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February 4th, 2014

Betty Sakamoto: Aloha and welcome to Betty's Real Estate Corner brought to you by Sakamoto Properties, where prestige is our business, reputation our foundation. Thanks for tuning in with us today, I have here in the studio two people. One who's been here before: Elizabeth Quayle, who's one of our ace agents at Sakamoto Properties and she's going to fill you in on a lot of real estate information. And also here today is Jeff Rogers who heads up the Lahainaluna High School Foundation. And there's a couple of issues that we need some help with in Lahainaluna. You know, that we want to ask for everyone?and we're going to do this as we kind of go along. We kind of want to ask everybody; every Lahainaluna High School graduate, to think about this and to help out with a couple of funding things that are really needed and that we're going to have to work on for the next several months. I mean, I was going to say the next year, but I think a couple of them are critical and we really want to talk to you about that today. So maybe Jeff, maybe you will say a little quick "Hello," and then Elizabeth, and then we'll get ourselves down to some business here.

Jeff Rogers: Hello everyone and I'd like to thank Betty Sakamoto for having me here today to bring the message to you about the needs of Lahainaluna High School, which are many, but mine are somewhat focused because of the work that the foundation does at the high school. And right now our big project is, of course, the athletics stadium.

B: And the athletic stadium, just so you know, we had gotten some amazing funding but as we're coming down to the wire, it's gotten a little bit difficult because there was, there were some epic delays that seemed like, with building permits and some ADA requirements that complicated things. And then, of course, everytime, I think, it gets delayed, the cost starts going up. And in a minute, I'll ask Jeff to tell us some of the people because a lot of people that had worked on it had been very, very gracious to put in a lot of time and a lot of energy that isn't being billed. But we still need to, pay a lot in order to finish up. There's 3,000, basically, I would say concrete seats that are going in right now, but as we come to the end of it we definitely are going to need somewhere, let's say pushing $500,000 and we're hoping, and that may be the high-side, but we're really hoping to get a lot of help from the community. And again, if each Lahainaluna graduate, or a little while ago, I was going to say all of the Lunas for life, which is not only the Lahainaluna graduates, but people like myself who have become the Lahainaluna graduate wannabes. So, again, as go along right now we're going to ask you for some help on this. But, meanwhile, I think Elizabeth Quayle over here needs to say hello and we're going to remember that it is a real estate show.

Elizabeth Quayle: Good morning, thank you for having me. Nice to meet you, Jeff. Very, very lucky to be here?oh, I need to get closer to the mic. My husbands going to love that one.

B: Excellent.

E: Let's talk about a couple of wonderful things. It's so often we have people stop by the office or an open house and get a little bit intimidated because we're such a spectacular location and things do tend to be priceier than some places in the nation. Rest assured that there is really something for everybody and you don't have to go all the way around the island or the world to find it. You can find things in Napili for as affordable as $75,000 for an oceanview, one-bedroom, leasehold unit and obviously on up to the Plantation Estates and all of those fabulous listings that our office tends to market as well. Right now, housing under a million dollars, West Maui, challenging. We have, and actually Betty you and I have one co-listed in Lahaina town on Ainakea street there. Beautiful little home, not little. It is 4-bedroom, 3-bath, with a huge den. Incredible oceanviews from the tip of Lanai all the way up through Molokai. You can see Kaanapali Point breaking from this great little plantation home. Listed at $874,000. Then you have things in, for example, in Napili. Very close to our little modest home in Napilihau up in Hale Noho a great little 3-bedroom, 1.5-bath home - $630,000. If we built up we would have an incredible ocean views from it.

B: You know the one you were just mentioning on Ainakea, it really is an amazing home because it's really a short, short walk down to the Wahikuli Beach Park. And that is one of the most fun community parks, I think, in the world. When our kids were young, you know let's say between 10 and 14 or something. But even as they kept growing from those ages, we spent a lot of time there barbecuing, getting down there early, getting our space, playing Frisbee and then out in the water. Games, barbecue, hot dogs, hamburgers. So Wahikuli is a great location.

E: It's so close to, you know, Baby Beach. The Cannery. Very integrated neighborhood, really gives you a taste of what are life is here.

