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The True Meaning of Aloha

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August 5, 2010

The word Aloha. Most are first introduced to this word as a Hawaiian way of saying hello and goodbye. Yet Aloha is so much more than just a greeting, it’s a way of life. Those of us lucky enough to live in Maui strive to practice compassion and kindness to all with whom we cross paths in our everyday lives. This is the true meaning of Aloha.

While we all do our best to practice Aloha in our lives, sometimes we become so busy with our day to day that we temporarily forget the “Aloha spirit” is all around us everyday. These are the times in which a reminder that the Aloha spirit is alive and well in all of us is profoundly welcome. Just the other day our wonderful co-founder of Sakamoto Properties, Betty Sakamoto, received a reminder of the best kind; a helping hand from a total stranger.

Having gone to the market to grab just a few essentials, Betty arrived back at her car with some extra goodies loaded into her shopping cart; including a few sizeable cases of bottled water. While unloading her unintentionally packed shopping cart in the stupendously packed parking lot, a fellow shopper hunting for a parking space saw Betty’s choice spot and immediately turned on his blinker to claim it. However, instead of just waiting in his car as most do, this gentleman hopped out to offer Betty a helping hand in loading her groceries. Graciously accepting this good samaritans’ generous offer, Betty was soon on her way having made her grocery run and a new friend in the process. It’s moments like these which remind us of the true meaning of Aloha, and that it is alive and well in these wonderful islands!

At Sakamoto Properties we pride ourselves in practicing Aloha in our everyday interactions, be they personal or real estate related. If you are looking to experience Aloha for yourself in a Kapalua home, condo in Kaanapali, or any other piece of real estate in West Maui, give us a call or e-mail so that we may help find you the perfect home in Maui.

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