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February 13, 2016

Our blog isn’t the only way to keep up to date on what’s happening in the West Maui real estate market. Have you listened to Betty’s Maui Real Estate Video Blog yet? These are posted regularly as a way to keep the community and prospective buyers up to speed on our observations about the market.

Featuring some of our favorite listings in Kapalua real estate, reasons why we expect them to sell fast, inside tips that every savvy buyer should know and much more, these are a much watch for anyone considering a home purchase on the west side of Maui. Our casual conversations are a great way to discover our candid thoughts on what’s happening in the market as changes continue to unfold.

Another focus of these sessions is what’s happening around Maui, like community events, holiday celebrations and all the fun and excitement of high school sports with a special focus on Lahainaluna High School. Each show is full of unique little tidbits that can help you get familiar with Maui’s culture and current events.

For some, it’s easier to watch and listen than to read, but for those of you who actually prefer to read, our sessions are transcribed below the videos for your convenience. We hope you enjoy these shows, and that they enrich your Maui real estate search while familiarizing you with who we are and what we do.

You can follow this link to Betty’s Maui Real Estate Video Blog where you can find our latest session at the top of the page and our past sessions below. Check back regularly for our latest, or subscribe to the Sakamoto Properties Youtube channel so you’ll know when our latest sessions are released. Mahalo!

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