B: And anybody could have that home. You know, like we've dealt a lot, and I think these homes would be nice if they stayed owner occupant. And it does get more difficult as prices change, but it is also a lot of the stuff could be a second home and I think you said before, Elizabeth, of the small places in Napili. You know, sometimes somebody just wants to come here and retire and that works, too. You know, just so we don't skip by without doing this, you can reach us at Sakamoto Properties at 808-669-0070. Check out our website which has all these properties on it, which is Find us on Twitter on MauiSakamoto and connect with us using hashtag BettyMauiRadio. And again, skip back for a minute to Lahainaluna High School and we're probably going to drift around a little from one thing to another so I hope we don't get too confusing about it. But what Jeff is saying and what we all want to say for the high school, there's some really important needs that cannot be met by our government. It's not going to be met by State funding or County funding or anything because there's a lot of needs and I think for the next few years it's going to be hard for everything that's become a contribution. But we can all write off our contributions to these things. The website for Lahainaluna High School is And I think you can, maybe, fill us in a little about if somebody is thinking about Lahainaluna, the foundation, they could call one of us. You know, you can reach me and I'll fill you in a lot of the needs. You can call Jeff?you want to give us your number also?

J: The office number is 661-5332, but feel free to call me on my cell: 214-2839.

B: And then again, you can actually make a donation online. You know, the football field, which is not just football, it's soccer, it's track. It's become everything. And it's one of the finest football fields in the nation. Believe it or not. It's the same football field that the Dallas Cowboys have. So it?our field now is second to nothing. But we want to be able to invite people there, we want teams to come there, we want to host, someday, a Baldwin game, which, I think, is still a little bit of a dream because that can be so many people. But we will be able to, hopefully by the next football season, be able to have 3,000 people in the stands there and Lahaina people won't always have to go across the island to see a football game. The soccer kids have been playing soccer there?there's so much really happening but we really need to get it finished and that's really?we're calling. We're calling out to all of you to help us get it finished.

J: And I do want to thank everybody that has already donated. Especially the Brick Paver Program that we have and it probably won't be the last one but the third order, and looking at the books, it appears that through that effort, you know, the Brick Paver Program and you, the donors, have generated about $100,000 towards the athletic stadium. Maybe a future availibility we can offer our brick pavers again, but for now if you wanted to donate to the stadium, the best way to do that is on our website, use any of the donate buttons, you can take your time and go investigate the website. But if you hit any of the "Donate" buttons it'll take you to a donate page?it's completely safe and ecrypted?and you can put wherever you want the money to go. If you want it in the athletic stadium, you just put on "Other" as where you want the money to go and in the comment box, just put the athletic stadium and if you could, if you're listening today, if you could mention that you heard this on the Sakamoto Radio Program we could really appreciate that.

B: it's important, obviously, for anybody doing these things?I'm not so sure we're going to get people that are going to donate today. But I think if you all start thinking about it because the needs are so varied. The other issue that's going to be coming up again, most of you that are Lahainaluna graduates know this. And here's another one to ask not just the graduates, but ask the boarders. I mean, I think the boarders are the lifeblood of the school. When I've been at class reunions with my husband, Roy Sakamoto, there's always a group that are kind of there that seem to have a special, special, amazing bond; and they're the boarders. And when it's said, it's said with reverence. I mean, the people, the boarders at Lahainaluna have truly?I think most of the people that have graduated have become friends for life. But it's different; the boarders are family, totally family for life. And there's been frightening things that have come up over the last few years about not being able to keep the boarder program going. Or there's been a thing happening where, and I don't know if it's straightened out yet?Jeff can tell us, but the boarders have had to leave the school at 8 o'clock in the morning on Sunday. Which is usually the day that they're at the school, you know, cleaning up their things, getting their laundry done, getting their homework done, and getting ready for Monday. But they've had to leave from 8 o'clock to basically close to 5 o'clock because there wasn't enough money to have people there. And then a lot of these kids don't have family here. So it's been a community problem also for the Sunday thing. Has anything got straightened out on that job?

J: Well, as far as I know it hasn't been resolved. But I do want to let people know that the Foundation is not doing anything as far as funding that particular need with the boarders. But if you wanted more information on that, the best thing to do would probably go to the Boarders Association Facebook page. And contact those people through the Boarders Association, find out more information on that.

