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How to Protect Your Home & Family from COVID-19

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April 10, 2020

Right now, we are all facing the same concerns around the world about the effects of the coronavirus, or COVID-19. This on-going, fastly spreading pandemic is impacting the world’s health, our overall economy, and our well being. 

Number one, we encourage you to stay safe, and while you have that extra time on your hands at home to make sure to spend some time looking through our unique real estate options here on our website. As you can see, we have everything from Kapalua condos for sale to Kaanapali homes, so while you’re enjoying a little rest and trying to relax, keep your eye on the prize and be ready to advantage of these low mortgage rates right now!

A COVID-19 outbreak could last for a long time in your community. Creating a household plan can help protect your health and the health of those you care about. Here are a few tips for how to protect your home and family during this time. 

Wash Your Hands

This is number one! Washing your hands can help prevent a number of illnesses and diseases, the coronavirus included. Using soap and water, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. You can sing a song like your A-B-C’s or recite a rhyme to keep you occupied and help to remind yourself of the time. 

Bottom line? Clean your hands as often as you can, with soap and water! Don’t have soap? Use 60% or more alcohol-based sanitizer as a second choice. And yes. It’s very hard, but try not to touch your face.

Note: The type of soap does not matter. Since COVID-19 is a virus, antibacterial hand soap is not going to give you an advantage over other varieties.

Stay Indoors

Right now most of the world are being encouraged to stay inside. Now is not the time to make unnecessary trips, especially if you are already not feeling 100 percent. Make your house nice and cozy and rent a few movies to sit through this time out of the office. 

Stock Up

This goes without saying! Most of you have probably already prepared for this disaster and have already been to the store one or two times but in case you need that gentle reminder to make sure to stock up on the things you actually need like your medicine, water, and soap.  And remember that there is a difference between stocking up and panic buying.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Stay in contact. Consider joining in the conversation if your neighborhood has a website, social media page or connecting through a website like to maintain access to neighbors, information, and resources.

Know Your Communities Aid Organizations

Make a list of your local organizations that you and your household can utilize if needed including health care services, support, food, supplies, counseling, and other resources.

Avoid Public Spaces

If at all possible, try to stay away from places that attract a lot of people like the buses, the grocery store and so on. Shop locally instead and ride with a friend but one you know that is healthy. 

Go to the Doctor

If you are feeling ill at all, or are experiencing any symptoms, we encourage you to go to the doctor now. Even if you don’t feel like you have the virus, it is important to keep your immune system up by going to the doctor and making sure your health is 100 percent right now. 

Those are a few of our tips on how to survive this time. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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