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April 15th, 2014

Betty Sakamoto: Aloha and welcome to Betty's Real Estate Corner brought to you by Sakamoto Properties where Prestige is our business, reputation our foundation. Today in the studio I'm fortunate to have Mitch Mitchell back on board. Hello, Mitch!

Mitch Mitchell: Aloha, Betty! Thanks for having me back.

B: Thank you for being here. We got to ride over together today and come up with as many ideas as we could. Hopefully we'll get them all into the timeline that we've got. You know couple of things as we start the show, remember to really reach us for questions, call us at Sakamoto Properties: 808-669-0070. That's 808-669-0070. You can reach us on Twitter: MauiSakamoto, connect with us using our #BettyMauiRadio. Or, of course, you can come to our website,, and you can get into the Board of Realtors that you'll find every listing in Hawaii. You can actually even get through to luxury real estate on there from around the world, so our website is pretty fabulous and you can check it out: And it's easy. It's an easy to use website. It's not overly complicated. I think it's just?we've had so many people call us that say that they always use it. You know, they'll check in just to see what's going on. People that own property, etc. So take a look. And again, 808-669-0070. So, Mitch we talked on the way over here about a variety of ideas, you know different properties. You know maybe the first one ought to be the run, the Visitor's run. The Charity Walk.

M: Yes, the Charity Walk. Thank you, Betty.

B: I think that's great.

M: This year it's the 2014 Visitor Industry Charity Walk. In 2013 we raised over, Hale Makua, that is, raised over $41,105. You know Betty this is the 12th year that Hale Makua and Mitch Mitchell has participated in the Charity Walk and it's a great fundraiser. I really enjoy going out and walking it myself. Although I see on my factsheet now it's only a 3.1 mile and I always thought I was doing 5.

B: Oh.

M: But, you know, don't tell me later.

B: No.

M: Anyway, it's a good time, you know. Roy and I have been on the board for?

B: 100 years.

M: Yeah, at least, and it's a great time for me to get out there with the real backbone of Hale Makua: its employees, our partners. They're the ones that really make Hale Makua what it is today. And I love being out there with them and walking with them and laughing and playing games and just letting them know how much I appreciate all they do for our frail and elderly here in Maui. So anyway, I am walking and taking a pledge sheet, which thank you, Roy and Betty, you have gotten on to now. I've still got to work on Dean and the rest of the office.

B: Oh, you've got them. Just tell Dean what we did and he'll give you more.

M: Yeah, right.

B: And then we'll have to come back and give you more.

M: Yeah.

B: We compete at the office on these things. But just so you know, Mitch, you can call our office, the 669-0070 number if you'd like to make a pledge on this. And edge, and make Mitch go even harder. But what's gone on is, for most of the years, Mitch has been able to raise more than anybody else. However, recently, last year, he wasn't number one. So now there's a real competition going on which is a good thing when you're raising money for charity. So Mitch is out there hustling, trying to get as many pledges as he can. We're all trying to help him and I know his competitors are doing the same thing. So, last year Hale Makua ended up with $41,105. Maui County raised over $700,000, more than any other island. But the biggest thing is that this year the goal is to get to $45,000. There's somebody that I heard recently whispered $50,000 to go to Hale Makua, so that's going to take a lot of people to help us. And remember at this point, this isn't about Sakamoto Properties or about real estate. This is about Hale Makua which is an amazing, not-for-profit, that does take care of our elders, and more important, it takes care of almost anybody. A stroke victim could end up there doing a lot of work afterwards to get themselves back out. And Hale Makua's been amazing with some very young people that have needed a place here on Maui. And it's also been someone who, we knew an amazing quadriplegic man for a lot of years that was there and there was no other place for him to be on Maui. So, again, your charity dollars, you know, Hale Makua is a great spot to put some of them and you can call us or what is it, Mitch? Is it Do you know for the website?

M: Okay.

B: I guess we don't know. But anyway, call Sakamoto Properties: 669-0070, ask for Roy Sakamoto and he will have it for you or one of us. Unfortunately we don't have it sitting here in front of us so let's?Oh, it's on our website! Fortunately, right now, Chris Meyer is here who is the person that has set up our website. An amazing company, But they've been able to really get us with a website that works. And we're really happy with it, we get a lot of people getting to us and he's been able to set up things like the Lahainaluna Foundation and things that are going on there and Hale Makua. But if you go on there you'll actually find the place where you can get to the Hale Makua website. And we would like to help you in any way that we can do to that. So give it a thought. Anything else, Mitch?

