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Local Charities on Maui
April 29, 2016

Betty and Roy tell us about two of Maui's non-profit organizations: Hale Makua and Lahainaluna High School Foundation. Ask our Maui experts!

Betty: Another important question we've been asked, often by second home buyers here, people that are coming and spending more and more time in Maui, they're asking us about different places that they might be able to donate money. Somewhere that they can do and help the community because it is their community even if they're only here three weeks, five weeks, three months, they really want to be involved and that's been really fun for us. We both had a couple of things that we've personally been involved in.

Roy: Well, we've been heavily involved in Hale Makua. Hale Makua Health Services here on Maui. We have 320 nursing home beds, we are a not-for-profit organization. We also have a home health branch of Hale Makua Health Services and Care Homes by Hale Makua is also another facility that we run and, again, nonprofit based here on Maui and we need everybody's help.

B: Hale Makua is really, I think, one of the most interesting stories. And without getting into it too much, you can call us if you want to know more. But Hale Makua really started during World War II when hospitals were being used by service men. So what happened is, the local Buddhist church came together and they ended up being able to take some of the frail and elderly, and housing them in the basement of the churches and it really meant a lot. From that simple start of people coming together to help one another, Hale Makua, with 300-and some beds, came to pass. And Roy's been on the board for more years than we want to think about.

R: Going on 30 years.

B: But it's a dedication. Yeah, 30 years.

R: Now, there's also our local high school, Lahainaluna High School. Betty's on the Foundation board and tell us about Lahainaluna.

B: Lahainaluna is really exciting. It's the oldest school in the United States, west of the Rocky Mountains or the Mississippi. Everybody says something different. But an amazing school. Roy is a graduate of Lahainaluna. His father graduated in 1927, the first person in the family to actually go to high school and graduate. But I mean, that was a different world. Only one of our kids graduated here and she graduated in 1982. But the school itself has never had a football field, etc. During the last 10 years the group has found a way to put in this amazing field which was named after the largest beneficiary, the Sue D. Cooley Field. Absolutely one of the most amazing things for a high school, especially in Hawaii. But the needs are great. There's a boarding department and the boarders come from all over the island, mostly.

R: All over the Pacific, actually. Including Micronesia, every island in the Hawaiian islands.

B: And for a lot of these kids, it's an important part of their growing up. The kids I've met, that graduated in the early days when you were there, they really needed it. And they became such a great family, each one of them, they will never forget the experience. But the Boarding Department needs our dollars. There's so many different things that the kids come up with. They're trying to go on a trip to Japan right now, the Japanese Club. They're trying to raise funds. There's almost nothing you could think of that isn't needed there and the funding just isn't available. It is a public school and the donations all come through the Lahainaluna High School Foundation. So if somebody wants to look at it, the Lahainaluna High School Foundation and you can learn a lot about it. But call us, 808-669-0070 and let us tell you more about Hale Makua for our seniors and Lahainaluna High School.

R: And there's also Maui United Way, which serves a variety of charities here on Maui under one roof.

B: It does and the money does stay here on Maui.

R: Yes.

B: Originally, we used to always believe that the money ended up in a National fund and nobody from Maui got it, but not true. The money does stay here and help the citizens of Maui. So anyone that's asking that question, "What can I do?" Give us a call. Or you'll look around and you'll find something. It is amazing. Our needs are the same needs as your needs back home. And if you're spending enough time here and you want to be involved, there's so many things that go on that also will help you meet and know everybody in the community. Everybody's out there doing something in Maui.

R: Yes, right.

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