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Tips for Selling Your Maui Home

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April 1, 2016

Making the decision to sell your home on Maui is a big one, and once you’ve made it, you’ll probably prefer a quick process. If your house sits on the market for too long, you may have to lower your asking price. But there are steps you can take to enhance buyer interest in your home right off the bat and help make a sale happen fast. If you’re interested, read on for some handy tips on making your Maui house more enticing to buyers.

1. Touch up your landscaping. If your property has any outdoor space, enhancing its greenery is a relatively inexpensive investment in terms of what you have to gain by a quick sale at your original asking price. Remove any dead plants and replace them with some affordable varieties from the nearest hardware store or nursery. Do some lawn maintenance if you can. Otherwise, hire someone to do it before you take pictures and show your home to prospective buyers. A buyer’s first impression begins at the curb. To capitalize on that, all you need are some healthy plants.

2. Remove personal items. When a buyer looks at a home or condo, they want to be able to envision it as theirs. If the space is full of your family pictures, children’s toys, and clutter, prospective buyers will get the distinct impression that this is someone else’s home. It will be much more difficult for them to imagine how they would settle in and make it their own. Removing these distractions can go a long way to helping ensure a sale.

3. Get a new coat of paint. This is kind of an extension of the last tip. Your paint color choices may not appeal to everyone, so a fresh coat of paint on both the interior and exterior is very often worth the money that you’ll spend on it. It’s generally best to opt for a neutral shade, such as an off white. That way, your home will feel like a blank canvas, full of possibilities.

4. Fix up the fixtures. Another great way to improve the appeal of your home is to update the fixtures in your home, whether it’s new knobs/handles on your cabinets and doors, a new mailbox, or new light switch covers, these little bits and pieces can really make a good impression, regardless of the age of your home. You might want to replace old lighting fixtures as well. These updates are relatively cheap in terms of the reward of a good, timely sale.

5. Clean your carpet. A good carpet cleaning can really freshen up your space in a way that everyone can feel. It’s a good way to take care of any unsightly discoloration or stains that you might have accumulated during your time there, and can also improve the scent of the interior. Speaking of scents, you might want to add something mild to enhance the inviting feel of the space. Diffusers are a good way to do this without creating an overpowering smell.

Bonus Tip: If you’re going to do anything to substantially enhance the value of your home, renovated kitchens and bathrooms provide the best returns. By contrast, additions like swimming pools and gazebos have been found to provide the least benefit in terms of added property value, simply because they aren’t as important to buyers.

We hope these tips have helped give you some guidance on the process of selling your Maui home. If you need any further assistance, you’ll find our contact information at the bottom of the page or you can Ask Roy & Betty and we may feature your question in our next Maui Video Blog. We look forward to hearing from you! Mahalo!

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