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Where do the locals eat in West Maui?
April 15, 2016

Hungry and looking for a bit to eat? Betty and Roy share all of their favorite dining spots in West Maui. Ask our Maui experts!

Roy: A question we often get is, "Where do locals eat in West Maui?"

Betty: Well, I guess we can answer that because we happen to eat out way more than we should. But you start with, at the Kapalua Resort, there's fabulous restaurants. The Ritz-Carlton, by itself, has amazing places to eat. Their breakfast place is perfect. Fabulous buffet. There's the Banyan--

R: The Banyan Tree at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

B: So good!

R: And Kai.

B: The Kai Restaurant, Japanese restaurant, very traditional Japanese food. And there's also at the bar, I don't actually know the name, but right in the lobby, there's a bar.

R: It's a lobby bar.

B: We'll call it a lobby bar and you can sit outside there and have anything you can think of, just about, they'll get you. From the room service menu, the sushi from the Kai, great hamburgers, fabulous salads, just without even leaving the Ritz-Carlton, you've had great restaurants. Pineapple Grill, recently new menu and people are just warming up to it, cause any change is difficult. But I've found, now, my very favorite things there so I'm really enjoying Pineapple Grill.

R: Pineapple Grill. There's also Merriman's right on the water.

B: Merriman's.

R: Right on Kapalua Bay.

B: And that's very exquisite, really.

R: Oh, fantastic location, great food.

B: Don't forget Plantation.

R: The Plantation House Restaurant.

B: That's, for years, has been one of the real winners here at Kapalua and they do three meals. They're doing breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

R: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Right.

B: And breakfast you can have a lunch. We like that sometimes.

R: Yes, yes.

B: The Honolua Store. When you say, "Where do the locals eat?" The Honolua Store. Breakfast, lunch, or you can pick up an early dinner there or sit outside. When we have kids and grandkids visiting, everybody loves to go over there. The food is really good, they make great sandwiches, tons of plate lunches.

R: Spam musubi.

B: Spam musubi. And then just a few steps outside of the resort, you end up going to the Seahouse at the Napili Kai.

R: We love the Seahouse Restaurant, right on Napili Bay, right on the ocean.

B: So, interesting question.

R: Yeah.

B: When people say that, "Where do the locals eat?" If we don't even leave Kapalua, we have more places than we need to eat. And then somebody will say to us, often, "Let's go to Lahaina for dinner. Oh, it's so far." No, it really isn't. But if you go--we love Honu in Lahaina.

R: Honu, right on the ocean. There's Mala.

B: Mala is great.

R: Ocean tavern. Frida's.

B: That new hamburger place is cute too. Somebody's big burgers.

R: Teddy's.

B: Teddy's Big Burgers. What a great place to go for a nice sloppy burger. It is good.

R: And then there's Roy's.

B: Roy's in Kaanapali. One of the best restaurants of all time.

R: Right.

B: And Cheeseburger in Paradise. You know, so many people see that advertised and want to go there. Great restaurant.

R: Right on the ocean.

B: So most of us have too many options.

R: Then there's Lahaina Grill.

B: Yes, Lahaina Grill.

R: Great food. Longhi's.

B: I think we eat out too much. I think this is not looking good.

R: Yeah.

B: And what do we eat at home? We make salads or we pick up take out or we try to cook, but I don't know anymore. Everyone seems to be too busy and with the great restaurants--

R: Lots of great eating places here.

B: So, we're loving it.

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