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Fantastic Local Food to Enjoy on Maui

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January 26, 2018

Buying Maui real estate comes with an endless list of perks, not least of which is the food. Whether you’ve just bought a new Maui home, or you’re planning to, chances are good that you’ll spend a fair amount of time on the island. If so, consider it a perfect opportunity to sink your teeth into local Hawaiian cuisine! If you’re not the most adventurous eater, don’t be intimidated. Today, Hawaiian food is generally made up of a fusion of ingredients that you’ll be familiar with. But let’s not spoil the surprise. We’ll just list some of the best local food restaurants to try on Maui.

Flatbread Co. – This popular Paia restaurant includes classic pizza options, along with an array of Hawaiian flavors. Order the Mopsy and you’ll get a pizza with pineapple and kalua pork instead of ham. It’s an interesting combo! If you’re not sure whether you’ll like it, you can always order it on half your pizza, and pick something tried and true for the other half. Expect a charming, laid back ambiance here. Info: (808) 579-8989

Fukushima General Store – Walking through the doors of this Haiku general store, seeing all its produce and grocery items, you wouldn’t expect that they make one of the best hot dogs on the island. The red Maui hot dog and dill pickle spear comes nestled into a delightful steamed bun, and they can add any combination of mustard, ketchup, onions and mayo relish or all of the above, which is fantastic! If you enjoy a great hot dog, prepare to fall in love. Info: (808) 575-2762

Koiso Sushi Bar – Japanese cuisine has contributed many flavors and techniques to local Hawaiian food. That being the case, you’ll find some amazing Japanese food on Maui. This Kihei sushi bar is owned by Hiroaki Kudo, a purist who imports his rise specially from Japan, and he’s very particular about the way it’s prepared, so get ready for some real authenticity. This restaurant is about quality, not quantity, which is why they have only 16 seats, so make your reservation early. If you love pure, clean, high-quality sushi, don’t skip out on this fantastic little place! Info: (808) 875-8258

Cow Pig Bun – As the name of this charming Kihei restaurant implies, you can get delicious burgers here, with creative fixings. They enthusiastically include bacon with many of their dishes, but if you want something with popping flavors, you can get a burger with bacon garlic aioli, or bourbon bacon jam on a burger with blue cheese on brioche. The mac ‘n’ cheese is especially popular, and includes (you guessed it) bacon bits, but also caramelized onions and potato. It’s comfort food at its finest, along with brilliant flavors. They’re also known for their bourbon, so check out the drink menu!

Food Truck Lot in Kahului – Some of the tastiest food on the island can be had not at any particular establishment, but among the amazing food trucks that you’ll find at 591 Haleakala Hwy in Kahului. Located less than five minutes from the airport, many a resident and traveler makes this their first stop on the island or their last before hopping on a flight. There are so many delicious options to try, you can hardly miss! Mo Ono Hawaii and Like Poke? are good places to start. Info: Just swing by!

We hope this is enough to get you started making the most of Hawaii’s colorful local cuisine as a Maui home owner. And many of these places are inexpensive, despite the fact that their food is worth more, so feel free to tip extra to the amazing people who take so much pride in their creations! Enjoy, and mahalo!

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