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June 17th, 2014

Betty Sakamoto: Aloha and welcome to Betty's Real Estate Corner brought to you by Sakamoto Properties where prestige is our business, reputation our foundation. Here we are again, Roy. It's Tuesday and we're at KAOI in Wailuku, Hawaii for Betty's Real Estate Corner.

Roy Sakamoto: Betty's Real Estate Corner! Yeah! And what a great lead in, Danny Couch.

B: Danny Couch. And also, Neil Everett for Lahainaluna High School.

R: Yes.

B: Neil is a great friend of Lahainaluna High School. He's done a lot for the school and I love when he says that. You know, he's not a graduate, he's not even married to a graduate, but I consider him now to be a Lahainaluna wannabe because that's what I am. But I am at least married to a Lahainaluna graduate and we have a daughter that graduated from Lahainaluna High School and your dad.

R: Yes.

B: So we've got a lot of Lahainaluna graduates?

R: A few generations in our family.

B: And this year I understand that it was a great senior class. There was a great newspaper article about the seniors and how they were dedicated to the school and how proud they were of being graduates of Lahainaluna. Which I think your class, which is now over 50 years-

R: Yes.

B: Is pretty amazing because over and over when we get together with everybody, everybody loves Lahainaluna. It's a great memory. It's a great-

R: It really is. It's a historical institution. Oldest school west of the Rockies and quite a history. And the spirit of Lahainaluna lives on. Neil Everett being a great, great booster of Lahainaluna. And Neil, of course, everybody knows from ESPN Sports Center. One of the great sportscasters of all time. And having Neil saying, you know, support Lahainaluna. I mean, that is big.

B: it is big.

R: He is totally into it.

B: He is into it. And you know this whole thing right now, the bleacher. You know, they're trying right now; they're trying to finish 3,000 seats which is going to be done pretty quickly. And then they'll be starting on the restrooms, etc., which they can't actually open until everything is completed. You need the restrooms done and the entry building, and there's a whole lot of different things. But the whole idea of naming a row of bleachers. You know, I think we're set up, we're going to take 1831. You know, so the Class of 1831, which would be the first class, theoretically, at Lahainaluna High School.

R: it's a couple of years before me.

B: Yeah, just couple years before. We thought it would be kind of fun to have that there ad use that as a great shout-out to every class. I know Roy is going to get his class onboard and if you go to the website and check it out. You'll see that a lot of the classes have already come one for $1,000 and it'll be "Class of". In other cases, you can get a row of bleachers and I'm sure that we'll end up doing that, you know the "Roy and Betty Sakamoto Family" and whatever we can come up with because I think it is going to be critical in the end to be sure there's enough money that this finally gets done. And it's getting close.

R: Yeah. Right. And bigger than this, it's?what's a sight for a stadium. It's a real credit. It's a stadium for Lahainaluna, obviously, but it's a community stadium also. And it's for the use of all of Maui, not only Lahainaluna, it's the community of Lahaina and all of Maui. So whenever there's football games there or any kind of function please come on out and take a look at the stadium. It's awesome. No prettier sight.

B: They were hoping to actually have four games this season. But as we're coming down to the wire it doesn't look like that's really going to end up happening because they just haven't?there've been so many things that have held up construction. And they're going to?everything needs to be complete so that all the bathrooms are done, entry is done, parking is completed because they can't start and host a game, let's say Baldwin/Maui High and not be able to be in the position where they can have everybody parked, safely getting them to the bleachers, have everything done. But hopefully they'll be at least one game this season. But by next season, I would think, definitely they'll be a minimum of four games. This year it'll be exciting to just get one real game in.

R: Yes. And you know what's funny?we're a real estate show, obviously, and you can find us at Call us: 669-0070. But we're very community oriented and we enjoy talking about different charities, different functions, and so forth?and different projects for communities. And so, that's who we are. That's who Sakamoto Properties is and we're proud of it.

B: Absolutely.

R: Now what about the Hale Makua Luau? Talking about public service--

B: Woohoo!

