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Duke’s Beach House – Top West Maui Restaurants Spotlight

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November 12, 2021

Most visitors come to Hawaii to enjoy its beautiful beaches, and pleasant climate, ride the rolling hills through volcano country, swim in the cerulean ocean, and soak up the aloha spirit. But all of that becomes more magical when Hawaiian food enters the picture. The island is a known cultural melting pot with mixtures of different cuisines from Japan, China, and Polynesia. Indeed, the Hawaiian taste is simply magnificent.

One of the best places to dine in Hawaii is in West Maui. You can savor all the Hawaiian delights while enjoying the company of friendly locals. The restaurants in the area offer some of the iconic cuisines, from line-caught fish to tiki cocktails, that you can only find on the island. With its breathtaking views and delicious native dishes, there’s no doubt that tourists would love to go back to West Maui from time to time.

Food and culture

It is a given that food is always associated with the culture where it’s made. In Hawaii, locals value their food so much that it has become a part of them. They prepare their dishes religiously for it operates as an expression of their cultural identity and acts as a symbol of pride for their ethnicity. According to the locals, the cuisine brought the immigrants together and gave rise to the uniquely Hawaiian spirit of sharing food and being familiar and friendly with neighbors. That said, it is an honor for the locals to share their dishes with everyone in the world.

The Hawaiian cuisine

Between 300-500 AD, there were only a few edible plants that existed on the island. When the Polynesian voyagers came, they brought 30 different plants with them and one of which is the taro that is now created as a paste known as poi. Later on, settlers from Marquesas and Tahiti introduced breadfruit and baking bananas and coconuts, sugarcane, sweet potatoes, and yams that became a staple food on the island. The natives also prepared the meat before by spitting it on sticks and roasting it over a fire. Sometimes, they also cook it in underground ovens known as an imu.

Suppose you are to visit Hawaii, specifically in West Maui. In that case, you must know how their food came to be as it would let you appreciate the cuisines that the island has to offer and make your stay more meaningful and enjoyable.

Where to eat in West Maui?

Hawaiian cuisine is known for being essential and distinct. While many restaurants offer a lot of mouth-watering dishes, a few are truly notable. One of them is the Duke’s Beach House.

The Duke’s Beach House, located in Lahaina, is one of the best restaurants you can go to, where you can experience Hawaiian live music, fruity island drinks, and excellent food. The diner is named after Hawaii’s most famous son, Duke Paoa Kahanamoku. Duke was born on August 24, 1980, in Honolulu, Hawaii. He spent most of his time swimming, canoeing, and surfing in the Waikiki ocean as he grew up.

Duke was a known surfer and swimmer who won three Olympic gold medals and was considered the greatest freestyle swimmer globally. Besides that, he is also an icon on the island for his kindness, good sense of humor, and genuine Aloha spirit. Hence, a restaurant was named after him.

Aside from its fascinating history, the restaurant also offers stunning oceanfront views. Witness the three-mile-long Kaanapali beach and oversee the islands of Molokai and Lanai in Duke’s dining room. Not only that, but a beautiful underwater zoo also awaits you, complete with marine turtles, whales, and colorful fishes to feast your eyes. After a fantastic supper, you can take a romantic sunset stroll with your family and friends along the Kaanapali beach walk.

Why dine at Duke’s Beach House?

Duke’s Beach House is heavy in a “farm to fork” dining legacy where they directly purchase their ingredients from local farmers to ensure the quality and freshness of their food. Each menu features locally sourced veggies, delectable seafood, and premium meats, allowing customers to savor fresh Maui fare.


From 8:00 – 11:00 am, start your day by having breakfast of Hawaiian papayas with lime, famous acai bowls, or house-made macadamia nut granola in their Fresh Island fruit and Cereals menu. Suppose you want to try their Island Favorites menu. In that case, you can choose the banana and macnut pancakes, avocado toast, farmer’s breakfast, onolicious french toast, or loco moco that comes with Lahaina eggs, Angus chuck and brisket blend, and more. If you are a fan of eggs, you can try their Eggs Hawaiian-style menu. On top of that, they have a Kid’s Breakfast Menu, so you don’t have to worry about your kid’s meal.

Lunch and Dinner

During lunch, try their Pupus menu, where you can choose their panko-crusted calamari, poke tacos, crab and macnut wontons, Korean sticky ribs, and more. If you want a healthier option, choose their Field and Farm menu that comes with mango barbeque chicken salad, chilled shrimp salad, and Waipoli farms caesar. On the other hand, you’ll also want to taste their Swimmers menu if you are into fish dishes.

After dining with their sumptuous meals, your day will not be complete without enjoying their delectable desserts, including the famous Kimo’s original hula pie and lilikoi pono pie. You can also check their delicious fruit cocktails and wines to maximize your dining experience at Duke’s Beach House.


People adore Duke’s Beach House so much that the restaurant has already received 21 different awards from various organizations.

  • 2019 Top 5 Restaurants in Hawaii – USA 10 Best Readers’ Choice Awards
  • 2018 100 Best Al Fresco Dining Restaurants – OpenTable
  • 2015 Certificate of Excellence – Tripadvisor
  • 2015 Diner’s Choice- Best Outdoor Dining Maui – OpenTable Diner’s Choice – Maui
  • 2015 Diner’s Choice- Best Outdoor Dining Hawaii – OpenTable Diner’s Choice – Hawaii

One good thing about dining at Duke’s is they value your health. For gluten-conscious individuals, their food is prepared with gluten-free ingredients. However, note that their kitchen is not gluten-free, so remind your friends and families with allergies if you do decide to eat at the restaurant. But aside from that, Duke’s Beach House is definitely one of the reasons why you would love to invest in West Maui real estate.

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