M: Yes, dot org. Anyway, you know the Visitor Industry Charity Walk has been going on for, oh gosh, probably close to 30 years now. So I remember when I first got here 33 years ago, walking in it. And it's a great, great, fundraiser. It covers, I don't know, 40? 30 to 40 different charities here on Maui. So it's not just Hale Makua, it's all the charities. It's our ohana, it's our family, it's our island. So this is a great place because actually all the different charities that are?that benefit from this, whatever we raise, we get back, plus matched funds from the Charity Industry?Visitor Industry Charity Walk. So it's a wonderful way to take care of a lot of different charities. And I couldn't believe, you know, for the past 5 years, I think, it's 7, 8,000 way over what Oahu makes or brings in. Which, I think, really shows how much we here on Maui like to take care of our own and our ohana. So?

B: It's a major dedication, Mitch. It's a major dedication by Maui people.

M: So even if you want to come out and walk with us, please do. It's May 10th at 7AM at the ?

B: War Memorial Soccer Field.

M: War Memorial Soccer Field, right. I forget where to go, it's so early in the morning. But we walk the whole thing and then they serve us breakfast and we have entertainment and a lot of fun, a lot of prizes. So it's really kind of a fun day to get out there. That's May 10th, 7AM, War Memorial Soccer Field. So hope to see you there.

B: So do that. It really is a lot of fun. And as Mitch is describing it, you get out there, you walk, there's entertainment, food, a lot of camaraderie, there's a variety of charities that you could sign up to be helping. It doesn't have to be Hale Makua. But if you work in one of the hotels, if you check around, somebody will tell you what to do. But just saying, Hale Makua, so that you know a little factoid here, 85% of the Hale Makua residences have their care paid for by Medicaid or Medicare. Those programs do not pay for the full cost to care for someone. So these donation dollars make a major difference because charities, not for profits like Hale Makua really totally depend on all of us to assist them. And over the years, and you're all listening to what's going on with Federal government and State funds, etc. Everybody needs to pull together to take care of people. You know, to take care of whoever it is in the community. Our frail, our elderly, our children, the wants and needs of some of the schools. So we do all have to pull together so let's all give that some thought. And, again, check our website, check out Hale Makua, check out Lahainaluna, and check out some real estate! What do you think about that idea, Mitch? Some real estate!

M: Well, I think the one that really needs to be checked out is my listing up in Kula.

B: There you go. That's a good one.

M: It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, $785,000. It's got bi-coastal views, it's a little less than 1,600 squarefeet. It's a beautiful really well done home with a little garage. Some yard. It's really a fantastic house. Very well built. It's easy to see so please give me a call and I'll meet you in Kula.

B: Kula is an amazing area to live. We really do not do a lot of sales or a lot of listings up there. Mitch took this one because it's important to him. He loves the property, we all love it at this point, and it should sell. It should be one of the next to sell. But what are some of the reasons you think living in Kula help. What is the greatest thing, other than right now, certainly the Jacaranda's are blooming. It's easy to get to Costco. Close to the airport in a lot of ways. There's so many things about Kula?I'm so tied to West Maui that I probably wouldn't go up there and show it, Mitch would show it. So if I was trying to show property there, I'd give Mitch a call and say, "Mitch, I need your help. I've got some great folks here but they want to look at Kula." And Mitch knows the area really well, but I think it's a great opportunity, Kula, and there's reasons that somebody might not want to live in West Maui. I can't think of any, but why else can you think of, Mitch, that Kula is so amazing? I know you love it.

M: I love Kula and I would love to live Upcountry. It's cooler, that's one thing! And I just really love our island because we have so many different climate zones and so many different places to live. It's like the whole United States brought into one island. We've got the summit up there where occasionally we get some snow. We've got cooler weather and great views from up in Kula. We've got the lifestyle nightlife and dazzle in Kaanapali Beach. You know we have a lot of different things but living Upcountry, yes there's more space, it's a little more open, it's a little more kick back, and it is closer to Kula. Just think of how much more you can haul up the?I mean closer to Costco. Just think of how much more you can haul up there.

B: Absolutely. Costco. You know that actually is a funny thing . For anyone that doesn't live here that happens to be listening, for us Costco kind of becomes kind of like a thing to do. You don't just go there to shop, you go there and everybody we know is there Saturday or whatever day you go there. You run into half of the people that you know. Well we buy way more stuff that we can possibly eat or use. I'll usually come home and then be calling my friends on the way back saying, "Do you need some of this or some of that?" So that we can start to share. But it is?I love going to Costco. Sometimes I don't?