R: Yes!

B: You know, one of the things that, as you were saying, is critical today is it's not like it used to be. The government cannot and will not be able to take care of all of our needs for the next year, two years, five years, ten years. Maybe certainly for the rest of our lives. So it's vital for all of us in the community step-up and help one another. So there's a variety of things that happen and when you see it, whether it's the kid who walks into your office to sell girl scout cookies or the basketball teams that come to your door. I mean, whatever you give them: a couple dollars, ten dollars, whatever we can do, let's do it. Let's all help take care of one another. Hale Makua, though. Interesting thing right now. We've been involved with Hale Makua for over 30 years and it's an amazing facility and if you don't know about Hale Makua, take a look at their website: Because there's so much that they do for the community and for their patients, residents, you just got to really look at it to understand it. But every year for probably the last 20 years plus, there's been a luau that been at a variety of locations: Kihei Community Center, one of the great Wailea hotels has been allowing it to be there for the last many years, and this year for the first time, it's going to be in West Maui at the Sheraton. So we're going to have to sell that out. The date is, what Roy, September?

R: September 27.

B: A Saturday.

R: Right, and what a great venue. The Sheraton Maui right there at Black Rock at Kaanapali beach and headline entertainment this year by Kapena. I'm sure everyone's heard of Kapena. Winners of many, many Na Hoku Hanohano awards and there's also going to be other Hawaiian entertainment and the food, as the Sheraton is known for, it's going to be great!

B: It'll be really super and actually, this year they're going to be honoring VIP Foodservices for all they've done for Hale Makua. And a lot of you should know who VIP Foodservices are, some of you don't. But again, within the community, certain people are the ones that always step up. And VIP Foodservices always steps up for many, many charities, but in particular they've been extremely generous to Hale Makua and everything, to see to it that Hale Makua continues to take care of our number 1: frail and elderly, sometimes it's someone that's had a stroke, but is recovering. There's so many things that they do. They do some daycare services, they've got now. You know, the new rooms, what are they referred to, Roy? That, you know, that people?it's more like a living.

R: Yeah, the care home.

B: Yes.

R: Right. We have a care home facility at our Wailuku facility. And it's for a level of care that is not, you know, if someone doesn't need the skilled nursing 24/7 and getting more and more popular.

B: It's great because actually there's washer/driers. So you can take care of your own clothes, take care of your own things. When you go into?they have meals, but I believe you can also actually step in there yourself and be able to take care of a variety of your own needs. And I think that's really important because it does keep independence. And anyone, we all want independence and we're going to want it as long as we live. So whatever degree that we can all help with today, it's vitally important for our, I guess we're the seniors too but fortunately we're-

R: Right.

B: Hopefully we never need the care. But we probably will, just like all of us. At some point we need care whether it's because of an illness or something and hopefully we'll be able to see to it that Hale Makua continues to be there for you.

R: So, again, September 27 the Hale Makua Luau at the Sheraton Maui. You can get tickets. Go on the Hale Makua site: or call 877-2761. And tickets, I know, are going to sell out fast. So get up, get yours and line on up.

B: One more thing, you can go to the website and click on Hale Makua. So you'll have gotten to Sakamoto Properties but you'll be able to go to Hale Makua and get in there and figure out how to buy the tickets. And I have a hunch it'll sell out because it's going to be an amazing deal for people for a lot of reasons. Even a visitor will be able to go to this and write off a portion of the tickets. So instead of just paying to go to a typical luau, you'll be able to come to a fabulous local style event and be able to write off your ticket and help the community that you've been a visitor in for many years.

R: I anticipate a lot of tourist would be interested in?

B: I absolutely think so. Ok what about real estate?

R: Okay,

B: Let's do it.

R: 669-0070.

B: Okay, what are we thinking today. We're going to have an interesting listing coming up in Wahikuli. Lahaina side, Wahikuli. It'll be a fabulous listing, don't have?can't tell you what it is yet, but hang in there and we'll let you know next time as soon as it's definitely available. We've got a little bit of a delay in being able to put it on the market, but there's so little available in Wahikuli, in Napili, any of the areas that we all like for first time home buyer let's say or it could be anybody. We're going to have one available and it's going to be pretty exciting.

