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Happy New Year from Betty's Real Estate Corner
January 6, 2015

Betty Sakamoto: Aloha and welcome to Betty's real estate corner brought to you by Sakamoto Properties where prestige is our business, reputation our foundation. And again in the studio with me is my husband, Roy Sakamoto.

Roy Sakamoto: Happy New Year!

B: We all survived New Years. We're asking did anybody stay up till midnight? We're just checking.

R: Not us.

B: Not us. Okay we're on the out list for the New Year's Eve.

R: What a great lead in again. We keep talking about Neil Everett from ESPN doing the lead in for our show and it's a great effort for fundraising for Lahainaluna High School and the Lahainaluna High School Foundation so, give.

B: One of the great things still going on is, well there is a number of things, there is the Bleacher Campaign and there is a Great Class Challenge going on where if you look at the Lahainaluna High School Foundation site, and you go to the glasses you can see how many classes have already put up $1,000 so that they will have their name, you know the class of so-and-so on the bleachers. So one of our ideas kicking it off was, we bought the year 1831, which was the first year the high school started, so the class of 1831 is already represented, but if you go through them it's amazing. Roy's class, 1960, they've actually have more than $2,000 there. So they will either have two rows of bleachers or they may end up doing, not a brick but what do you call the other...

R: Big plaque.

B: It's a big plaque that's in the ground where you come through the stadium doors. It's so amazing what's going on up there, everybody at some point has to go up. It's still a major fundraising campaign because it needs to be kept up, eventually there needs to be more seats. But it's it Roy, the most phenomenal thing the world, Lahainaluna High School?

R: Oh it really is. Yeah, yeah. Speaking of fundraising, the Hyundai PGA Tournament of Champions is on this weekend at Kapalua at the Plantation Course. What a great event. I can't think of a PGA tour event where so many charities are involved. The main lead charities for the tournament are: Hale Makua, the Boy Scouts, Friends of the Children's Justice Center, Jay Walter Cameron Center and Ka Lima o Maui, and the Lahainaluna High School Foundation also.

B: Maui Prep.

R: Yeah. There is a host of other charities that you can buy tickets for the event. It starts on Thursday with the Pro Amand the tournament itself is Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Buying tickets from one of these charities such as, Maui Prep., Jewish Congregation of Maui, Maui Humane Society, Lanakila Church, Book Trust, Giving Back, Aloha House, Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation. I mean there are others and every penny that you spend for these tickets through these organizations, is retained by the organization and I can't think of another PGA Tour event where 100 percent goes back to the charity. We've been to a few of them on the mainland.

B: They are a lot more expensive to begin with so you start with that they are way more expensive. But when you think about it here, and you know we aren't used to paying for things like this so we never want to pay for parking on Maui, or you don't want to pay for anything like this, but in this case you aren't paying, you're only donating to a charity and if you think of it that way and you go to your favorite organization and again if you look online, I'm sure you can figure out who to go to. is one that you can look at Somebody will help you figure out how to get tickets or call our office Sakamoto Properties 808-669-0070. If you go to our website you can go straight from there into the or you can go to website so that we can get you in to a lot of ways that you can figure out your tickets and again 100 percent is going to go to the organization. Each of you have to have one of those charities that you would love to donate to and it will get you into the tournament also.

R: And you know, we've got thirty some odd of the best golfers in the world. All of these golfer won tournaments last year at the PGA Tour and there is Zack Johnson who's the defending champion, he's back.

B: Bubba

R: Bubba Watson. Some of the big names of golf. One of our favorites is Angel Cabrera from Argentina.

B: What a nice man.

R: Yeah.

B: Roy played with him in the Pro Am a couple of years ago and he and his caddy, two of the nicest people that you would ever want to be with on a golf course. They were fabulous.

R: Right, and if you come out to the Pro Am on Thursday, bring your cameras because the pros are kind of relaxed, the amateurs are pretty tense. The pros are pretty relaxed and will pose for pictures with you, they'll chat with you, they'll sign autographs. Come on out, have fun, great food booths set up in the food village. Come on out and enjoy the great sunny day at Kapalua on Thursday and then the tournament itself turns serious starting Friday.

B: Even now, if you go out to the tournament you can follow somebody around for a practice round, but like Roy says, when it comes to the Pro Am day you have to stay out of the way. I always say, don't go down and get on the fairway when the amateurs are hitting, Lord knows where the balls are going. But you can really, it's not so crowed if you have a favorite and you just get around that group it's so fun. It is really fabulous. It's a hard walk but worth it.

R: Oh yeah, absolutely, or you can just hang out like on number nine or number eight-teen green. You get to watch pros golfing, starting teeing offgolf at number one. A lot of good venture spots for you to watch the tournament.

B: And fun food, great food.

R: Yeah.

B: And just really is a nice venue. It's fabulous. The restaurants open, you know the Plantation House Restaurant, you can get up there and have lunch. You know if you get there at a good time you would be able to have lunch while you watch a few people tee off or have breakfast and see what's going on up there, but it really is, the restaurant is fabulous, there're really set up for this and it's going to be a great year at the Plantation House Restaurant, don't you think?

