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2016 Hyundai Tournament of Champions, PGA Tour
December 29, 2015

Roy & Betty talk about this years Hyundai Tournament of Champions that takes place here in Kapalua Resort on The Plantation Golf Course, Hawaii in this Maui Video Blog. Do you have a question about island real estate or anything Maui in general? Ask our Maui experts!

Roy: First week in January is Hyundai Golf Tournament time, Hyundai Tournament of Champions.

Betty: That's something that is really important to us. Roy has played every year in the Hyundai or when it was the Mercedes, Lincoln Mercury, Isuzu, all of the different tournaments, so every year when the tournament comes around our household becomes an insane moment of golf, as does all of the Kapalua Resort. It is amazing don't you think?

Roy: Oh yea, and fun.

Betty: And fun.

Roy: The Hyundai Tournament of Champions is limited to the previous year's winners. So, the 2016 tournament in January will feature all of the winners of 2015 on the PGA Tour.

Betty: Rickie Fowler. Rickie Fowler will be here.

Roy: Committed so far are Rickie Fowler, Jordan Spieth and a few others. Most of the winners are coming.

Betty: It's a year that we are going to see the majority of the winners coming and that's going to be really great. It has been a hard time, you know a lot of the golfers that can't come, it's hard for families you know they have a lot of young kids, it's Christmas. It makes it a little bit hard to get here in time for the tournament and do their regular family activities. But the people that are here have so much fun.

Roy: Oh it's a great time. And for those on the US mainland and really around the world, the golf channel will be televising this and also NBC. So, golf channel, NBC, Hyundai Tournament of Champions, January.

Betty: Fun to watch!

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