R: It's a great location. It's just outside of central Lahaina and you could really walk to any shopping in Lahaina, the Safeway in Lahaina Cannery Mall Shopping Center and real close to the beaches.

B: It's going to be really a great possibility cause Lahaina living is really super and from there like Roy's saying, you can walk to beaches, walk to shopping, walk to almost everything, and so that if you didn't have two cars, the person who would be at home would be able to get around. It's close to all the schools, it's really going to be pretty amazing.

R: Yeah, and as Betty says, the details are forthcoming and a little teaser for you, but call our office, 669-0070 and as soon as we get our listing formalized, it'll be up on our website

B: You know, Roy another great listing right now that we have I think should end up selling this week. It's a two-bedroom, one-bath at Napilihau Villages number 1-105. It's really a fabulous first-time home owner or could be an investor. It's listed at $259,000, great value. It's 649 square feet. The land is great, again, you're right adjacent to the Napili Shopping Center. They've just recently painted it, the current owners are getting ready to move and the not too distant future so they definitely want to have it done but I think at this point, based on the price we should end up getting?I think we'll end up some offers this week.

R: What a great price: $259,000 for a two-bedroom in Napili where it's a little cooler.

B: Fee simple!

R: Fee simple and just easy walking distance, actually, to our office.

B: You know, as much as we've said that, and kind of toted it as a great spot for a first time home buyer or owner occupant, ironically in that area there have been a number of people that have purchased are visitors. You know, that it becomes a second home. So that you can actually be here, you're close to Kapalua, you're close to Lahaina, you're close to all the golf courses but you're only spending $259,000. And there are other people that already made that decision that they go to the beach, they don't need a swimming pool, they don't need everything. They can join a gym, they don't need workout rooms, and maybe they can't afford to be the $1 million dollar buyer but for $259,000 they can actually have a fabulous second home on Maui, close to everything, and really in a great, very residential community. It's perfect.

R: It truly is and well-run, well maintained. Check us out. Look at it on our website again, Call our office if you want to take a look at this great listing: 669-0070.

B: You know, sticking with here a moment with Napili, I think everybody knows about Napili Kai. Fabulous area, one of the best beaches in the world there, Napili Beach, Napili Bay. We have a listing in there, number 229 Puna II. It's about 418 square feet. It's a studio, large. I mean, really livable studio. These have been renovated to the extreme that they are perfect. It's like totally brand new living.

R: Oh, beautiful.

B: Right on the water. Listed at $875,000. Unbelievable rental program. You can actually have this make sense as your second home. And it can be in the rental program until you're here. Extremely well-run rental. I think, again, nothing like it exists on Maui from the standpoint of rentals.

R: And Napili Bay has to be one of the prettiest bays anywhere in the world. It's a sandy beach, kind of a horseshoe shape. Napili Kai just sits on the edge of the bay, and the restaurant there?there's no finer location. Couldn't get any closer to the water than that restaurant at Napili Kai.

B: And when we've had kids and grandkids visiting, it's a great spot to go down to the beach. It's a great safe beach, it's really comfortable, and you can be hanging out there, the kids can be running in and out of the water, everybody can be in a bathing suit getting up, getting hamburgers or breakfast or whatever you want. And the food goes all day. Sometimes I think when they finish up the lunch service, they're still serving outside so if everybody's on the beach, it can be great.

R: Yes.

B: You can keep kind of an eye on the kids. Ours are all old enough now and pretty comfortable in the water. But you're right there to be involved with what's going on. And a fabulous, unbelievable beach there.

R: No better beach.

B: No better beach.

R: Yeah. And how about some homes? How about homes up at Pineapple Hill? We've got a great listing, 800 Jacaranda Way at Pineapple Hill. It's three-bedrooms, three and a half baths, roughly 3,400 square feet under roof and corner lot and listed at $2,800,000.

