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December 2, 2014

Betty Sakamoto: Aloha and welcome to Betty's real estate corner brought to you by Sakamoto Properties where prestige is our business, reputation our foundation. Today I am fortunate to have my husband back here with me, Roy Sakamoto.

Roy Sakamoto: Good Morning.

B: From Lahainaluna High School also.

R: Lahainaluna. What a great lead in, wow! Neil Everett and Danny Couch, wow!

B: They are amazing. What just struck me though, what about this? Why can't we say when we get down to, "buy real estate, right now."

R: Why not? Absolutely.

B: If we could just... we could use our Neil Everett voice and start with a "Howzit" and we'd we selling property daily.

R: Yeah, yeah.

B: Could be pretty fun.

R: Well, a lot of things going on in the community this week. First off, First Friday in Wailuku. Meyer Computer and Santa Claus will be very active, starting at six o'clock downtown Wailuku. If you need further information, call Meyer Computer 249-0970.

B: Or go to and you'll not only see information on First Friday this week, you'll see a picture of Santa Claus who's going to be there again this year and Santa Claus is fabulous. He is absolutely amazing.

R: Yeah. Kind of an early appearance for Santa.

B: It is.

R: But, he has a lot of territory to cover and it'll be great.

B: Sometimes you can't have him here everywhere Christmas Eve. I mean, he'll get there to do his gifts and stuff but to bring to kids by and to have then see Santa and take a picture. There's a great picture on our website that's a young family sitting with Santa Claus, mom and dad on either side and a tiny baby. Definitely a first, first Christmas picture. I love it.

R: Yeah, yeah.

B: Meyer Computer found that. They are putting on there and they're running this thing for First Friday and the Santa Claus. You'll find the details on our site or through Meyer Computer but get your kids out there, just go out and do it. Take a gift. I know they are using some unwrapped gifts I think and if you bring those, they'll wrap them and they'll be giving them eventually to kids, either then or for Christmas, that really need a Christmas. So, there is a purpose to all of this and it's going to help people in our community that maybe wouldn't have as fabulous of a Christmas as we all seem to be having.

R: Again, it's this Friday evening starting at six o'clock. Get there early and meet Santa Claus.

B: Everything that's on First Friday you'll get to do. You know, so the regular First Friday business will be there. I'm sure they'll have a lot of things geared towards Christmas but in particular for kids. Let's make this about the kids and getting as many kids out to enjoy First Friday, Christmas, etc.

R: And the food.

B: In Wailuku. And the food.

R: Yeah. We've always enjoyed the food.

B: And the food.

R: Yeah.

B: You know, we've had a couple different ideas coming over here about real estate to talk about and we get on this from time to time, trying to direct people who are thinking about buying real estate and geared a little bit to the first time home buyer. People think they are never going to have a home on Maui, but you can have a home on Maui, and you can do it. It just takes an effort.

R: Yes it does, and you've got to do the first step, which is, call us. Call Sakamoto Properties 669-0070 or get on our website, We have listings from right around $90,000 on up. So, we have something for you in every price range, whether you're looking for a home for a first time buyer for a small condominium, whatever it is. Everett says, "whateverz".

B: Whateverz.

R: Yeah. We got it. So, call us 669-0070

B: Roy is right. I mean, there is something for everybody and if you call and chat with us and we think that you're better off working with somebody else, we'll let you know that, but we can direct you. Our website will direct you to every piece of property that's listed for sale on Maui and actually, there's a lot of listings around the world if you go to the "shop the world" are, but from the stand point of you're thinking you want to buy something, you're thinking you'd love it right now, but maybe it's going to turn out to be a year or two years, hard to say. But if we get together with you or a broker that you've already worked with or your neighbor who you feel is the person you want to talk to, do that. But do it right now.

