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Best Beaches in West Maui, Hawaii
May 30, 2016

Looking for a nice beach in West Maui? From family-friendly shores to a surfers paradise, Betty and Roy tell us about various beaches to visit while you're on the west side. Ask our Maui experts!

Betty: Ok, one other thing that everybody's asking us about, and I think that we should talk about it is, people that don't really know Maui, start asking beach activities. What can you do? Are there beaches at Kapalua? Well, let's start just with Kapalua. We'll end up telling you a little more about all of West Maui. But if you start at Kapalua, Kapalua Bay is one of the nicest, most fabulous beaches in the world. Everybody can go to Kapalua Bay and enjoy themselves. You can just get your feet wet, sometimes the waves will pick up a little. Perfect snorkeling beach--really one of the greatest beaches.

Roy: Well, Kapalua, itself, in Hawaiian stands for "arms embracing the sea" and it depicts Kapalua Bay perfectly.

B: It does.

R: It's very sheltered, all the keiki, all the children, can run, play, and splash in the waves. Sandy beach and named one of the best beaches in the world quite a few times.

B: It has. Quite a few times by Conde Nast Magazine. It says the world is looking at Kapalua Bay. If you just step down a little bit from that, Honolua Bay is next.

R: Honolua Bay.

B: And that one can get a little tricky. I always feel if we go swimming there, I gotta be a little bit careful. I'm not quite as strong as I was when we were surfing waves and things.

R: It's a great sandy beach. You've also got some great real estate developments right there.

B: You sure do.

R: You've got the Ironwoods and Kapalua Place and ocean front homes. Honolua Bay is another great swimming spot and then going a little further north is Flemings Beach.

B: At the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Again, really amazing, amazing beach there.

R: Wide expanse, sandy beach. It can kick up a little bit in the wintertime with the north swell. But then going a little farther north is Honolua Bay.

B: Then if you really want to get tricked, you go to the beach that I know I should not be on by the name alone, which is Slaughterhouse Bay.

R: It's a hike down.

B: I think we did go in there once with all the kids years ago.

R: You've gotta hike down. There's steps now. Back in our day we had to go down a dirt trail. But there are steps now, so you can take your cooler down there. Great sandy beach.

B: Big waves, usually.

R: Yeah, good body surfing in the wintertime. But for the real surfer, in the wintertime, Honolua Bay. I think there's two or three professional surf contests out there. When we get a good north swell, we'll have 12-15 footers coming in on a regular basis. Fun to watch, fun to surf.

B: We've stuck really Kapalua, Kapalua, Kapalua. So let's step outside of that a little, even just a little south.

R: Right next, Napili Bay.

B: Great restaurant right there on the beach. We love going down there sometimes.

R: The Sea House Restaurant. Again, a big wide bay and sandy beach.

B: It feels real safe. It's really comfortable, for anybody, beach to be on. Absolutely love it. You can go there for breakfast and take your swim suit, change, and have a really nice swim. Lunch is perfect. Really great beach.

R: Yes.

B: But you should keep going. It's beach after beach after beach.

R: And you get to another large one, which is Kaanapali Beach.

B: Kaanapali Beach. That was the first beach that we were ever on together. We spent forever there. Really great beaches starting at the Sheraton going down past the Hyatt. And there's just different places on the beach that the snorkeling is the best. I think Kaanapali Beach for snorkeling is fabulous.

R: Yeah, it's great. Right off of Black Rock.

B: Just walking on that beach is great. And on the other side which we, in a way, skipped over, where the Maui Eldorado condos are--

R: In the Royal Lahaina Hotel.

B: In the Royal Lahaina Hotel. I've always thought the Royal Lahaina Beach is where one of the first developments was done at Kaanapali, which was the--they called it the Hilton. They called it the Old Hilton. And that beach, again, it's just second to none. Everybody used to go there. It was the first development. So you can't stop. When somebody's asking about beach and beach activities, there's nothing you can't do in West Maui.

R: Absolutely.

B: So Lahaina to Kapalua, beach, beach, beach. Love it.

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