B: Anything right now under $3 million is considered to be a great value there. And again that's a different buyer than we've been talking some of these other homes. But Pineapple Hill, again, typically every one is a second home but there's people living there all year round. Great resort. You know another interesting thing right now about Kapalua, and we have listings there that run a gamut from a one-bedroom at the Golf Villas up to homes like this. And we recently had a sale at Coconut Grove for $5 million, for a totally perfect on-the-ocean property. But you know one of the things, Roy, is Montage which has just come to Kapalua. We were the other day at their grand opening and blessing. What a fabulous event, it's such a perfect job. And they're acknowledging that they're in the middle of a redo. That they've had to step?they had originally stepped back, the Ritz Carlton stepped out. Montage is supposed to be one of the best management companies in the world. So elegant and so well-done. Was that the best event?

R: Oh, beautiful. It's on the side of the old Kapalua Bay Hotel so kamaaina and malihini are familiar with the old Kapalua Bay Hotel. The Montage Residences are right on that site. And two, three, and four bedroom units. What a great location. Montage is one of the premier hotel operators anywhere in the world. And they have quite an entourage of people there for the blessing and we were lucky enough to meet a few of them and I think it'll be a great success.

B: I think it'll be huge. You know, we've all gone through the thing and they kind of make a little bit of a statement of it, but most of us have gone through quite a few years now, talking to people and listening to people and we've all said it ourselves: I can't believe they tore down the Kapalua Bay Hotel. It was part of history, it was really part of Maui. It was such an amazing place. But now I'm at the point of saying, "Get over it!" We've got a fabulous new property. Montage has stepped in. They're going to be so great. They're redoing a lot of things in the hotel, the restaurants are opening. They're going to shortly have a kind of soft opening that they're going to direct toward everyone that wants to come by that day. And I think a lot of local residents will take that opportunity, don't you, to go by and spend some time.

R: Everybody should. I mean the location, again, is superb. I believe the restaurant opens this Friday for meals, three meals a day. And the setting is beautiful.

B: Kapalua right now has some pretty amazing restaurants. The Pineapple Hill is always fabulous, Plantation, fabulous. And both of those now are under the management of the Cohn Restaurant Group out of San Diego and I think they're really going to be making a few changes. Pineapple Hill has been known for their food for years as has the Plantation. But I think together, they're going to have a lot more power, buying power, I think their chefs are going to be working together. I think we're going to see some really exciting menu changes.

R: Actually, you know, the whole Kapalua Resort is undergoing some massive changes and we see it evident in the golf courses. Troon Golf Management is now managing the golf courses at Kapalua and doing a superb job, unbelievable job. Again, you see people saying, "Well, we wish we had the old village golf course," and so forth. Again, as you said, "Get over it." The Plantation and Bay courses up there are just in superb condition, none finer on Maui, really. And the venue, again, beautiful, you're at Kapalua. The Ritz Carlton at Kapalua?the Ritz Carlton Hotel, which everyone knows went under foreclosure and so forth and is now under the management and ownership of Colony Capital out of Santa Monica. And they're doing a superb job upgrading the facilities and so forth. So you're seeing Kapalua, again, becoming one of the premier resorts anywhere in the world.

B: I think what they've done there is fabulous. Go there someday for breakfast. It's amazing, absolutely fabulous. You know, we are probably right now, at the one minute warning. And we are.

R: Oh my goodness.

B: Hard to believe but it's happening quickly.

R: Again, or 669-0070.

B: And that's 808-669-0070. Call us. Let us help you with your real estate needs. You know, we've got some great people to have you talk to about lenders, which should be the first step. You know, contact a realtor, contact Sakamoto Properties we'll get you in touch with someone that will help you figure out what you can do, what you can't do and you can be in a new house in 90 days. So we would love to work with you.

R: And we've got another important message coming up.

B: We do! We're going to have Danny Couch coming, but also Neil Everett. Come on, Lahainaluna graduates, Lahainaluna married to graduates, and Lahainaluna wannabes! This is for you!

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