B: OK, at some point, it could be possible for the Foundation to assist couldn't it?

J: Well, we're there to assist in whatever programs and needs there are at the high school.

B: OK, well, again the first need right now is the one that we're talking about. And let's do our best. Anybody that can make a contribution?I've often thought, if you could get every Lahainaluna High School graduate to donate $10, $20. I'm sure a few people would be able to donate substantially more. But if we could just get everybody doing something, the stadium would get completed in a flash. Now, again, just think about it. If you're listening to this today, think about making some sort of a donation on it. Somehow, though, I'm sorry about this, but I still think we've got a little bit of real estate to do here.

E: Well, I did want to add: Not just graduates and alumni, but those of us or those of you who have been coming for years and years and look up the mountain and see the big "L" up there and drive up to the high school and look down on our incredible coastline and outer islands?we're so lucky. We're so blessed. And we really do need to work as a community to make certain that these really important and vital issues are handled. We're very family oriented and really it is imperative that everybody is aware of all of these things.

B: Absolutely. One of the things that probably a lot of people have never known was that every football game has been played at the War Memorial Statdium for a long time until this started. Until this field got completed, which is two years, Jeff?

J: The first phase which was the new athletic field and the track and the score board was completed in 2010. So it's been longer than that.

B: Wow, yeah, I'll say. It seems like yesterday and there's been some amazing people that have helped us. Sue Cooley has stepped up and really done some amazing things for Lahainaluna. And one of the things that's always mattered to her is that?she always talks about the fact that the community and the other donations are probably as important or more important, as she looks at it, than somebody that's able to make a huge donation. Because it says that the community?it really matters to them. So she believes that the $5, the $10, the kids at the school that have put together donations over the years, that that is as vitally important as someone who can donate millions. But it is a thrill to go up there. And anyboy here on vacation that if you drive up to the high school and take a peek at the field, you'll realize that all of the people that are taking care of you here on Maui, all of the people that work in the hotels and in the restaurants; everything that services your needs; almost all of these people went to Lahainaluna High School. And there's some amazing people. It's not?they're bright, they're brilliant, there's doctors, and lawyers, and Indian Chiefs, and there's everything that you could think of. There's real estate sales people. And again, there are the people who are working hard in the restaurants and the hotels and you'll figure it out. If you just ask somebody, "Did you go to Lahainaluna High School?" Or "Do you know anyone that went to Lahainaluna High School?" Lahainaluna High School is our community. It's not just a school that's up on the hillside with a huge "L". And the "L" signifies so much, too. Do you want to explain that a little bit?

J: Well, you know, that "L" has been up there in 1931, to celebrate their 100th anniversary?well, that may not be the case.

B: It's close enough.

J: That was a trick question, and I apologize for any misinformation. But, I can't remember when the "L" was put up there, but the school started in 1831, and I'm not sure when the "L" was put up there, but?

B: The biggest thing about the "L" is, actually, at the beginning of the school year, I believe the Freshmen go up there, or there's a group of alumni that go up one or the other time so by the time they're getting ready for graduation, they go up and they redo the "L" so it becomes?you'll notice?it'll be come so much more visible in the night of graduation they go up there. Now, my stories don't have to be gospel, but I sure love it all and I think there's so many fun, wonderful stories about Lahainaluna High School. But they go up there, kind of with torches so as they're singing the alma mater, which is something that matters, again, to our local community. As they sing the alma mater, it's torched. I mean, it is lit up?the huge "L" up there in the mountains. It is one of the most?at graduation, when my daughter, Julie Ehu Flynn Sherlock, graduated, I was up there and there's not a parent up there that doesn't end up in tears by the time they're singing the alma mater and the "L" is ablazing. So, again Lahainaluna High School, there's so many amazing things that people should know. Do you know that the high school was used as a hospital during World War II?

J: Didn't know that.

B: OK, during World War II, my father-in-law happened to have been in the hospital. He had broken his leg or ankle playing baseball and at the same time, his wife, my mother-in-law, ended up going into labor with my husband. So he was born at Lahainaluna High School, and the hospital was being used by service men. So there really was no space. But the Lahainaluna High School, apparently, became somewhat of a hospital for a brief, let's call it a brief shining moment where they did their civic duty for all of us. You know, again, quick thing so that we don't forget and we get you to contact us. Check out 808-669-0070. Take a look at Twitter @MauiSakamoto, #BettyMauiRadio and So we're saying a whole lot of things, we're kind of running through it quickly and before we know it, we'll have to get off the air. But let's just kind of take a run back through here again. Elizabeth you've had a couple of amazing properties at Napili Ridge and I don't know if there are any right now.