R: No, absolutely. You know, we are based in Lahaina on the West Maui side, but if you're interested in something in Kihei or upcountry or central Maui, Wailuku, Kahului and so forth. We'll be able to help you. So, call us 669-0070 or again look at our website and that will get you into the whole world of real estate here on Maui. So, yeah, do it.

B: One of the things that we would be directing you to do when you call us, is most people are going to be looking to get a mortgage. You know, there's very few us when we buy our first property or second or third or our final resting place so to speak. Most of us aren't paying cash for it. So, we need to be able to qualify for a mortgage and that's another job today because, you know, rules have changed, but we can help you, get you with someone, get you in the right direction, have you sit down with a lender and that also, prequalifies you for what properties you should be looking at and one of the things that we've talked to a couple of people about this week is, that you got to stop worrying that this is your dream house because maybe it isn't, it's your first house, it's your second house and you know, maybe someday you will own what you think is your dream house but, you know, your dream is going to keep changing if you're young and doing this, your dream is going to change because you're probably going to have children, you're going to change in life, the kids are going to grow up, you're going to need a bigger place and then the kids are going to go out and you're going to want, possibly, a smaller. So real estate, to me, it's never your final resting place. So, don't get so wrapped up in it, it's got to have this, it's got to have that. Find a place that works for you now and satisfies as many of your needs as you can satisfy. But again, do it now, it's time, perfect.

R: Yes, yes, and you know, what's interesting? We get calls almost daily, people looking for rentals, so we'll ask, "what are you looking to pay?" and it's, say $1000 to $3000 a month or whatever. The first question to them is, "why aren't you buying?" You know, a $1000 a month or $3000 a month will certainly make a mortgage payment. So, talk to us again 669-0070. We've helped, god I don't know how many, tons of people.

B: Tons of people.

R: Get located in their first properties, second properties, whatever it is. So, we're there to help.

B: And it is fun. I mean, buying your first home should be fun. We looked at a property recently that I kept saying, " I would love to buy" and really for us right now, it probably wasn't for us and there was a great couple that ended up buying it. It had a small ohana. It was a little house in Lahaina but you know, to me, when I was younger, it would have been so fun because we could have bought it and go in there with a couple tubs of paint and painted it and fixed it and it would have been fabulous. I got to admit today, I don't think I've got it in me to buy another one and spend...

R: Yeah, it was a fixer upper.

B: It's a young person's place.

R: Yeah, it went for a great price with an ohana and it's great. We're glad to see another young family getting started.

B: You know, some great places? Our office is at the Napili shopping center and right next to that are Napilihau Villages and Napili Villas. Both fabulous properties and they've had a lot of sales this year but in the range of $260,000, $270,000 up to probably high $4,000,000 maybe even $5,000,000 now. They keep changing in price because they're starting to move up again but great place to live. It's easy for a family, you know, if kids are being picked up and dropped off at the school bus, the store is right there, you can walk to a lot of places, you aren't that far from any beaches. It's a perfect place for a lower price and they're cute, they're newer.

R: Oh they're great, yeah. 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, little yards if you're down on the ground floor, upstairs is very spacious, nice lani area, worth checking out.

B: It really is. I love those and even for a first time at Napili Ridge. Napili Ridge is another property that somebody can get into, very inexpensive, it works for you, the management there has gotten really great over the years, and again, from there you can walk to beaches, you can do anything that you want and that'll be probably your first home, maybe it's even your second now but still, it doesn't matter. You got to find that you got to get into this market while interest rates are still great and in a lot of cases, you can afford more today than you're going to be able to afford later, even though, your income is going to go up, both of you will possibly be working if it's a couple. It can make a huge difference. The interest rate is going to be the key. When interest rates start to climb again, your ability to purchase is going to go down in value because the interest rates are going to be so high. Your payment will be much higher.

R: Yes. Right. Great programs out there for, especially for owner occupants, 20% or less down payment and again, your monthly payments with these lose interest rates are very, very affordable. No reason in the world why you should be paying rent. Come on folks lets buy.

B: True. No reason in the world.

