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Hawaii Succeeding in Meeting Greenhouse Gas Emissions Goal

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May 24, 2019

The best thing about living in Maui, Hawaii is being able to be surrounded by nature and all of her glory. From the beaches to the tropical rainforest, Hawaii is home to so much abundant beauty and that’s why it’s important that we do our part in maintaining it. And it looks like we’re doing just that.

According to a recent report from the Hawaii Department of Health “Hawaii Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report,” Hawaii is on target to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to equal or below 1990 levels.

Twelve years ago the State of Hawaii set the goal to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Hawaii in hopes of being a part of positive change for this planet. With climate change concerns becoming an issue worldwide, Hawaii’s leaders took notice and made a pledge to help us do our part in saving this Earth by the year 2020.

Hawaii’s health director Dr. Bruce Anderson said he’s proud of our state’s ability to stay focused on the end-goal and hopes everyone continues to remain on the mission.

“Hawaii is on the right path to mitigate the effects of climate change but we must continue to stay on track,” health director Dr. Bruce Anderson said. “The Department of Health requires greenhouse gas emission caps for the largest stationary sources of air pollution, and major sources of greenhouse gas emissions are taking responsibility for implementing the reductions. Everyone must do their part to continue these efforts.”

This is excellent news for everyone in the aloha state and is just another reason why being a homeowner here makes sense. We live in a pristine natural environment and are supported by legislatures who also see the value in making sure our home is taken care of for future generations.

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