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September 6, 2013

If you have spent any time looking for your piece of luxury beachfront Maui real estate, you have surely noticed a term (or three) which you may have only a passing familiarity with, at best. Indeed, the many options, phrases, and terminology used in the Hawaii real estate industry can seem like a foreign language to many, particularly when regionally specific synonyms for commonly held terms are used. With this in mind, we have set out to help you decipher this occasionally complex “Real Estate speech” with our very own Maui Real Estate Glossary.

Easily accessible on our main menu, our real estate glossary contains many common terms you will run into while searching for your next Maui home; from “adjustable-rate mortgage” to “trustor” as well as terms exclusive to the Hawaii real estate market, such as “Ohana.” Along with having its own distinct section on, our Maui real estate glossary is also fully integrated with our property search and results pages. This enables you to simply hover over a word in the search form or property description and find out it’s meaning, without having to leave the page you are on!

Search for your next waterfront Kapalua home right now and see for yourself! Mahalo!

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