M: You know, Betty, I hope somebody from Costco is listening because they're getting all this free advertising. I think they should donate, if not to me, at least to the Visitor Industry Charity Walk. I think they do, but?

B: I think they do. You know Costco, actually that's a great question, but Costco, I know, is extremely generous in everything that they donate to. So they probably are, at least to one of the charities that are in there, or more than one because I think they do so much for their employees. And there's got to be some employees there that are asking these same questions. But it is an amazingly generous company around the world. Everywhere that they are, I'm not sure now when I say "around the world", that might be stretching it, but amazing company from the standpoint of generosity.

M: Ok, I've gotten Kula in, what have you got on the West side you want to talk about?

B: Well, I was kind of thinking some general statements about West Maui and reasons to live in West Maui. Which obviously, fabulous beaches, there's great tennis facilities, there's some amazing golf courses. Two are located in Kaanapali, two of them in Kapalua. So there's some really interesting reasons to be everywhere in West Maui. The homes?there's homes, at this point, probably if you were looking for a home under $900,000, $800,000, there's very few that are on the market. But give us a call if you're looking to find a home in West Maui we can definitely take care of you. We can find whatever it is that you would like. We, again, we don't specialize in Kihei or Wailea, but a couple of our agents are willing to get over there with you and help you because they have sold more. But I think Upcountry, again, Mitch is amazing and he can really help you there. But West Maui, I think a couple of fun questions today is, "What are some of the reason you love living in West Maui?" Let's say, Lahaina side. Restaurants!

M: Restaurants. I love the restaurants. Unfortunately, too much.

B: Too much. I love the beaches. We have some of the most amazing beaches starting in Lahaina at 505 Front Street where you'll see a lot of things that are going on there. There's surfing lessons in, you know, right there in the harbor. You know, you start from there and you head way out to Kapalua beaches, Flemings, and beyond. There are so many fabulous, amazing beaches. Kapalua, one of the things I love, and you go walking other places, but a lot of people who live at Kapalua are up every morning walking. Uphills, downhills, around. They do the beach walk. You know, walking at Kapalua is fabulous and almost anywhere a lot of people, wouldn't you say, Mitch, that live along the lower road probably go to Kaanapali for their walking, or Kapalua for their walking, just because it's easier to get around. So people will take a ride and do it that way when they're going to get out for a morning walk.

M: Well, you know in Kaanapali there, they've got that great paved sidewalk that runs the whole length. So that's a real fun, you get you people watch, whale watch, fish watch, you know and walk along that whole length.

B: Fish watch?

M: Yeah, why not. You know, Betty, you and Elizabeth have two houses over on the west side that I think you should talk about.

B: Well, there's the newest one that we have is at Kapalani Estates listed at $869,000. Fabulous home, brand-new listing, and you really should come and call us, take a look at that. There's 22 homes, gated community. They're kind of like smaller, let's call them like patio homes almost. But I mean they ? they are really great homes, enough space. The one that we have is almost 1,800 squarefeet. The lot is 8,000, little over 8,000 squarefeet. But one that you've really got to see, not brand-new, but kind of has ? they added some space to it that makes it extremely special. It has its own tennis court, it's got a ?

M: Tennis court, swimming pool.

B: Yup, swimming pool. They have some little board games, shuffle board, I think. But it's a fun place. Again, another one, if you want to walk in the morning, you can get up and wander around there in a minute. And, again, now for this price range, as I was saying, once you get to around $900,000 for a nicer home in West Maui, there aren't many. But we do have one that's a duplex: 91A Hui Road F. 3-bedrooms, 2-baths, listed at $819,000. Great ocean greenbelt views, really an amazing place. So give us a call if you wanna take a look at either one of those: Kapalani Estates or up on Hui Road F. And we can get you into?the newest one, the Kapalani, we're able to show that fairly quickly. So, again, call us: 808-669-0070. And up and down West Maui we have something to show you, pretty much, in every price range fairly quickly. You know, Kapalua, Kaanapali, The Masters. We have a great Masters, Mitch, that we can show anytime.

M: Very private, fantastic views, beautifully remodeled. It's just got a nice soft palette. It's just a very, very relaxing place. And, you know, year round sunset views. It's pretty phenomenal and, again, being in a big complex like The Masters, this particular unit is situated that you really don't know that there's anyone else around.

