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Kapalua Bay Beach Part Of 2017 Dr. Beach Top Ten List

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June 2, 2017

Love spending time at the beach? Not only does Maui boast more miles of beach than any other Hawaiian island, but one of those beaches has earned the No. 2 spot on Dr. Beach’s 2017 Top 10 Beaches list. That was none other than Kapalua Bay Beach, a stunning spot that’s worthy of the distinction, and located no more than a five minute drive north of our West Maui real estate office.

Stephen Parker Leatherman, known as Dr. Beach, is an American geoscientist, coastal ecologist, and author who compiles a list of the best beaches in the nation every year based on 50 in-depth criteria. It includes everything from water temperature and sand softness to number of sunny days and wind speeds. Leave it to a geoscientist to isolate fifty measurable factors in the environment to find the most reliably pleasant beach! Curious about the details? Here, you’ll find Dr. Beach’s 50 Criteria.

This year, Dr. Beach ranked Kapalua Bay Beach No. 2 on his top ten. His report emphasizes the amazing swimming and snorkeling at this amazing location. Not only are the conditions divine, but so is the beauty of this crescent-shaped strip of white sand. The beach is sheltered by the scenic, encircling arms of rocky headland that reach out into the ocean, anchoring coral reef that teems with marine life.

He highlights the soft sandy bottom that mingles with areas of coral, where you can find a vibrant collection of fish, and a concession hut at the north end of the beach where you can rent snorkeling gear. He didn’t mention this, but many of those species can only be found here in Hawaii. What better place to enjoy them than Maui, where there are so many other fantastic things to experience?

As Dr. Beach also points out, good restaurants have been established nearby. Merriman’s Maui is perched on the low cliff that overlooks the beach and the bay. Of course, there are also spectacular resorts nearby, along with spas, golf courses, and places to shop. Not to mention, Kapalua real estate includes some of the finest properties on the island, if you’re in the market for a luxury Maui home or condominium.

If you need our assistance with your Maui real estate search, you’ll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. In the meantime, we hope you can make it out to Kapalua Bay Beach to experience its many charms for yourself. That way you can decide whether it makes the cut as your new favorite. Mahalo!

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