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Kapalua Ironwoods 51 Luxury Hawaii Beachfront Condo for Sale

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January 28, 2022

Can you imagine living in Hawaii in a beautiful home surrounded by the most exquisite views nature has to offer? Add top-tier restaurants, numerous boutiques, historical landmarks, and the best golf courses in Hawaii to that mix, and you would have an idea of what the Ironwoods has to offer.

Looking for a luxurious place to call home in Hawaii? Look no further than Kapalua Ironwoods 51 – a West Maui property. This exquisite beachfront condo is on the market for sale and offers amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. If you’re looking for a piece of paradise, don’t miss this opportunity to own a slice of heaven!

What can you expect in Kapalua?

The Ironwoods Condos are located right above the Oneloa Beach, presenting you with the perfect beach access. Here, the captivating views of the white sands and clear water would be the first thing to take your attention. If you look further, the Island of Molokai and the world-famous Kapalua Bay Course are also guaranteed to fascinate you. The Ironwoods Condos is also packed with two tennis courts, a fitness center, a gaming room, and a whirlpool spa. Talk about fun for every member of the family!

This part of Maui County is also known for its historical landmarks, thrilling hikes, and picturesque views. In fact, most of the County’s best destinations can be found right here. This place has enough adventure for you to last a lifetime. You can also spend your time exploring different restaurants that boast varying cuisines or go shopping at the fascinating boutiques.

What is unique in Kapalua Ironwoods 51?

Many would claim to have the best view in Hawaii, but only Kapalua Ironwoods 51 boasts a breathtaking 180-degree seascape in its living room and bedroom. In this home, waking up would feel more like a dream! This wonderful beachfront house is perfect for any family. There are 3 bedrooms that have views that highlight the Ironwoods’ picturesque setting.

Each of these rooms has its own charm that you would surely love. It also helps that there is an enormous walk-in closet. There are also 3.5 bathrooms so there would never be a waiting line. One even has a hot tub for you to enjoy a bubble bath in.

Your family would also love the living room as it is spacious enough to accommodate numerous guests making it perfect for gatherings or hangouts! There is also a room for your fitness needs equipped with a stationary bike and several dumbbells, and a garage for all your vehicles.

The Kapalua Ironwoods 51 boasts a wonderful modern design that utilizes space to maximize convenience and comfort while maintaining a very spacious and stylish interior. Its design has managed to capture the essence of modernity while making sure that you would be able to appreciate nature’s beauty.

Huge windows are taken advantage of in order to let natural light in, and of course, for you to enjoy the majestic Hawaiian seascape. The wooden floors are also noteworthy as they bring a comfortable atmosphere along with the white walls and ceilings.

The house comes complete with the best equipment. All the rooms, especially the kitchen and bathroom, are packed with top-of-the-line appliances, from the latest oven to the best dryer in the market. This Ironwoods Kapalua condo is also optimized with designer furniture to keep the cozy and classy facade intact.

It is the kind of design even the kids would love! The open space also makes it easy for you to keep everything in view. To top it off, there is enough storage that you would find very hard to fill in. All in all, perfect for a family that deserves nothing but the best!

Why is the Kapalua Ironwoods 51 the best home for your family?

Kapalua Ironwoods 51 is near several landmarks and locations that you will love! The most thrilling and adventurous destinations, as well as serene and peaceful spots, are just a few minutes of walk away from your new home.

The community of Kapalua

Within walking distance is the Honolua Store and the Preschool at Kapalua, while it only takes 6 minutes of driving to get to the fresh produce of Napili Market as well as the esteemed Maui Preparatory Academy. You can easily get your groceries after dropping your kids at school!

Beautiful Oceanfront Neighborhood

Looking for the right outdoor space for your kids to explore? The oceanfront neighborhood of Kapalua Ironwoods may be just what you’re looking for. The large and unique backyard for your children to run around and play in has a picturesque view of Oneloa Bay. The sunshine and sea breeze are sure to be a hit with the entire family! But most importantly, it is visible from within the condo, making it a safe space altogether.

Fun Maui Outdoor Activities

For an entire day of fun, there are numerous options along with the neighborhood. You can choose to visit the best viewing points in the area including the Makaluapuna point or the dragon’s teeth. There are also hiking trails and ziplines if you’re searching for more exciting activities. If you prefer a peaceful day, however, you can go to one of the many bays around The Ironwoods to have an ocean setting for swimming, snorkeling, or picnicking.

Kapalua Ironwoods 51 – A milestone worth celebrating

We believe that a major real estate investment, such as a new home, should be worth all the effort and resources you put into it. That is why we are more than confident that Kapalua Ironwoods 51 will be worth it, as it offers the best environment, space, and amenities for an elevated lifestyle.

A home grows with our families. As our needs evolve, our home changes too. It is so much more than simply being a roof over your head. More than anything, Kapalua Ironwoods 51 will be able to be the home that you need by making every moment you live in it special. Celebrate family, love, and simply living by indulging in the best Hawaii has to offer. With a place like this, who wouldn’t be excited to wake up in the morning?

Finding a new home is a thrilling change in life. Choosing a long-term place to settle down comes with a bit of additional responsibility. But in the end, it all comes down to instinct. Do you think you will be happy in Kapalua? The place screams a resounding yes! Enquire now to learn more about the Kapalua Ironwoods 51, and finally, let your dream home be a reality.

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