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What are our favorite Maui restaurants?
January 9, 2017

Maui restaurants with the best food, service and amazing locations. From fine dining to kid friendly casual, we suggest some of our island favorites. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, we have you covered. - Ask our Maui experts!

Betty: Aloha, one of the questions that keeps coming over and over and we got to admit sometimes we change our opinion over and over or get tied to something new but is “what is our favorite restaurants?” So again, my husband Roy Sakamoto is sitting here and we’re going to try to come up with the places that we like the best but if we’re doing this we’re thinking if you’re on our website, obviously you are, you know, click the Facebook and tell us what you’re favorite restaurants are. Give us one to five, whatever, give us the places that when you’re here you love going and we’ll be giving you the places that either we typically go or for one reason or another we love.

Roy: We may learn of new restaurants.

B: We might. We might.

R: Yeah, so click on our Facebook page and let us know. Anyway, our favorite restaurants, I’ll start off. One would be Roy’s in Kaanapali…

B: Roy’s we both love. We love it for lunch. We love it for dinner.

R: It’s a fun place. Great food. Right on the golf course at Kaanapali.

B: Great food. Great service. Another one of those that, and I think it’s everybody that walks in there. I mean obviously the people that come in the most. I mean we tend to know everyone there. It’s really good and it’s fun. You’ll have a great time going to Roy’s. Or a new one opening, Joey’s Kitchen in Napili, little hole in the wall. But I think it’s going to be one of the best little places to find.

R: Can’t wait for it to open. It’s owned by a good friend of ours, Joey Macadangdang, who actually used to be executive chef at Roy’s. He’s opening at Napili Plaza so try it out…

B: He was also executive chef at one time for Pineapple Grill, which is also right now is open under a new management. Troon Golf Course has taken that one over. That’s really fun right now. It’s a little more casual than ever.

R: Right on the Bay Course at Kapalua. Fun food. Great atmosphere.

B: Breakfast, lunch and then early dinner. They’re not staying open late. It’s kind of a casual, not so expensive place. You can get in easy and you’ll have a great time. Kids welcome. It’s perfect.

R: Another great restaurant is the Plantation Restaurant at Kapalau. Right on the golf course, the views are amazing. Unbelievable views. Come up for sunset or breakfast. They’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food is great for all times.

B: That’s a great one breakfast, lunch or dinner. On Sunday, they do kind of a little, I don’t know what you’d call it it’s not really a buffet menu but it’s…

R: Brunch…

B: It’s a brunchy menu. People love it. The views are beautiful; nighttime views daytime views. Lahaina, you know Malu and Honu right next to one another.

R: A good friend of ours owns, Mark Elman owns Honu, Malu and also Frieda’s. Three restaurants right on the ocean in Lahaina.

B: Kind of on the ocean, right behind Safeway and the stores there at the Cannery.

R: The Cannery Mall Shopping Center.

B: But they’re really great. I think on the weekends Malu is open for a breakfast on the weekends. But usually they’re lunch and dinner, all of them. So that’s really been a great…

R: Another place is Sea House in Napili, right on Napili Bay, right on the sand.

B: Right on the sand.

R: Couldn't get any closer for a restaurant…

B: Breakfast lunch and dinner. If ever you were to put a bathing suit on to go to breakfast or lunch that’s the place you wanna go. The minute you’re there you feel like you should be in the water. Unfortunately, we just don’t seem to find as much time as we did when our kids were younger and everybody was here, but the minute I’m there at Napili, I can’t wait to get in the water again.

R: Sea House at Napili Bay.

B: Taverna.

R: Taverna, yeah.

B: New Italian restaurant at the Kapalua Resort.

R: Right in the Village Center. A good friend of ours is one of the owners. Food is great. They are open for dinner every night. Try it out. Taverna.

B: It’s seems to be, it has become a great gathering place; people going there to hang out after work. You know obviously for dinner it’s great. I think you can get there a little bit early. The bar tends to fill up. It feels exciting and happy and young. It’s great. I think it’s perfect.

R: And a great menu.

B: Yeah, a great menu. Wait one last. One more. Okay, in Lahaina now the Paia Fish Market.

R: Right in downtown Lahaina. Right across from the Banyon tree. The historic Banyan tree in Lahaina. Try it out the Paia Fish Market.

B: Okay one more. Sully Pepe, great Italian food in Lahaina. Super. And then we’d better quit.

R: Kind of a smaller venue but great food.

B: Everybody kept asking us what are our five favorite restaurants. That’s been the typical question and I think we’ve probably just went through ten. And it’s hard to say we’ve even hit on everything. I think Lahaina, fabulous place for dining. You know all of Lahaina, all of West Maui, Kapalua great restaurants.

R: Also Merriman’s in Kapalua.

B: Merriman’s, yeah. Cane & Canoe at the Montage. Okay, I think we’d better probably call it a day on the restaurants. Call us!

R: Kai, Kai Sushi at the Ritz Carlton in Kapalua. Lot of favorite restaurants…

B: Or sit out there at the bar. You can have food most of the time. You can go out there for dinner, sit outside they’ll bring you sushi as long as it's a night that Kai is open…

R: At the Ritz Carlton…

B: They’ll bring you anything you want to eat. They can get it off the room service menu. They’ll pretty much bring it to you…

R: One more. Sansei.

B: Oh, Sansei, how could we… Okay, I think we’re gonna be cut off by our web master shortly.

R: Sansei Restaurant at Kapalua.

B: Fabulous Japanese Food. I kind of call it a little bit of Haole-Japanese because it’s food that everybody loves. I mean really great traditional sushi, but then it goes into things that everybody loves.

R: Fried ice cream…

B: Fried ice cream for dessert. Wow. I guess that’s a big Aloha. Come and dine in West Maui.