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February 4, 2011

Of all the many wonderful activities our Maui home is known for, camping in the islands is one of the most overlooked, yet fantastically fun, things you and your family can do in Hawaii. One of the best places to pitch a tent and camp out is actually not on Maui at all, but on the neighboring island of Lanai.

Easily accessible via daily routes on West Maui’s Lahaina to Lanai ferry, Hulopoe Beach Park is located just minutes away from the ferry’s port of call, and just a short drive from Lanai City. Considered one of the most scenic destinations on Lanai, camping out in this beautiful beach park is a real treat, and at only $10 per night/per person, a real bargain too. If you would like to reserve a camping spot, call the parks’ reservation office at: 808-565-3319.

Just up the hill from Hulopoe Beach Park is the lovely Four Seasons Resort at Manele Bay. The resort has three restaurants for guests and campers to choose from. Everyone (21 and over) is welcome to come and enjoy happy hour cocktails while watching the stars come out from the comfort of the poolside Ocean Grill. If your mornings aren’t complete without a cup of hot coffee, you can find one at the Hulope Court. Breakfast is served everyday until 10am.

While staying on the picturesque Hulopoe Beach you can enjoy Lanai’s famous spinner dolphins as they cavort around the Bay all year long, in the winter watch the humpback whale calves learn to slap their flukes, and around the summer solstice a short hike up above the eastern end of the beach offers a rare treat for those of us with a home in West Maui: the Southern Cross.

Snorkeling in the Bay is some of the best in Hawaii, thanks to a concerted conservation effort. Tidal pools at the east end of the beach can be accessed by sturdy concrete stairs; the pools are full of interesting marine lift to hold the interest of campers too small to snorkel.

Whether you are looking for a serene ocean preserve to explore or fabulous dining at a lush resort, camping on Lanai is an economical option for residents and visitors alike planning a weekend getaway.

If you would like to always be just a short boat ride away from the amazing Hulopoe Beach, consider investing in a luxurious Kaanapali condo or West Maui home; just like a weekend camping on the secluded sands of Hulopoe Beach, you won’t regret it!

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