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Public Radio has a New Home on Maui

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March 25, 2011

Hawaii Public Radio‘s newest station KIPM 89.7 will be up and running by mid April. The new transmitter is expected to be delivered this week! HPR has been supported by Maui’s residents for years and this new transmitter will mean that even more of Maui will be able to listen in.

On March 16th, HPR announced that KIPM had raised $175,338 and they were only $12,287 from their goal. You can help support the largest news organization in Hawaii and make sure that all of Maui’s residents have access to this fantastic resource. You can contribute on HPR’s website, cal 808-955-8821, or mail your gift to: HPR-Maui KIPM, 738 Kaheka Street, Honolulu, HI 96814.

Those of us lucky enough to have a home in Kapalua already get a pretty fair signal from KIPO 89.3. Coverage on other parts of the island, especially South Maui and Kula, is almost nonexistent. Anyone who has tuned into This American Life or Car Talk in Kaanapali and then listened as the signal devolves into crackling static as you pass through Lahaina can appreciate what this new transmitter will mean for Maui’s NPR fans.

HPR’s extensive newsroom has correspondents on all the Hawaiian islands to cover local news and events. HPR has covered everything from Maui’s TVR debate to the ongoing battle between Maui Dance Advocates and the Liquor Commission. In a time when newspapers are closing up shop television focuses on a nationwide audience the extensive network of independent journalists working for HPR and other NPR stations are a priceless asset.

KIPM 89.7 will be a Maui luxury any resident or visitor can take advantage of. If you’d like listen to local news and commentary as well as great syndicated programs with crystal clarity at your oceanfront Maui home, donate today. Your friends and family may have already done their part, check KIPM Maui’s list of charter members, your sure recognize a name or two.

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