or put it on your face. I’m proud. I’m always proud when I vote. What Roy just said, spectacular. English is the only language I’ve ever known, unfortunately. I’ve learned little bits of Japanese since I’ve been in Hawaii which is now over 40 years. It’s an interesting time.

RS: A little bit of pidgin English.

BS: A little bit of pidgin English every so often when it suits my purpose.

RS: The kind pidgin.

BS: Yeah. Anyway, vote. I mean, let’s all remember it. Let’s get out and do it and talk to one another even. Talk to your trusted friends or family members. You don’t have to do what they say and vote who they’re telling. You got to vote for so-and-so. Don’t do that. You don’t have to tell them who you’re voting for.

RS: You shouldn’t.

BS: You shouldn’t. Actually, nobody should ever ask you who you are voting for. When you walk in to vote or when you fill out your ballot that you receive in the mail, it’s easy. Just vote. If you need help with it for any reason, I know that there is a lot of different ways to get help. Call I don’t know.

RS: Call us.

BS: Call us.

RS: Sure

BS: Call Roy (808) 870-7060 or Betty (808) 870-7062. We can direct you in what you need to do to vote. Let’s all do it and listen to KAOI because they’re going to be everything. They will have everything online following the election or during the election. It’s the station to come to KAOI.

RS: Here on Maui, we’ve got so many important races. Big race for mayor, for various county council seats. Very, very important that we turn out. Vote for whoever you want. Vote.

BS: Vote. The other important thing that we kept talking about here, the pandemic has theoretically settled down enough, and we can all feel a little bit safer than we were. We’ve heard from the most reliable of all sources The Maui Food Bank still desperately needs donations and assistance and being able to provide for the community because there are still so many people that don’t have enough money. They work hard, they do whatever. I think that it’s another one of those things. The Maui Food Bank and you had a lot of information on that a while ago, Roy, about how much goes to.

RS: For every $10 that you donate to the Maui food bank that feeds 40 people. Forty people, for every $10 that you donate. If you were able to donate $10, that feeds 40 people $20 and it’s 80 people that you’re feeding. If you’re able to donate $100 that’s 400 people that you’re feeding. That’s one heck of a return.

BS: It absolutely is. An understanding that you’ve got to know that part of it is because there are so many people contributing to the food bank, not just money, but people that see to it that the food bank gets food from certain sources. A better cost than anybody else would be able to have, hopefully. And they’re able to take care of everybody. At the beginning, when everybody knew and watched as the pandemic started, people lined up in their cars. It was a heartbreaker because you’d see someone that, you know, they had a job, they had a large family, but they needed food. That’s not a fun thing.

RS: No, not at all.

BS: It’s horrible. That’s no matter when it is.

RS: Right. I think we all know families that are needy and we’re actually not that far off from the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Give until it feels good is my motto as far as donating to various charities. Give until it feels good. If you’re able to donate again $10, you’re going to make 40 people very, very happy. Twenty dollars 80 people so please donate to the Maui Food Bank. You can go on their website. and you’ll be able to donate off of there or find out what they need in terms of food. If you have food to donate, that’s absolutely great.

BS: Okay. There’s a lot of other things that we had on our agenda.

RS: Obviously, we’re not just the real estate show.

BS: Obviously.

RS: Yeah

BS: But remember, if you’re looking for us for real estate, you can reach us. Again, Roy (808) 870-7060 or Betty (808) 870-7062.

RS: Before we leave Maui charities, I want to do a plug for Hale Makua. I’ve been on the board of Hale Makua for 30 years maybe.

BS: More than 30 years.

RS: Yeah. I’m not quite sure.

BS: Roy’s mother was in Hale Makua after she had had some difficulties. Dad was still alive and taking care of her and not telling anybody. So, of course, when we finally realized, I mean, we would see her and it would kind of be okay, we learned so much from it. Eventually, Hale Makua had provided some help. Roy ended up first helping them with the kind of Kaanapali seniors. Well, maybe not first that was afterwards, but so many different things we were able to do, and learned so much about Hale Makua. I love the whole story, but it would take again I’ve done it before our whole show. Hale Makua is such a fabulous nursing home and it’s more than just a nursing home.

RS: Oh, yes. We’ve got Home Health Services, Rehab, which is a big part of our services. We had a meeting yesterday with some consultants and we’re going to be doing some great things and expanding Hale Makua in Kahului. The county has graciously allowed us to take over a little over two acres next door as part of the Kahului Community Park. We’ll be expanding our services to those two-plus acres. In doing so, we’re going to need funds from the community. Hopefully, in the first quarter of 2023 will be reaching out to the community. All of you out there as far as being able to donate to Hale Makua. Hale Makua serves the frail and elderly of Maui. I mean, it’s just a great, great organization.

