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Moving To West Maui With Pets

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September 28, 2018

You’ve finally done it. You’ve been searching for the perfect area in Hawaii to call home and now you’ve found it in West Maui. It’s an exciting time! But it can also be a stressful one. Between the finding, buying, packing, and then the actual moving, relocating is an overwhelming experience. And not just for you. Unlike your clothes, pots and pans, and Grandma’s coveted gravy boat, moving with your furry family members require a lot more than a cardboard box and some packing tape. From dogs and cats to turtles and Jackson chameleons, pets of all sizes can easily get stressed when there is unexpected activity around them. And that can negatively impact your overall moving experience. So, while there might be a lot going on to get you prepared for the big move, here are a few tips to make the process of moving with your pet a little easier.

Choose A West Maui Home That Suits Both Human & Pet
Pick a home that fits all your family members, including the furry ones. Whether it’s Lahaina, Kaanapali or Kapalua, if you’ve purchased a residential home you have peace of mind you’ll be able to bring your pet along for the move. But a house is not your only choice.

If a spacious condo overlooking the sparkling blue Pacific is your idea of paradise, don’t worry. There are several pet-friendly condos for sale in West Maui. You can choose a condo, without all the maintenance or cost of a home, and still keep Fluffy. But before you make that final decision, be sure to check with your Realtor that your pets are allowed. There may be restrictions on the size of your pet, or how many you can have. If you’ve got a pack of Rottweilers and an Emu, then you may need to reconsider getting a condo. If you’re still searching for Maui real estate and haven’t made your final decision yet, here is a list of pet-friendly condos in West Maui.

 Pet-Friendly Condos in West Maui

  • Honua Kai
  • Masters
  • Hololani
  • Hale Mahina
  • Hoonanea at Lahaina
  • Montage
  • Napili Villas
  • Opukea
  • Puamana
  • Spinnaker
  • Villas at Kahana Ridge
  • Vintage
  • Whaler

Packing Up Your Home for the Big Move to West Maui
Once you’ve finally found your perfect Maui home or condo, it’s time to get moving. There’s lots of excitement as you rush around getting everything packed and ready. But what’s exciting for you may not be as much fun for Fido. Pets are not typically fond of change. And additional stress and anxiety is not good for them. But if you take a moment to slow down and plan things out, you can lessen the stress and excitement for your pets. Start by bringing in the moving boxes ahead of time and leave them empty in the room most familiar to your pet. This not only helps them adjust to the current situation but gets them comfortable with the boxes they will see in their new, unfamiliar surroundings. Try to maintain a normal schedule as much as possible and on moving day keep your pets in a quiet room away from all the action.

Contact Your Vet
Whether you are relocating to the other side of the island or coming from the mainland, the first step in prepping your dog or cat for a move is to contact their vet. Your pet’s vet is a great resource. However, if you are coming from the mainland you will also need to contact a Maui vet who is an authorized veterinary inspector. The state of Hawaii has specific rules about moving here with animals, and they’ve recently been updated. So to make sure you fill out the right paperwork, get that paperwork where it needs to go, get the right shots, etc., you’ll need the help of a vet who has done this before. Here’s a checklist, including a list of authorized veterinary clinics that can shepherd you through the process, to help you get started. Hawaii may no longer require that your pet be quarantined for months on end, but it may take months to get everything in order. So contact a local vet and start early.

Settle in… Slowly
Just as you kept them separate from the packing, you should try and move into your Hawaii dream home before you move your pet. If that’s not an option, then try and have just a single room set up. Fill it with as many objects familiar to your pet as possible. Things like his toys, his bedding, and his favorite pair of chewed up shoes, that used to be your favorite pair. This way they can slowly adjust to their new environment. For best results, introduce them one room at a time versus setting them loose to freely explore. This way you can monitor and control their reaction as well as manage stress levels.

Update Their Info
Amidst the chaos, don’t forget to update their microchip and ID tag with your contact information and new address! Remember to plan for the worst. Something during the move could cause your pet to try and seek more familiar surroundings. So it’s important to ensure that if the worst happens the information is correct to quickly bring your best friend back to you.

At times it may feel relocating with your pet is just too overwhelming. But with a little planning, a doable timeline, and thinking the process through you can take a deep breath and dive right in. Hopefully, our moving with a pet to Hawaii tips will make things a little easier.


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