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Tribute to Pearl Harbor & Top Hawaii Houses & Condos for Sale with Betty’s Maui Real Estate Corner

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December 9, 2021
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Betty Sakamoto: Aloha and welcome to Betty’s Real Estate Corner brought to you by Coldwell Banker, Roy, and Betty Sakamoto, Kapalua office. Another great week. We are all getting ready for Christmas now so many things are happening. Thanksgiving for us was kind of quiet.

Roy Sakamoto: It was fun.

BS: Yeah, it was fun. We were kind of happy to keep it quiet this year as I’m sure a lot of you were. We are going to kind of talk a little bit about Pearl Harbor. We are 2 days late but part of it is we have a story that we are going to read and if anybody wants a copy of it you could call us at (808) 870-7062 and leave a message or text us and we will send you a copy of it because it will probably be a little hard to totally get it. At a time in the world where it’s so hard for people to get along and we are all trying to make all lives matter. We should all be being better people, take care of our neighbors and do everything that we can. It’s just an interesting story. When do you say, Roy?

RS: Oh, yes.

BS: It’s kind of fun. I’ve got to say if I decide I’m going to blubber through this. I’m going to pass it to Roy and make him finish it but let’s just see if I can. I’ve got to read it unfortunately but that’s just how it is going to go. The story is of 2 mothers that basically got together at Pearl Harbor. It was written by as best I know Edward Patterson from New York City. The gist of it is December 7th. It was as God meant to put her there just to show a ship is in truth a mother to her crew and that she would even die for them. She did. The USS Arizona to this day in Pearl Harbor. Her sons are at peace and safe inside her womb. The way they tell it the old lady Mrs. Room was a young woman when she first came from Dayton, Ohio every year on December 7th. She visited the battleship Arizona memorial. She was nearly blind now and used a cane. The guards knew her well, helped her across the gangplank, and led her to the railing from there across Pearl Harbor. She could see the faintly. She could faintly make out Hickam field in the hazy distance. They’d leave her alone as she would pray for her dead son who lay entombed deep inside Arizona. The staff knew when she was ready to leave, and she’d clutch her cane wrap it several times down on the deck. Once, long ago the attendant asked why? Well, my son’s down there, you know. Oh, I see but no one understood at first. The good book says knock and it shall be opened unto ye Mrs. Room went on. The priest in Dayton told me so. By astonishing coincidence, a young Japanese woman first came to the memorial the same year and at curiously the same time as the American lady did. The staff called her Mrs. Keto from Kyoto. She answered the name. Now, she was an old lady too. She understood English and like her people she was inquisitive and observant. Hey, Mrs. Keto, one of the staff would greet her. Glad to see you back. She’d bow deeply and simply say yes fine and that was all she ever said but this time after all these years an attendant suggested you 2 ladies are fixtures here. You need to know one another so they moved closer along the rail. Mrs. Keto extended her hand and Mrs. Room grabbed it. Yes, Mrs. Keto began. Glad to meet you Mrs. Room responded. Now, the guards drew back discreetly. You see madam, Mrs. Keto continued. I come here every year too. My son is a pilot. He died on December 7th. I’m so sorry. My son was a sailor. He is down there with all the others. I know, so sorry madam. God’s will the American lady said. I say same the Japanese lady replied. Though, I can’t see I can feel my son is close Mrs. Room explained and I look up, the Japanese lady went on. I see a seagull and it’s my son’s plane. They chatted as they never had before. A bond of shared grief is stronger than any link in the chain. Mrs. Room side, well it’s time to go now just as she prepared to pound on the deck. Madame, Mrs. Keto hasten to speak. Buddha my God, I know why you use your cane. Your son is here and God will hear. Yes, that’s so. This time madam may I use your cane with you? Mrs. Keto asked. Your son is not here had my son not come first. Your kind. Mrs. Room managed to get a handkerchief out and dabbed her eyes. They grasped the cane together and struck the memorial’s deck as if it was the cold metal hull of the sunken battleship itself. Thump, thump please God Mrs. Keto prayed for both of them. We knock on the door, listen, please open it for both our sons. After that, they walked for the 1st time arm in arm past the guards who diverted their glance in touching respect and sympathy. When they had gained the gangplank, both turned around and crossed herself. The other bow deeply. The American and the Japanese turned back again and helped one another to board the ferry returning to the mainland. That’s the end of the story. I still think after the war the Japanese, the Americans, and the whole world everybody needed to come together, and somehow, they did a pretty good job. I just wanted that to be a message to all of us to remember Pearl Harbor and what it means and what it means to each of us. On a day-to-day basis remember you can be Mrs. Keto and Mrs. Room. You can love one another even though something horrible happened to you. I think that’s pretty much the message.

