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What about restaurants at Kapalua?
August 13, 2015

This Maui Video Blog, has Roy & Betty talking about their favorite place to eat in Kapalua. Do you have a question about real estate or Maui in general? Ask our Maui experts!

Roy: What about restaurants at Kapalua?

Betty: Well, fine dining, yes it's here. Casual dining, absolutely. Grab-and-go type dining, yep that's here too.

R: What's our favorites?

B: The Plantation House restaurant is a big favorite. For years, Pineapple Grill has been our go-to place where you can run in and you can sit outside. If you have kids and grandkids here, we love going to Pineapple Hill because you can sit outside and when the grandkids were younger they could be running all over the place and it was kind of fun and good food, each place. Japanese food, sushi...

R: Kai.

B: Sansei.

R: Kai Sushi at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Excellent sushi, tempura, awesome tempura, miso soup

B: Miso soup is good there, all sorts of great sushi. Ritz Carlton, there's actually four fairly distinctive restaurants. I think it's four.

R: Right.

B: Each one amazing.

R: Each on different. Banyan Tree is fine dining.

B: That's really fine dining and then there is a beach down on the beach more or less, not quite on the beach, but where you can get almost anything when you go down there.

R: Great hamburgers.

B: Fabulous hamburgers.

R: Sandwiches, salads.

B: There's a downstairs restaurant when you come in where they serve breakfast and it has one of the nicest buffets that you would ever have. There is a breakfast buffet, not a really fancy thousand item buffets, but if you want a really great breakfast and you go down there, it's beautiful.

R: It's served daily too, very nice.

B: Served daily and the people there, the staff at the Ritz Carlton. From the minute you go up to the Ritz Carlton it's wonderful. It's so kind. Anybody, if you park your car, valet park, and it's free valet parking, and you walk in, you're going to talk to five to six employees of the Ritz that are going to welcome you to the hotel.

R: It's a nice feeling.

B: If they've seen you once, they're going to know your name.

R: It's a nice feeling.

B: It is and it couldn't be any better.

R: And there is also Sansei.

B: Sansei is and has been around since the days of the Kapalua Bay Hotel.

R: Remember we used to go there. We were one of the first customers.

B: We probably were.

R: Yeah. Right after it first opened.

B: We loved it. Sansei is great.

R: Good friend of ours D.K. Kodama owns Sansei.

B: And he owns one in Honolulu, Wailea.

R: Kihei, all over.

B: That is pretty amazing.

R: Yep.

B: Sansei is really great too because it is a Japanese restaurant but there are a lot of specialty dishes there that anybody would eat, you know where as, I say sometimes when it's too traditional Japanese, it's a little harder.

R: Well as the name implies, Sansei is third generation. It's kind of Japanese food with a third generation kick to it.