BS: And it’s not always the frail and elderly. There’s many people. One of the first people that I met there and I’m drawing a blank on his name which really troubles me.

RS: Yeah, doesn’t matter.

BS: I probably shouldn’t say it. He was very young. He had been injured in an accident on the Big Island quadriplegic. Couldn’t really talk but after a while I learned I could communicate with him because he did. He was able but it just took a while to listen, etc. He had been there for a long, long time and the nurses and everybody there so took care of him. They had this whole thing over his headboard it explained what he could do and what he couldn’t do. He was young. Again, it’s the older.

RS: Early forties.

BS: The frail and the elderly. Yeah, early forties. It was a heartbreaker. He did pass away there. He lived a long life where people loved him and cared about him and talked to him and smiled and his eyes smiled with him.

RS: Yes

BS: He was amazing.

RS: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. Tragic accident. His Jeep I guess overturned. He was a lineman for the electric company on the Big Island, but he will be remembered. His stay at Hale Makua was quite a relief for his family I know.

BS: And I know he’ll be remembered by everybody that cared for him at Hale Makua. He meant something to everybody there.

RS: Absolutely.

BS: I mean, I think that’s part of it too.

RS: Right, so since we are a real estate show, I’ve got a great listing. Is that 12 Kahana Ridge Place in Kahana in West Maui. For those of you who aren’t quite familiar with West Maui, Kahana is about halfway between Kaanapali and Kapalua. This is in the Kahana Ridge subdivision, which is a really beautiful residential community.

BS: And probably the best location, I think, in that community.

RS: Yes

BS: I love it.

RS: No question.

BS: I love exactly where it’s located.

RS: Right. The address is 12 Kahana Ridge Place. Listing price is $1,795,000, 12 Kahana Ridge Place is the address. We have this in escrow currently, but we are looking actively for backup offers. This is a three bedroom, two and a half bath home. It’s about 2,100 square feet and the ocean views are beautiful. It’s a two-story home. You’ve got ocean views from the ground floor as well as the second floor. Your master and your kitchen are up on the second floor, office or another bedroom downstairs, three bedrooms overall, two and a half baths. It’s been used strictly as a vacation home for the owner as a second home and not rented at all.

BS: Perfect condition.

RS: Great condition. Call me Roy at (808) 870-7060 for more information or if you’d like to visit this and take a look because it’s well worth your time. 12 Kahana Ridge Place, call Roy (808) 870-7060.

BS: Another, this is real estate, but also, it’s a little political, it’s a little everything. Right now, housing in general, as everybody knows, we need more workforce housing, affordable housing. It just seems so difficult to get it built within any reasonable time. I think it’s something that as we all talk to people running for office today. I think we should make that a big part of the discussion because we all want our children now, we’re at the grandchildren’s moment. We want them to be able to live in Maui and stay here and go to school here and grow up here, whatever they decide to do at a later time. I think that we desperately need on Maui additional workforce and or affordable housing, which it’s known by both names. I mean, even employers could possibly get together with other employers and do some sort of a project that would accommodate employees. West Maui happens to be I mean again I hate saying the word desperate over and over.

RS: We are desperate.

BS: We are desperate. We need homes. When people have young families and they’re both working, they need to have schools close by. They need to be able to live near where they work. Fortunately, we’ve all been able at least we’ve been able to have that ability and we need to get that for everybody.

RS: Yeah, we just spoke about voting a few minutes ago. I think it’s imperative that we look at each of our candidates running for county council and for mayor and get their views on affordable housing because it’s a huge issue here in Maui. We’ve got a great lifestyle. If we can house our residents were up a tree. Get our candidate’s views on workforce housing/affordable housing and make sure they’re not just giving lip service to this because it’s easy for politicians to give lip service to affordable housing. It’s one of the hot issues and everybody says, yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m all for it. But are they? Dig deep with these candidates and back the ones that are sincere in their efforts to get workforce housing/affordable housing here in Maui.