RS: It’s a great story. It reminds me of what was it maybe 7- 8 years ago when we went to Hiroshima.

BS: Oh yes, yeah.

RS: The peace memorial there in Hiroshima. For those of you who have been there, you will know what we are talking about. For those of you who have not if you ever get to Japan you need to go there, to Hiroshima, and go through the peace memorial. Very moving. There will never be another war if everybody in this world had to go through that.

BS: Absolutely and there was every nationality there. There was every serviceman in uniform from our country and from other countries would pass through families. It was huge and almost nobody walked out without crying. I mean, I’ll cry every time I think of it and some of the stories that were told about what happened and how it happened and there are so many reasons why it never should have happened. They can’t be debated. It’s just too much.

RS: No.

BS: We got to love one another.

RS: Right. I was walking next to a woman from Switzerland and we started talking as we were going through the exhibits. She was in tears and I was in tears going through all the photos and the stories. She is a citizen of Switzerland a neutral country not involved in any wars and she’s in tears going through this peace memorial. She was the one that said, you know everybody should be made to go through this

BS: Absolutely, that’s the truth. I believe what Roy said a minute ago is the truth of everything. If we all went through there, we would have to see to it there was never another war. Never another war. There was a river there that was boiling, and the people were trying to get away from the bombs. Everything that happened and jumped in the river and of course it was truly boiling and everything you saw there just can’t ever happen again.

RS: Yeah, one telling photograph was people on the ground were looking up at this parachute coming down, and attached to that parachute was the first atomic bomb. It exploded several thousand feet above the land and set off this fireball that basically obliterated most of Tokyo and set the river on fire and people were running from this. Their flesh was falling off their bodies. It was horrible. Absolutely horrible.

BS: Interestingly enough, taking this many years later when I met my husband Roy Sakamoto who does happen to be a Japanese. I came from New York state and as Irish, as could be and my mother adored Roy as we came into life together, but she wouldn’t say for the longest time that he was Japanese. She would say, he was Hawaiian because the war was. I’m basically a World War II baby. You are basically a World War II baby and it had to be so hard. I mean, what our parents went through and what your mother went through. She would have been just pregnant at the time of Pearl Harbor.

RS: Right.

BS: Anyway, it’s enough of that for today. Maybe, we should try a little real estate. We still have a possibility Norm Estin will check in and then one last thing for anyone that has a little bit of energy going for them the Sentry Tournament of Champions is coming from January 6th to January 9th. The Lahainaluna High School Foundation really needs a lot of support for that you know volunteers that will come out and work from December 31st to January 11th. You don’t have to work every day. You can get set up for a couple of shifts which are probably around 4 hours in length. Don’t need to be a student or an Alumni you just need to volunteer some time and help support the students and staff of Lahainaluna. You could call Jeff at (808) 214-2839 or call me Betty Sakamoto, (808) 870-7062. We can try to fill you in or get you some information to understand that we desperately need some help for the tournament. It will be kind of fun for most anyone.

RS: The Sentry Tournament of Champions is a lot more than a golf tournament. First, it did start as a golf tournament but through the PGA tour and through Sentry Insurance it’s been a huge benefactor for Maui charities. I know Hale Makua is a big beneficiary of the tournament. Hale Makua donates a lot of hours emptying trash cans.

BS: You don’t have to worry about having to do the trash job.

RS: Right.

BS: Hale Makua has got it.

RS: No but there’s a variety of volunteers needed for all the tournament activities that go on whether it’s driving players back and forth to the hotel and in the golf course or whatever. It takes a village again to put on something like this and the village benefits with huge bucks for charities.