R: Right.

B: One of the reasons people end up not buying is because they really are defeated before they start. They don't believe they have the ability to do it. They think it's Maui, it's only rich people that own places, etc. but I really think again, today, you've got the ability to do it and you're got to at least try. Talk to a real estate broker. Call us, again like Roy said, 808-669-0070. Check out our website It'll get you into every property, you can fill in some perimeters, you can put in West Maui, you can put in a price range, etc. and you'll start to see what you can do but that's not enough. You really to talk, you need to get yourself in front of a lender, he'll work on a computer with you and go through and come up with, you'll give him all the information, how much cash you might be able to put together for a down payment. In some cases, you can still do zero down as an owner occupant and also, in many cases, it will work if you have a family member who is willing to give you a gift and in a lot of cases, parents are. You know, parents are or an aunt or uncle would be very happy to give you the gift of a certain amount of money to be able to get you into your own home and in a way, it's great for the parents, they are going to feel good about it. Eventually, they are going to want you to have that someday in time, so if they gave it to you now, so be it. I think that's a great option.

R: You know what's really neat to? Is it doesn't cost anything to take that first step. So again, first step contact a realtor, a reputable realtor and again, regardless of where you are on Maui or in Maui County, we also deal a lot with brokerages in Kihei, Wailuku, Kahului and so forth. So, if it's outside of our area of expertise, we can guide you and tell you who to talk to in your specific area. So, call us. Do the first step. It's free. 669-0070

B: Actually Roy, that's a great statement, "the first step is free." You know, how many more nothing's free?

R: Yeah.

B: So, to get it figured out, do it before Christmas, do it after Christmas, but a great Christmas present to yourselves, is to talk to someone and get the process started, and you know, the odds are, you're not going to complete a purchase by Christmas or maybe you won't even be under contract by then, but again, if you just. It's a happy time, so it will give you a change to start to realize that hopefully you can do something. Lender may end up telling you, "oh, you know we're going to have to clean up your credit a little or pay off a couple of loans" but it gives you the ability to start.

R: It points you in the right direction. We just had an experience where a restaurant manager at a restaurant we frequent and I guess she and her husband just bought their first place down in Kihei.

B: Yes.

R: She was very, very excited to get out of the rental world and into the home ownership world. One of the big things was that she was able to paint their apartment whatever they wanted to.

B: Right.

R: You know, without to seeking permission from a landlord or anybody else.

B: No, they are so happy.

R: So, your freedom is great. Historically through the years, it's a great source of capital appreciation. Banks aren't paying anything now on savings accounts. Historically, real estate has been great investments. Get started.

B: Actually, if you even sit down with your lender or your real estate broker and you start thinking about you're going to be making this payment, you know principle and interest, which you're going to write off a majority of your interest on your taxes. You're going to be able to write off your real estate taxes, there's certain costs that you can end up able to write off on your income tax returns. So in the end, you can actually can save money. Even if your payment is higher, in the end, if you start to think about it mathematically you will save money. So, it's again, let's get it done, let's figure it out.

R: Right and just for an example, here is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on Hui Road F in Napili. Now this is a single family home, it's a little over 2,000 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, on about a quarter of an acre and the listed price on this is under $800,000, $799,500. So again, call our office Sakamoto Properties 669-0070 and look at it on our website How about 11 Hau Nui Way?

B: 11 Hau Nui Way. Great house. Amazing property. Listed at $1,250,000, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, great screened porch, it's located on the lower road in Kahana, just before you get the Kahana Nui stream. Fabulous house. It's got a little bit of an ocean view, meticulous condition, pretty well fully furnished. Beautiful home.

R: Yeah. It's a little over 2,300 square feet of living area and around 2,300 square feet for storage or garage and storage. It's actually owned by Roy and Betty.

B: Yes it is. Anyway...

R: So, we really know this home. We can show it to you on a moment's notice, again call us, 669-0070.