BS: It is hard to get to the candidates to actually talk with them. Almost every candidate has something going on these days or go to their websites. I think that can’t be that hard just put their name into Google and put on Maui candidate and I think you’ll get all sorts of information. I think that everybody, like Roy says, is going to put lip service on this but it’s really got to be homes. There’s got to be ways. We’ve lived in small homes at different times and smaller condos. You need a place for everybody that will have like a washer dryer that will have all appliances and that they can have a little bit of a place space for children outside so that it can be a little bit of a community. It’s not that hard. There are so many ways it’s been done in other places. I’m sure there’ll be restrictions on it once somebody buys that they’re going to have to maybe, maybe it’ll be a thing where you got to resell to a resident. I don’t know the answers. I mean as Americans we want to be able to have the American dream and that maybe later you have to sell it and do something else, or you have to move or move back to the mainland if that’s where you came from. The people that have been here forever. It’s still somewhere along the line you may need to sell it then it’s so hard to get back in the market. Let’s all for right now respect where we’re living. Try to find ways that we can help in this. Talk to your local politicians. Talk to everyone that’s running and keep saying workforce housing/affordable housing.

RS: Absolutely.

BS: Real estate again?

RS: Speaking about affordable housing, here’s a listing. It’s a very new listing listed by Sharon Silva from our Coldwell Banker Island Properties Kapalua office. Address is 858 Kelawea Street. This is a three-bedroom one bath on a little bit on the smaller side, 828 square feet and it’s listed at $799,000 under $800,000 for a three-bedroom, one bath in Lahaina at 858 Kelawea Street. I mean, that’s a fantastic price. We just talked about affordable housing. Sharon Silva, her number is (808) 281-6559. Sharon Silva is the listing agent, and she can give you all the information on this home.

BS: Another great place to live, Pohailani. Pohailani is a condominium complex in West Maui. This is unit 219, $647,000 two bedrooms, one bath. They’re very livable. It’s listed by Elizabeth Quayle, who’s somebody that we work with all the time at Coldwell Banker. And she was with us for many years of Sakamoto Properties. Her phone number (808) 276-6061 or [email protected]. This is a really well done. It’s been upgraded and it’s really livable for a small family. Give that some thought. Association fees are $900 a month, but it does cover a lot in the association fees. Give Elizabeth a call and she can possibly help you in a lot of different ways for something that could be affordable for you and your family.

RS: Here’s one in a subdivision in Napili. It’s called Maluna Kai subdivision. The address is 5045 Lower Honoapiilani Road. This is a four-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath home. It’s a kind of minimized development. You do have an association fee, but you’ve got a common area pool, private road. It’s a gated community, four bedrooms, three and a half baths, a little over 1,700 square feet. It’s listed at $1,995,000. Listed by Mary Anne Fitch from our office. Mary Anne can be reached at (808) 250-1583. Great price for this very, very private home in Maluna Kai Estates.

BS: Here’s another one, Roy. The Poinciana Place on Poinciana Road, listed by Kristen Kingwell and of really great home listed at $1,895,000 three bedrooms, two baths, same subdivision we were discussing earlier Kahana Ridge. Actually, we did see that early on.

RS: Right

BS: I’d almost forgotten we had. The person listing that is Kristen Kingwell (808) 281-7313 and it’s another one totally worth looking at. It’s again, a little bit upper end for a lot of people right now, looking for homes, but I think it’s really worth taking a look at.

RS: Here’s one that’s actually owner-occupied right now. It’s a one bedroom one bath condominium at Hale Ono Loa. It’s a ground floor unit number is 104. Listed at $729,995 one bedroom, one bath. It’s an oceanfront development. Hale Ono Loa again, listed at 7 million or $729,995. It’s listed by Matt Berglund-Foster. Matt can be reached at (808) 633-2410. Actually, a good number for people to remember is my number and your number.

BS: Right and we are at the two-minute warning, so let’s get that out again.

RS: Okay

BS: You can reach Roy at (808) 870-7060 or Betty Sakamoto at (808) 870-7062. We can be reached on our website, which has been created for us by Meyer Computer.

RS: Courtesy of Meyer Computer.

BS: We’ll tell you a little more, but we will run out of time right now. But it’s spectacular and you could go to very easy to get around it.

RS: As many people know we used to be Sakamoto Properties for 40 plus years and we merged two years ago, two and a half years ago with Coldwell Banker Island Properties and very, very happy about our merger. Chris Meyer at Meyer Computer has been extremely helpful with the transition into Coldwell Banker. Come on and check out our website

BS: Aloha and here we have Danny Couch back which is one of our favorite moments. Loved Danny Couch.

RS: What a happy song.

BS: What a happy song. I love Hawaii and I do. I love Hawaii

RS: Aloha

BS: Aloha