BS: It is amazing. Lahainaluna last year ended up with more financial support than ever as probably Hale Makua did but it takes a lot of time and they are really needing lots and lots of help this year.

RS: And I will say this, McPartland the CEO of Sentry Insurance is a true kamaaina. He is very happy to learn about Maui charities and wants to learn about Maui charities. What a great job that Sentry Insurance does.

BS: The Ritz-Carlton also plays a big part in the tournament. Helps with a lot of things and they have also been great for Lahainaluna High School. They have done a variety of things over the years contributing food, contributing things. I guess, we could start naming the ones that do help but there are so many that help Lahainaluna High School and many of them through the Lahainaluna High School Foundation. Keep in mind the foundation built the stadium. It was an amazing feat and that took a lot of people mainly Sue Cooley.

RS: Yes

BS: Anyway, what about real estate?

RS: Yeah

BS: Let’s give it a shot. You first.

RS: Yeah, we are a real estate show after all.

BS: Yeah

RS: I’ve got to talk about a new listing that we have. It’s in Opukea F201 is the apartment number. It’s 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, about 1,300 square feet and situated. If you are not familiar with Opukea it’s right downtown in Lahaina, easy walking distance to all the shopping centers downtown Lahaina itself. It’s listed at $695,000. It’s a great owner-occupied development, no vacation rentals are allowed which is great. There are 2 parking stalls assigned for this apartment and very easy to see. Call me, Roy (808) 870-7060 and tell me you want to see Opukea F201.

BS: The other thing is it also could be a great 2nd home. I mean with you I see it more as probably somebody living there that works in Lahaina or somewhere on in West Maui because it really is. It’s sweet, it’s newer, it’s really in great shape, and you can walk anywhere from there.

RS: Yes

BS: It’s really super.

RS: Oh, fantastic.

BS: Another good property right now is 2760 Kolepa in Kaanapali which is Royal Kaanapali Estates listed at $2,740,000 listed by Elizabeth Quayle. Great property in really good condition. It could use some upgrading, it’s a little bit older now. I think it was completed. It was originally built in 1975 and has had a great remodel in 2012. Call Elizabeth that (808) 276-6061.

RS: That’s a great property. It’s again right on the royal golf course at Kaanapali. We old-timers used to call it the North course now it’s called The Royal right on the golf course.

BS: Where is Roy’s tournament tomorrow? Is that the North? Which course?

RS: It’s on The Royal.

BS: Good. We will get to go by our listing. Roy’s has had a great golf tournament that also funds a variety of charities and takes care of a lot of things in West Maui. Roy’s restaurant chain.

RS: Right. It is basically a benefit for Imua rehab and well worth participating. We have been, I guess every year.

BS: Every year. You are one of the only ones that have played every year.

RS: 22nd or something.

BS: Absolutely. We went to dinner last night down in their New Wailea restaurant. Spectacular restaurant. What’s the name of it?

RS: It’s Humble Market Kitchen or Humble Kitchen Market.

BS: It was great. It was spectacular food.

RS: Fantastic

BS: Great location, perfect place.

RS: It was nice to see Roy and Denise Yamaguchi also.

BS: And the puppy.

RS: And their puppy. If you get a chance check it. Check out that restaurant. It’s fantastic. It’s at the Marriott in Wailea and you will enjoy it. Here’s another listing that Elizabeth Quayle has. It’s 1135 Front Street. It’s listed at $1,995,000 3 bedrooms, 3 baths. Call Elizabeth (808) 276-6061. I don’t have my regular glasses.

BS: Yeah, he doesn’t. (808) 276-6061 and that’s walking distance to baby beach.

RS: Yes

BS: A great place.

RS: Fantastic location, Elizabeth Quayle.

BS: We were hoping Norm Estin would call in right around now and give us an update on vaccinations, what’s happening, and what you should be doing on the virus. Again, just a little quick shout out for Norm Estin doctors on call. He’s done a spectacular job for the community both in Wailea, let’s say South Maui, Kapalua, Wailea area, everywhere and then they have also something in Wailuku that does a lot of testing, etc. They have been working like dogs, so I got to assume that he’s tied up and we got him to notice a little bit late that we were doing this. Thanks, Dr. Estin for everything you do for the community. If somebody is looking to be tested or has waited this long to get vaccinated no questions asked call Dr. Estin’s office.

