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Hawaii Luxury Real Estate – Multi-Million Dollar Oceanfront Home for Sale in Maui

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March 11, 2022

Hawaii remains a paradise on earth where its people preserve their way of life and the beauty of nature grows unbridled. You will easily find towering mountains and rolling hills on one side and the clear blue waters of the Pacific greeting you on the other side.

With its beauty and persisting ambiance, no wonder any slice of the pristine archipelago makes for a prime real estate opportunity. However, even among the lands of Hawaii, not all properties are created equal. If you’re looking for something truly peerless, you might want to take a look at our exquisite Pineapple Hill house for sale. Introducing  9 Bay Drive oceanfront estate.

Multi-Million Dollar Property in Kapalua

Located in the fringes of the Kapalua neighborhood on the island of Maui, Hawaii, 9 Bay Drive remains the crown jewel of the globally prestigious Kapalua Resort. The entire property covers ten acres of land directly facing the ocean through the Hawea Point, a historical point also designated as a conservation easement.

Hawaii Luxury Real Estate

Currently listed at $59,500,000, the Kapalua oceanfront luxury mansion gives you unparalleled value for your investment. A large portion of the praises surrounding this property exalts its location you might never find again anywhere else in the world. First up, 9 Bay Drive sits on top of a lava rock point, giving you unprecedented privacy and security from the rolling ocean waves as well as unwelcoming prying eyes.

Not only that, but its oceanfront location lets you stare off into the horizon as well as capture the silhouettes of the neighboring Molokai and Lanai islands and the nearby Honolua Bay. Enjoy the vividly colorful sunsets any day of the year with this unique location.

More importantly, this premier house for sale in Kapalua has a landmark 10-acre location bordered by 12 more acres of land exclusively protected by the Hawaiian Island Land Trust (HILT) and the Hawea Point Conservation. The protected land is defined as such because it offers one of the last natural sanctuaries for the Ua’u Kani, giving you a regular view of the birds. Additionally, as protected land, no further developments can be made in the area. These factors make 9 Bay Drive a truly priceless property in an equally priceless location.

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Access to World-Class Resorts & Amenities

Going in the other direction will lead you to a number of resorts, each of them notable and world-class in its own right. To start, the property sits right in the heart of Kapalua Resort: a sprawling golf and beach resort nestled in a nature preserve. White sand beaches, marine sanctuaries, and golf courses are some of the amenities that make the resort continue drawing in patrons and guests from all around the world. Additionally, the larger Kapalua Resort also houses top-notch properties such as The Montage resort or The Ritz-Carlton Maui Kapalua.

Situated in the exclusive Kapalua neighborhood, you can also drop by the Spa Montage at Kapalua Bay for extra relaxation. And if you’re willing for a few more minutes of driving, you can check out other resorts such as the closely-packed areas of Napili Kai, The Gardens, or The Mauian. And that’s just around the neighborhood: remember the wealth of spots and destinations around the huge island of Maui, navigable through the Honoapiilani Highway.

A surreal architectural marvel

This multi-million dollar estate is a work of art and offers more than 6,000 square feet of indoor living space. The property is surrounded by professionally landscaped grounds combined with natural vegetation and a variety of fruit-bearing trees. All in all, the Hawaii luxury home contains six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. One wing of the tropical mansion leads to a quartet of guest suites, all sharing the lovely oceanfront view, allowing your visitors to bask in the view of the islands as well as a set of private lanais.

The 9 Bay Drive Great Room directly leads everyone to an equally huge lanai, which in itself branches out to a hot jacuzzi or an extending infinity pool delicately designed to connect with the rest of the house. This infinity pool drops unto a plunge pool below, plus a dedicated sunbathing area right at the edge of the cliff.

Designers behind these recreational areas did so with the idea of keeping a connection between the constraints of the waters in the property and the limitless waters in the ocean nearby. The Master Suite has its own pair of exclusive bathrooms that include onyx stones on the shower stall walls, as well as floating tubs–projecting elegance together with a bright, colorful backdrop.

Despite the seemingly detached aura that the property holds, you remain connected to the rest of the world thanks to its future-proof, superfast 10G Internet connection on top of ultra-high-end technology. Additionally, the property comes with outdoor showers, its very own koi pond maintained by trained caretakers, a three-car garage, and a standalone lookout house situated close to the cliff end. It even boasts spacious walk-in closets and its own office space, letting you stay on top of your business without leaving your own paradise.

Remodeling efforts

This Hawaii real estate premiere property has undergone a couple of remodeling efforts, notably in 2016 and 2017. During this time, the original structure was altered to better open the living spaces. This was a conscious choice made to connect with the natural features surrounding it, most especially the sprawling ocean view. This particular renovation effort included the removal of old and traditionally-styled wooden doors and windows, replaced with more resilient aluminum fixtures. Additionally, the eaves were further reduced back to increase the available view of the earth, the ocean, and the sky regardless of direction.

It was further remodeled in 2021, now including gates and fences for improved privacy all across the property. The 9 Bay Drive property now largely incorporates elements that accentuate its tropical vibes. More impressively, it does this without sacrificing the elegance that comes with the prime location. It then results in a precious, surreal experience for anyone who sets foot in it.

Step onto floors lined with Moca Limestone specifically sourced from Portugal, exuding calmness and sophistication in every corner. Every countertop is lined with a selection of quartzite and granite, recreating the harmony between the water and the clouds. A similar aesthetic applies to the island and the table, sporting custom illumination to simulate glowing pools of light.

We hope our short tour has given you a fraction of the wonder that is 9 Bay Drive. A sensitive fusion of the natural and the man-made, of the earth, sky, and the ocean, this property is definitely a piece like no other. If you’re interested to know more, feel free to contact us and we’d be more than pleased to help you better understand and appreciate this prime real estate. Very soon, you can say aloha to your new home in Maui, Hawaii.

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