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Kapalua Real Estate in the Palm of your Hand

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Every now and then a device comes along which revolutionizes the way we live, play, and do business. As many will agree, the iPhone and Android smartphones would surely be considered a prime example of one such revolutionary device. Particularly for those of us in business; where we once had to carry around not just our cell phone(s), but a separate laptop weigh more than a few pounds, and of course a few books in the bag for those extra long layovers. Let’s not forget the hassle of trying to find an internet connection at when that all important email has to go out . . . Now, with iPhone in hand, we can travel just about anywhere with our phone, email, internet, important documents, and our favorite songs and books all in a single device which fits in our pocket.

Preferring to stay ahead of the game in all aspects of our business, Sakamoto Properties, with the help of our internet marketing consultants at Meyer Computer, Inc., now has a specialty website optimized for those with iPhones and Android mobile devices. Simply go to SakamotoProperties.com on your smartphone and you will now be automatically re-directed to our mobile website. Containing the same great information and pictures of your next waterfront Kapalua home or condo at the Kapalua Ironwoods, the iPhone enabled SakamotoProperties.com allows you to navigate quickly through our site with buttons optimized for use with the smaller screen real estate afforded iPhones and other current smartphones on the market. Best of all, when you find that oceanfront Kapalua home for you, simply tap the phone icon at the top of your phones’ screen to inquire directly. You can also easily reach us via our Facebook or Google Plus page by simply tapping the social icons at the bottom of our mobile site.

If you haven’t already, check out our site on your iPhone or Android to find the best of the best in Kapalua real estate, in the palm of your hand! Mahalo!

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