E: You know what, I'm actually going to have a one-bedroom, fee simple, upstairs unit, completely remodeled there on Brokers Caravan tomorrow. So if you're out and about, come by and stop by. It's open to the public. $259,000, fee simple, one-bedroom. Just look at what's out there and that is?it's a magical spot.

B: What's the unit number?

E: A-12.

B: A?

E: A as in Adam. 12. That particular property, for those of you that aren't familiar with it, sits on the watershed which goes down to Honokeana Cove. So you have this beautiful greenbelt in front of you and every single building, except for the C building, the upstairs units have ocean views. 132 units, one-bedrooms and studios, cinder block construction, two-story, very simple, great little pool area, good association?

B: And very well managed, the association, very well managed.

E: It's just one of those little?almost everybody at our office lived there at one point when they were younger, so it's a great starter property.

B: It is a great starter property. Hey, I just thought of another Lahainaluna High School thing. We were going to try to get Lanny Tihada here and couldn't be here today, but I think?and his son, Garret Tihada. I was at a meeting a while ago of the Lahainaluna Foundation where we were talking about what's going on with the stadium. And I loved seeing the respect, because there were contractors there; it was an amazing group of people to me, but the thing that mattered the most to me was to listen. If somebody addressed Lanny Tihada, it was "coach." It was "coach." His son was there, Garret, when someone addressed Garret, it was "coach," because he is the coach today and Lanny will always be attached but we're going to get Lanny on here one of these days and when he does a shoutout to all of you, I think you're going to see to it that Coach Tihada gets everybody making some sort of a contribution. Lanny Tihada is one of the people that's been the backbone of this whole drive. And there's a lot of people, but I just admire Lanny Tihada more than I could ever say. And when he speaks, people do listen. And he's given so much to the high school of his life. He also retired from the police force here on Maui. Where, again, he gave of himself; he gave of his family life; he is amazing. I mean, consider that Lanny is asking you this, but I promise you, he will come on the radio or be available if anybody needs some questions answered. But again, Lanny Tihada is asking you, as I am, Betty Sakamoto, Jeff Rogers, and right down to a little more real estate from Elizabeth Quayle.

E: OK, let's just talk about one other great little listing that I have?and I shouldn't say "little." This property gave me an education back in the year 2000. It was a duplex off of Hui Road F. Three-bedroom, two-bath, with den, double car garage, attached units. We had them condominiumized. So this particular listing is one half of the property, three bedroom, two bath, with den, beautiful ocean views, Napili, no maintenance fees, shared water meter. So if you're looking for a condo where you can step away the rest of the year but it's a home, beautiful location, beautiful views: 91A Hui Road F. Listed at $814,000.

B: And again, you're walking to a beach from there. You're walking to a fabulous beach in Napili. You know, we've now got the two minute warning. So let us see if we can get Jeff with one more thing about Lahainaluna; any factoid?

J: Well, something that I find interesting, but, and because we've mentioned the boarders, our architect drew up this whole thing and they've been quite a bit help, Dennis Harmon, the Harmon Architects?

B: Absolutely, Dennis Harmon.

J: He was a Boarder at Lahainaluna and was one of the coaches; coached my sons in football; great guy. So it's kind of a full circle thing and just thought I'd mention that because that's an interesting fact.

B: And he has given of himself, over and over and over.

J: Absolutely.

B: And at the same time, he's done homes at Pineapple Hill, at the Plantation Estates, and I'm sure he's done them at Waiakule and down in Lahaina. He's not too big for anything?

E: And he's our next door neighbor.

B: And he'sour next door neighbor at our office. But I think we now really gotta be winding down. Danny Couch is coming back on with a little bit of, "I Love Hawaii" and if anyone doesn't own a Danny Couch album, I think you ought to. So check out Danny Couch. Aloha.

E: Aloha and thank you Jeff. Thanks Betty.

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