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What are the best ocean activities on Maui?
December 8, 2015

Betty & Roy weigh in on what the Top Ocean Activity on the island is in this Maui Video Blog. As a special treat, Roy shares a special event he was lucky enough to witness. Do you have a question about real estate or Maui in general? Ask our Maui experts!

Roy: What are the best ocean activities here on Maui?

Betty: Yep, that is a question that everybody says. There are so many, so many answers to that but no question in my mind, the answer is whale watching.

R: Oh absolutely.

B: Whale watching. I mean any time you can watch it standing at the lanai here looking out, you can watch it from the kitchen here, you can go down to the ocean, you can go on a whale watch, there are so many, many things.

R: There is a story about how I, this is about two years ago three years ago, I was watching this whale just off the shore and it looked like it was struggling. There were two whales out there and a lot of thrashing and all of a sudden a third whale popped up and she had actually given birth. The mother whale had given birth and I guess the nurse maid was with her to assist her with the birth and it was what we locals call a real chicken skin moment, real goose bumps.

B: Watching the whales here, everybody should do that. If you're in Maui and it's whale season, go out on a whale watch or simply go down to the beach. Sit on the beach and lookout and you'll see the whales, have lunch, anywhere.

R: Or stay right here, Coconut Grove number 16. You'll be right off shore and you can watch them.

B: Yes. You could sit on this lanai all day and you're going to see a whale. If it's whale season, you're going to see them. You're going to see them and learn what they are doing. Everybody should.

R: Yep.