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Why Buy Real Estate in Kapalua?
October 31, 2015

In this Maui Video Blog, Roy & Betty talk about what makes Kapalua special and why many choose to make it their home. Do you have a question about real estate or Maui in general? Ask our Maui experts!

Roy: One question we get is "why buy in Kapalua?"

Betty: "Why buy in Kapalua?" to me is almost a ridiculous question. Once you're here it's so fabulous and for anybody thinking about moving to Hawaii, there is no greater place in the world. The beaches are fabulous, there's ten tennis courts in a garden setting, there are two championship golf courses, there's walking trails, there's everything in the world you could ever want. It's perfect. It's perfect. That's why you want to buy in Kapalua.

Roy: Yes it is. You're part of a fifteen hundred acre resort. All of the amenities as Betty said, the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua, the Montage Kapalua Bay, there's six or seven condominium projects, four residential projects. Why not buy in Kapalua? We've got everything there is to need.

B: When somebody asks me that question if they are already on Maui, I often say come up here tomorrow morning, come up here and go up to the Honolua Store and sit down and get a cup of coffee and just hangout for a few minutes and you'll run into a variety of owners that come up there and do the same thing. There is kind of a little coffee club there in the morning. So people walk all over, they are walking all of the time, they're together, they're there and they're enjoying themselves. But if you then take that walk around Kapalua and no matter where you get to you can call the shuttle if you get tired and want a ride back so there are so many reasons. The shuttle service is a great reason to buy at Kapalua.

R: It's a great amenity. Two championship golf courses the Plantation Course, the Bay Course and ocean front setting. We're sitting at the Ironwoods which is an ocean front condominium project.

B: Forty units here. They have their own two private tennis courts, fabulous pool, big workout room. So, even though it's a condominium and they are large condominiums, you don't have to have your own workout room here, all you have to do is go to the workout room, there's a pool table and a ping-pong table, there is a variety of things over there.

R: Exercise room.

B: Yes, exercise room, pool, Jacuzzi.

R: We're sitting in what's probably the most photographed golf hole in Hawaii, the fifth hole of the Bay Course, which your tee shot is over the ocean on to a beautiful green, scenery is fantastic, whales in the winter time, turtles in the bay right below you. It's perfect.

B: And it is considered the signature hole of the Kapalua Bay Course. So, this was the first course that was built, it was pretty much the first thing that was completed here at the same time as the Kapalua Bay Hotel. So really, this course is epic. It's wonderful. Fabulous.