B: The greatest thing about that house is the downstairs and we kind of laughingly call it garage space but when were living there it was really amazing because when we had kids and grandkids visiting we always had down there a couple of tables that the kids would use on a rainy day to do crafts and to do different things like that and then I would later use them for Christmas wrapping, etc. We had a complete little living type area set up with a television and workout equipment so we also had it as our workout area and a little place you could just go and do whatever task you were trying to do and have the television on or watch a movie. So, it's an amazing house, in a way, it's 6,000 square feet.

R: Just about.

B: Yeah. But again, it's really a... well not 6,000 really, I'm exaggerating again.

R: Well, yeah.

B: Almost 5,000. It's really an amazing property and you really should take a look at it if you're in that general price range.

R: And just steps from the ocean, really well located between Kapalua and Kaanapali. And again, call us 669-0070.

B: You know Roy, we did say that we wanted to talk a little bit about Christmas.

R: Yes.

B: We did talk about the First Friday prelude into Christmas but what I'm thinking is, over the last couple of years we've tried to talk about and this is probably a really great time to start it, but things that you can do to help somebody else with Christmas and Christmas should be such an exciting, wonderful time, but we all get wrapped up, we're all so busy anyway and I think everybody has too much going on. So many people here have two jobs, a lot of people have three jobs and they've got a couple of kids. Think about the things you could do for somebody for Christmas that would really make their Christmas right. Help a neighbor that maybe they could just use you to come over there with the kids for a couple of hours while they Christmas shop or making cookies. It's still simple, we used to all do that when we grew up and take then to your neighbors. You know, do something and get the kids to come over and bake cookies with you or, obviously, your own family. I mean, get back to the old times a little bit, some baking and eating and baking and cookie dough and stuff like that.

R: Yeah, and all of this doesn't have to cost money. It doesn't cost you anything to say "hi" to your neighbor across the street or your neighbor across the hall or whatever and you get to know that person a little bit. You know, we are living in the same world here and practice "aloha" as the bumper sticker of a good friend of ours, Mark. He passes out these bumper stickers that says, "practice aloha," that's something we can do all year round. Practice aloha.

B: But then again, the little things, right now. You may have a neighbor that isn't getting around a good as they once did, but you might know that she reads a lot, you may have books or you can go to any number of places where you can pick up books, either free, at a book exchange, or you go places where the... the friends of the library has places where you can go and for a dollar or two dollars, you can buy twenty books or something and deliver those to a friend, or pass them around to people that you know that want to read but, just aren't getting out so much, or read to somebody. Check with places like, Hale Makua and see if they have a program that you could go over there and read to somebody, find some happy Christmas stories. You know again, the same thing, you could take a Christmas movie over to one of your neighbors who is having a hard time, but sit there and watch it with her. You know, make some tea for her or hot chocolate and take the cookies that you just made and make a Merry Christmas.

R: It's so simple and you'll feel better. It's really a feel good kind of thing and why not? You know, let's make each other feel better.

B: I think we are now down to the one minute warning. Pretty close anyway.

R: Okay.

B: Time flies.

R: Anyways, as we wind down the year, a lot of charities are trying to get your attention for yearend deductions and so forth. Remember your favorite charity, whether it be Hale Makua, Women helping Women, we have a variety of great charities here on Maui. Remember them at yearend and please contribute and try to do what we try to do, 10% more than we did last year. So if you gave $20 last year, try to give $22 this year, or if it's $50, try to give $55. You won't miss it that much and you'll feel good.

B: Now keep in mind that nobody is getting the same amount from governmental authorities. None of these charities are getting what they once did so, they need all of us. So, we've all got to step up and make it a Merry Christmas for the people that are being helped everywhere. I think now we are wound down, I think we are at the very end.

R: Yep. Don't forget, First Friday Wailuku.

B: And aloha to everybody. I think we got Danny Couch about to pop back on and maybe Neil Everett, not sure. There Neil Everett.

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