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March 25, 2016

If you’re in the market but you haven’t bought or sold real estate in Hawaii before now, you may have run into some nuances that don’t exist on the Mainland. For example, the terms “leasehold” and “fee simple” are unfamiliar among most buyers from out of state. Here in Hawaii, fee simple ownership means full control over the property, while leasehold means temporary ownership for a long-term duration. A further nuance is leasehold FA, which refers to that same temporary ownership, but with the opportunity to buy permanent fee simple ownership.

The Hawaii real estate market may be different from other markets, but there is no reason to feel overwhelmed. First of all, we are happy to guide you through the buying process. With all our years of expertise, we know the market inside out, forwards and backwards. If you decide to reach out to us for help, you’ll be in excellent hands. Second of all, to streamline your experience, we’ve provided tools to help you learn about real estate terms.

Our Maui Real Estate Glossary is quick and easy to use, listing both common and uncommon terms that you may or may not be familiar with. If something comes up that you don’t understand, let’s say in an MLS listing, you can jump to the glossary and find that term alphabetically, along with a concise definition.  The simplicity and clarity of the glossary goes a long way in terms of convenience, and can help arm you with the knowledge you need to feel confident about your real estate decisions here in the Maui real estate market.

If you find that you need a more in-depth explanation for a given real estate term, you still have the option of reaching out to us for clarification. Investing your time, energy and finances in Maui real estate should be a rewarding experience, and we want to ensure that in any way we can.

If you need to reach us, you’ll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. In the meantime, we hope you’ll check out our glossary. Mahalo!

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