B: Totally private.

M: It's right on the golf course, and great. You know that Kapalani Estates you were talking about is just a few steps to the beach across the street right there at S-Turns. And in the maintenance fee they do the gardening around the place, so those of you that want to spend more time at the beach, less time in the garden that's another good point for that house.

B: It is. Great spot. And the access to the beach it can be, again, part of your walk in the morning. Take a cup of coffee with you, head down to S-Turns and just hang on. Appreciate the view because it really is an amazing place. So living there would be a pretty simple place. And, again, you want to be able to get out, you want to walk, you want to be comfortable. The house is, it's not new, but let's say it has an appearance of being fairly new. So worth taking a look at for you: 808-669-0070. Anything else, Mitch, that you're thinking of today? The Masters I like a lot and that one, another great thing is the view up?the view from the kitchen, they have that in so few of the units that are there that, I think, I really think is an amazing one.

M: Yeah, you look?yes, you look out the kitchen window and you don't see any other condos. You look out towards Molokai. It's really, pretty spectacular.

B: Ok, Pineapple Hill Phase 2. One of our owners just redid with Mitch, an area you enter through a courtyard and it kind of, we felt, it was lacking something. The owner was here and Mitch and he got together and realized what they needed to do was?cause you enter and you come through this courtyard ? it's got this area that you walk in that kind of gives you the feel of an old-fashioned screen porch but on a relatively brand-new home with huge ocean views. But they kind of redecorated some of that and don't you think, Mitch, when you walk in now, it's like the feeling of a front porch.

M: Well, when the owner and I had our little conversation he says, "Well, you know, we kind of designed it after Pompeii, you know where it had the inside courtyard." So there's a security gate, a beautiful sculptured security gate, then you walk into this little courtyard that has a little fountain, and we've got some chair out there and plants out there. So now it really shows what it was designed to be. And it's great outdoor living on both sides of this home. So it's really?and it's very easy for me to show so please give me a call. My cell's probably the best place: 870-5548. 870-5548.

B: That is a really amazing Pineapple Hill house and I like the point that Mitch is saying that when you enter there, there's this great courtyard and if you're living there with a family, a couple of kids, which the people that built it had a couple of kids, and now their families will probably start expanding as they're growing up. But it really is interesting because you probably, for the majority of the time, are going to be sitting on the ocean view side which is huge, fabulous, amazing. A great pool, it's everything you would want. When you're on the other side, which is the courtyard side, I think that's a great privacy place. You might get up in the morning and instead of heading out to the outside where you're looking toward the view, I'm feeling like you might take that side and enjoy it for what it is because the sun is rising, it's going to be coming back there, you'll get your first feeling of the warmth of the sun being on that side. So amazing. Fabulous, fabulous property.

M: Great house, remember it's easy for me to show. Please give me a call.

B: Okay, I think one last one, and then I think we're going to be running out of time pretty quickly. But we have a new listing at Alaeloa, which are the home-condominium type set up in Napili. Alaeloa #39 which is a 2-bedroom, 3-bath. Another one that's been?had some remodeling done to it in the last year. It gives you that same feeling that we're describing in that other house. Where you come up to it and it's very cottagey, it's got like a picket fence right there where you enter. It's a fabulous property. Listed at $825,000. It's leasehold. So there's a couple of things that you're going to have to learn about leasehold in order to do it. But the value is so amazing there. You would have to spend two million dollars to get something similar Fee Simple that close to the beach. And we've just been told we got the two minute warning. So I think we're now probably down to the one minute warning. So I think we're going to be pretty much ready for Danny Couch to come back and finish up "I Love Hawaii" and a quick "Aloha". But anything else? Remember to help us out at the Charity Walk.

M: Yeah, I just want to remind everybody: Help yourselves. Help Maui with the Charity Walk. Of course we would love your help at Hale Makua or on my pledge sheet but anyone, just get out there and help the Visitor Industry Charity Walk this year. Remember it is may 10th at 7AM at the War Memorial Soccer Field. It's a great day, a lot of fun. And, again, as part of our giving back to our island, our family, and everything Maui.

B: Well, come out there! Get out there and at least take a look at what's going on. We got Danny Couch back. We got a big "Aloha" from Mitch and I?

M: Aloha!

B: We'll see you at the next show. Come to the Charity Walk even if you just want to see what's happening and do it next year. Aloha!

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