RS: Dr. Norm’s been kind of like the energizer bunny.

BS: He is the energizer bunny.

RS: Keeps going and going and does great things for Maui.

BS: He never quits. I think. the phone number there is (808) 667-7676 so hopefully, I’m right on that. If you want to call West Maui doctors on call, Dr. Estin. One more listing?

RS: Yeah, Ray Chin who’s kind of new to the Coldwell Banker world, and welcome aboard Ray. Ray has this great listing 844 Anapuni Loop. It’s in the Lanikeha subdivision in Kaanapali. It’s 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths home listed at $3,695,000 for 844 Anapuni Loop. Call Ray, his number is (808) 344-2677. Ray Chin tells him you want to see 844 Anapuni Loop.

BS: Here’s another one. The Ritz-Carlton at Kapalua unit 1702. Great location, looking out at the courtyard. You can have a nice ocean view. Listed at $999,000. It’s one of the only units that may be the only one on the market at this point but great rental history for it. You could call Reiko Hada (808) 250-3482. Give her a call (808) 250-3482 at The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua.

RS: Yeah, that’s a project that’s been overlooked by a lot of people. Not many people realize there are apartments at The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua.

BS: I think you are right.

RS: Yeah

BS: One of the problems really is that they are rented so much that often agents that aren’t familiar enough will end up not showing it because they are not trying to show it because they are always rented except during the pandemic of course and then nobody was here to look.

RS: Yeah. It’s a great buy and call Reiko for that.

BS: You got one more there?

RS: Yeah, here’s a new home being built. It’s listed by David Quandt from our office. David is at (808) 457-0604 address on this is 751 Oka Kope Street. It’s in the Kaanapali Coffee Farms. You are sitting on a little over 5 acres. This is 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths. It’s almost finished construction about 3,600 square feet under roof and listed at $5,795,000. Fantastic ocean views and 5 acres in the midst of a coffee farm. Pretty unique.

BS: Another group from our office Mary Anne Fitch and her husband Nam Le Viet recently came on board with so many listings and such a powerful group that is really spectacular to have them. One of her listings is at the Masters. She got so many of the way upper-end listing, but I just looked at this one. There are so few Masters units now available. It’s 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a $1,850,000 really great shape. She can be reached at (808) 250-1583. We are feeling great we had all worked together very early at Sakamoto Property. She worked for us at Sakamoto Properties and we loved it. She went on to have her own company and has had an extensive career but somehow, we were fortunate that she’s decided to come over with us at Coldwell Banker Kapalua.

RS: Right

BS: It’s amazing. We are having a great time with that.

RS: Welcome aboard Mary Anne and Jo Dorner, Mihaela Stoops.

BS: Jo Dorner, I think a lot of many people know Jo. She has not worked as long as I have at Kapalua that’s the only thing I can tell you. Between the two of us, we bring a lot of age to the property and we are very happy. Having Joline on board is spectacular. She still comes in sits floor time talks to people and there’s always someone coming by that knows Joline that just wants to come and talk story.

RS: And a great sense of humor.

BS: She is funny.

RS: Yeah

BS: We are down to about 2 minutes right now so we aren’t going to get Norm it sounds like we had hoped to get him about 10 minutes ago to see if we could just get somewhat of an update. Anything else you can think about?

RS: Here’s one of Mary Anne’s finest listings. It’s 4851 Lower Honoapiilani Road in Kahana. It’s 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, a little over 5,200 square feet. You are sitting on half an acre plus and right on the ocean in Kahana. Listed at $15,500,000. Call Mary Anne and tell her you to want to see 4851 Lower Honoapiilani Road. Her number is (808) 250-1583.

BS: Roy, I’d kind of love to end with the Sentry Tournament of Champions, and the Lahainaluna High School definitely needs help. Jeff Rogers is the person to call (808) 214-2839 and let’s see what we can do to put a great group together. He can fill you in or I can fill you in, but he is really the best person.

RS: Here’s Danny.

BS: Here’s Danny Couch. Thank you, Danny, for always letting us use your song. Mahalo. RS: Aloha

BS: Aloha