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How to Move to Hawaii – What to Know About Moving from the Mainland

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April 29, 2022

You’ve made one of the best decisions in your life: moving to Hawaii. As you start visualizing the rolling hills and the stretching ocean, you start getting a reality check. For most of us, it’s made up of two things: getting a house in Hawaii and getting your stuff on the islands.

If you’re ready to live the dream, here are a few tips on moving your belongings to the exquisite islands of Hawaii. As well as a few open houses you can check to get you settled in the Aloha State.

What to Know About Moving to Hawaii

Unless you’re planning to start from scratch, you’ll most likely bring many of your current possessions with you once you move. Generally speaking, there are three main options to get you started:

  • Start all over again. You can either leave, sell, or give away most of your belongings. Alternatively, you can leave them in storage, especially if you’re looking to re-access them after a couple of months or every once in a while.
  • Oversee the moving process. You get to plan and schedule the movement, giving you control over most aspects. However, this is exhausting and incredibly time-consuming since you’re involved in every aspect.
  • Refer to a full-service moving company. If you and the trucker agree on the terms, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Of course, transporting the objects will require you to cross oceans, even if you’re moving from one Hawaiian Island to another. The most popular way of transporting stuff is by ship. This is the best option available, especially if you’re looking to move many items, including furniture. Sea transport is also excellent for movers who are not in a hurry. Shipping companies are also significantly cheaper compared to air freight companies.

Alternatively, you can also get your items to Hawaii via shipping. This is a better option if you’re pretty tight on schedule and have fewer items. If you’re from the Continental United States, you can easily send items through UPS, FedEx, USPS, or other mailing services. Under this option, you can get your items from any other state in the US to Hawaii in less than a week.

How do you Move Your Belongings to Hawaii

To ensure that your move will be as smooth as possible, make sure to thoroughly assess the things you have and the things you will need. Here are four simple steps to help you get ready:

Choose Your Mode of Moving

The first thing to do is decide how you’d like to move. Based on the options we presented above, it will determine the next steps you will take and the resources you will need. Everything depends on this one, from the budget to how you’ll separate your stuff. Make sure you make a choice that perfectly suits your circumstances.

Take Another Look at Your Belongings

Once you’re sure of how you’d like to move to Hawaii, it’s time to reassess your stuff. You might want to separate those you need, those that will follow you to your island home, and those you can do without. Depending on your planned arrangements, such as fully living in Hawaii or if you’re looking to move back and forth, you can bring everything with you or leave them in storage units.

It might also be an excellent time to consider selling or giving away some things. As you start a new chapter in your life, you might want to decide which of them should come with you and which should go.

Separate the Essentials

This is something a lot of people usually miss when moving. Aside from moving (or leaving) the rest of your stuff, you must keep a few things with you when you first arrive. Usually, it includes your essential documents such as your passport, bank cards, and the gadgets you use. It’s also necessary to keep a change of clothes as you wait for the rest of your wardrobe and your belongings. It’s also important to take note of the possible difference in weather and lifestyle once you set foot in Hawaii.

Prepare All the Things you Want to Move to Hawaii

Start packing. Secure all the things. Your small trinkets can go in clearly-labeled boxes, while your fragile items and electronics can use a layer of additional protection such as bubble wraps. Good preparation before actually moving doesn’t only ensure the safety of these things in transit, but it also helps you get settled in your dream island home quicker and easier.

Looking for a Home in Hawaii?

To make your entire Hawaii experience worth it, invest in a quality home that would make the giant leap worth it. Here are a few Maui real estate top areas to check out. You can visit our Hawaii open house events to see these houses for yourself and start visualizing the life that awaits you.

Get Ready for Your Move to Hawaii

We hope to have given you everything you need to get that island life started. From the preparations to settling down in Hawaii, nothing’s impossible with the right mindset. To ensure your move to the Aloha State doesn’t end up in disappointment, you can check out the listed properties to scout and visit during the open house season. If you need more help, don’t hesitate to contact us, and together, we’llget you your new home in Maui.

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