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What about Pineapple Hill?
August 6, 2015

Roy & Betty discuss what makes owning a home in Pineapple Hill, Kapalua, Maui so special in this Maui Video Blog. Do you have a question about real estate or Maui in general? Ask our Maui experts!

Roy: Let's talk about Pineapple Hill.

Betty: Pineapple Hill.

R: Views are awesome, sunsets all year round, Lanai and Molokai views.

B: Almost every house will have a great ocean view and a sunset view. They call it single-loaded streets so that when you pull down the street, every house is on the side that your view side will be looking out to the water, so it's not like two houses face one another, everything faces out to the ocean.

R: A lot of common area landscaping, it's really neat.

B: A resident manager is there all the time and she doesn't talk care of the houses as such, but there's someone there from the standpoint of overall, if there is an issue going on she can help direct owners, being sure that the landscaping is being taken care of, the tennis courts. The pool, there's a common area pool that is almost Olympic size, even though most of the homes have their own pools. So, I think it really is amazing when you think about it and it's heated.

R: There's quite a few full time residents that live there, there's quite a few second home, third home owners and for the second and third home owners, we recommend getting a property manager and we have several we work with and can refer them to you but somebody should be looking after your properties and we'll help you do that.

B: That's actually an amazing thing and for years people weren't doing that. They would just leave and leave a house empty or maybe they would have a cleaning person that came every couple of months and then you would see that maybe there was a leak somewhere or a toilet that burst.

R: Yeah, there's always something.

B: You need a manager and when homes are this expensive, it's an asset you need to take care of so, we really are encouraging people today to have an actual property manager. So, you've got a property manager who is also seeing to it that the landscaping people have been there and the cleaning people have been there and emergencies.

R: Right.