Inside Coconut Grove #16: Home for Sale on Kapalua Bay, Maui

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Home for sale on Maui - Coconut Grove 16
December 1, 2015

Roy & Betty give you an inside look at one of the exclusive luxury units for sale at Coconut Grove. Known as #16 this luxury condo is located along the Kapalua Bay. Enjoy our latest Maui Video Blog! Do you have a question about real estate or Maui in general? Ask our Maui experts!

Roy: Coconut Grove number six-teen.

Betty: That's the unit that we are sitting in right now and it's one of the premier units at Kapalua Coconut Grove. Fabulous three bedroom, three and a half baths and there is an additional front room off the living space, off the dining room that's really great. We've seen people us it as an artist studio or a little TV room, it could be a little sleeping area for kids or grandkids, or any uses that you could have.

R: Or an office.

B: Perfect office. Why wasn't I thinking of that.

R: Oh, it's a great office. I don't know how you would get any work done but it's a great location. Second floor Coconut Grove, right on Kapalua Bay.

B: Two of the three bedrooms have some view. The master bedroom has a huge ocean view, it's sitting right here looking over Kapalua Bay and I think it's one of those things that will have you in the ocean as often as you can. It's amazing.

R: You can see photos of this on our website, Coconut Grove number 16. Check it out. It's waiting for you.