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Top Walking Trails and Boardwalks in West Maui

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November 13, 2020

If we were to write a love letter to Maui, there would be so many things we would say. Like how much we appreciate her beauty, her sounds, her sunny weather, and stunning beaches. But we would also like to tell her how much we love just walking around and being able to take in her beauty on foot.

One of the great things about living on this island, other than the amazing homes for sale in places like West Maui’s Kapalua and Kaanapali neighborhoods are the walking trails.

Here’s a list of our top walking trails in West Maui.

Front Street Historic Walk

Lahaina is replete with so much history that no matter how long you’ve lived here there’s always more to learn. Take a stroll down Front Street and see for yourself history in real-time with a historic walking trail in one of the oldest areas in Hawaii. The former capital of Hawaii and home to Hawaiian monarchs, you can learn a lot simply by pausing to read the historic markers on the street. Start at 505 and head towards the end by the post office and take pictures along the way.

Kapalua Village Walking Trails

Now here is a group of great walking trails. Kapalua real estate is truly breathtaking with its rolling hills at the foot of the West Maui mountains. Whether you’re looking for a workout or a nice walk to take the kids on, the village walking trails are perfect for that. At the top, you can see the Pacific Ocean and Molokai, and even a famous duck pond! You may even choose to take the longer route around the pond before heading back down.

Kaanapali Boardwalk

During the winter months, a great walk to take is along the Kaanapali Boardwalk from Dukes to Kaanapali. On your right side, you will see whales jumping in the distance, and on your left, you can see the beauty of Hawaii’s natural habitat.  From coconut trees and lauhala trees to Black Rock, resorts, and beyond, you’re sure to see Maui in a different light after experiencing this walking trail.

That’s a list of our top walking trails and boardwalks in West Maui. Now if you’re looking for the top homes in West Maui, we can help you there too. Simply spend some time looking at our listings and contact us when you see the one that is right for you.

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