R: Oh, no question and it's a venue that even if you're not a golfer, come out and watch and see how good these guys are. It's amazing. It's fantastic.

B: And when you watch them it's so easy.

R: It really is. Yeah, going to a tournament in Los Anglos or Las Vegas or wherever, you really can't get as close to these golfers.

B: No.

R: Here at Kapalua, you can get up close and personal with them. It does make a different sound when they hit it compared to us armatures.

B: No question, but they're fun. It is fun to watch them.

R: Yeah, yeah.

B: Love it.

R: Yeah.

B: So what about any real estate today?

R: Yeah, you know, one of my favorite listings is 800 Jacaranda. It's a 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath home at Pineapple Hill at Kapalua. It's listed at $2,800,000. It's a corner lot, great location within the gates at Pineapple Hill as I mentioned. Being a Kapalua property owner entitles you to buy a club membership which entitles you to discounts for golf, free tennis, you can also have entry to the Kapalua Spa, the Montage Spa and discounts at all the restaurants, discounts for merchandise at the golf courses so a lot of perks that go with it. So call us, 990-0070 or look at our website

B: Pineapple Hill as Roy is saying, really has some great values there today and one of those things that are going to extenuate that I think is the interest rates today which are extraordinarily low and it looks like the bond yield rate just went down again.

R: Yeah, the ten year mark bond rate has dropped slightly so rates are going to get a little bit lower. What a great time buy.

B: It really is. It's going to be amazing. So again, we keep pushing this to everybody, whether you're buying a primary residents or you want to buy an investment property, a second home, third home or whatever it is, you know check in with us, check in if you've got a realtor that you've been working with, but you know we are going to get you with a lender right away if you're going to want to loan on the property that you're doing but you need to get qualified, you need to talk to someone and for any of us that have been on Maui for awhile, you know we are in a time of the market that I think there is great values happening, if you add to it the good interest rates that we have and the fact that interest rates could right now do another small drop which is going to be monumental. Not going to happen again. So I think we got to take it and run with it.

R: And I'll tell you what's a great buy and a great value is 1212 Summer Road located right on the golf course, right on the Bay Course. It's a big house, it's got 8 bedrooms, 8.5 baths. We have it listed at $7,200,000. Very easy to view. It's right across 3 lots, roughly I think around 8100 square feet under roof and wow, what a great, great big family house this is.

B: The pool is about 1500 square feet by itself.

R: Yeah, just the pool itself.

B: The pool itself.

R: Free form pool. A great buy at $7,200,000. Call our office at 669-0070 and we'll set up a viewing for you or look at the photos at

B: If you're using your out of town cell phone, remember 808-669-0070 and as Roy said, When you're on our website, you can get to any property listed on Maui so you can go on there and if you're thinking, what I'm looking for is a price point you come up with, I'd like it to be between this price and this price, you can put in the prices, you can put in the overall location or you can check all of Maui at once or you can even go into a spot called Shop The World and if curiosity is what you're thinking, you can see anything in the world, you know through it's our site but it's on You can pick a country, you can pick a city, you could say Paris, you could say Indonesia, anything you want, put it on there and you're going to find a property. So check it out or call us 808-669-0070 and give us an opportunity to help you find either your dream house on Maui, your first house on Maui or you know again, your investment property etc. so call us.

R: Here's another one, a brand new listing by Mitch from our office at 330 Cook Pine Drive also at Pineapple Hill. It's a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath. Listed at $3,650,000. It's a 4700 square feet under roof, it's really on a doubt lot, great views. Pineapple Hill also has a really, really nice community center with a big Olympic size swimming pool, two tennis courts, a great gathering place, what do you call that?

B: It's kind of a club house.

R: Yeah.

B: It's a club house with a kitchen. We had a bridal shower there once for my daughter, Julie Eihu Flynn, and it was fabulous so that you could have any kind of a party that you want there, any kind of event, you know off and on the owners will just get together and have a barbeque type thing but great pool, it's huge, the area that the club house has lots of comfortable furniture and a kitchen type set up and restrooms and showers. It's really a pretty amazing spot.

R: It really is.

B: Heated pool.

R: Yes. Just looking at our listings, we have about seven or eight, maybe nine listings at Pineapple Hill right now. So if you're thinking about buying or selling at Pineapple Hill at Kapalua, call us 669-0070.

B: You know that one you just mentioned Roy at 330 Cook Pine, one of the neatest things about that property is that they combined the two lots and then they were able to place the house on one lot but it could come over a little bit and then on the second lot is the pool and gazebo so that it is really spread out. If you have a family, young kids, older kids, certainly teenagers, tons of room but for us, kids, grandkids, it's an amazing property so worth seeing it.

R: Oh absolutely. If you had to buy two lots and build a 4700 square foot home, you couldn't do it for this price. Listed at only $3,650,000.

B: No you couldn't find right now the two lots to begin with. Certainly if you did, it wouldn't have this kind of a view but you would easily spend, I think, close to $3,000,000 for the two lots if you could find them available, which I don't see that happening right now.

R: No, there is nothing like that available.

B: But in general, we've got some great properties around, we've got one, Kilinahe, which is really a great property just below the Napili Shopping Center. We've got a great house listed there $985,000, I think Roy. I think I'm right on there.

R: Yes.

B: Great house with an ohana, super place to live, close to everything. I think we've have a couple of people looking at it that would buy it as a second home, but maybe kids living here or they are going to have somebody maybe rent out the house and keep the ohana for themselves or live in the house and rent out the ohana but everybody has got a great idea for it but it's still available and one that you can look up on our website or call us 808-669-0070.

R: Yeah, it's an easy walk to Napili Plaza Shopping Center where our offices area and check this out Kilinahe and it's listed by Elizabeth Quail from our office, you can reach her at 669-0070 or again, look it up through our website which is

B: Another great property that we have 26P 3 and 4 at the Golf Villas, Major remodel, fairly available to see the owner is here right now but we make it available as often as we can to be able to view it, but it would be hard right now. It's listed at $875,000

R: $850,000 actually.

B: Is it? Okay.

R: The owners spend over $250,000 in remodel and refurnishing and its brand new spick and span and very easy to get into.

B: Extremely livable the way it's been done. You've actually got to see it, the guest bedroom has two full size beds so that again if someone were buying this that has kids, grandkids, it's great because you actually have room, a comfortable large bedroom that has a huge desk it in, its own bathroom, fabulous. All of the furniture, the majority of the furniture was a Tommy Bahamas line, so it's really comfortable, easy living, easy style, the lanai is fabulous, the view, huge. Way worth seeing it.

R: Central air, you've got pool and barbeque right next to you, very convenient and again, easy to see so call us 669-0070.

B: Easy short walk too to get to the, if you wanted to walk down to Pineapple Grill for lunch or dinner you can always take the shuttle back, but I mean there are so many great restaurants at Kapalua and starting at the Golf Villas you can walk to any place and then again, there is a shuttle service within the resorts so it's one thing to walk, I think later you know once it's dark it's a better thing to take the shuttle back but really what a great resort, what a great property to be able to get around.

R: Yeah, speaking of Kapalua, how about Ridge 524. It's at the Ridge at Kapalua, it's a 1 bedroom, 2 baths listed at $699,000. Absolutely great for husband and wife. It's great for a small family with a sofa bed in the living room, does have 2 bath rooms and again great price $699,000. View Northward looking towards the Ritz Carlton and Honolua Bay and the Plantation Course where the tournament is this week.

B: You know one other property and I'm sticking with Kapalua right now but it's 24 at the Ironwoods. Amazing property, they are in the middle of doing some work to it that is just starting, but again fabulous listing, as ocean front as you can be

R: Couldn't get any closer really.

B: No. At $2,950,000, right on the ocean, 2 bedrooms 3 baths with a study and we've got some great properties and in general whatever you're looking for, if you're looking for a primary residents we can help you with that, we'll get you set up in any price range, if it's in an area that we aren't going to like maybe Hana or other things, we'll refer you to someone but one of the agents in our office is going to be ready, willing and all set to talk to you, refer you to a lender and see to it you get started on this process.

R: Yeah and again we do refer people to different areas. If you want Upcountry which is not our area of expertise, we have agents that we work with very well Upcountry we will direct you to them or even in the Wailea area, we also have agents that we work very, very well with. So call us 669-0070

B: You know another interesting property that is just coming back on the market are the Ritz Carlton Residential Suits that are at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua.

R: Yes.

B: I think these are an amazing value and we're finding, you know a few people that maybe currently own a Bay Villa or an Ironwood or a house you know that is a second home but they aren't spending quite as much time or maybe it's hard to keep up today. That to me, if we were ready for anything like that, it's the spot that should be the early, early assisted living place, you're in a hotel. You know, they take care of everything, you can set up, you would be eating there most of the time if you wanted so you're here for a couple of months and what could be an easier living than doing something like that and we can work with you on it.

R: Right, absolutely. They will be coming on the market later this month so call our office 669-0070. They are going to be taking reservations, no deposit required, just kind of names and numbers. So call our office 669-0070.

B: Let us get you on the list. I think we are now Roy at the one minute warning.

R: Yes

B: We bypassed the two minute warning. Danny Couch is coming back and Neil Everett I think is going to be able to be back on it for a minute but we really, really want to ask your help all of the Lahainaluna High School graduates. Go to that site, you know, that and get your classmates, you know get them, make it a huge class challenge, everybody should be on it, everybody.

R: And don't forget the Hyundai tournament this week. Get your tickets at your favorite charity and your favorite charity gets to keep every penny of that.

B: It's really great and remember Monday is Funday at Hyundai so you got to come out it's a lot of fun to be at the tournament and your charity is going to get some money. So I think we are going to get cut off quickly and thank you Danny Couch.

R: Aloha

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