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Fourth of July Family Fun with Sakamoto Properties
July 3rd, 2012

BETTY: Aloha and welcome to Betty's Real Estate Corner brought to you by Sakamoto Properties where prestige is our business, reputation our foundation. The show is brought to you exclusively by Sakamoto Properties and we're happy to be here today. We've got some new added confusion and excitement for you because this is truly a Sakamoto Day. We have Shelley Sakamoto who is our daughter, and of course we have Roy Sakamoto, next sitting here right between Roy and I is Taylor Sakamoto.

ROY: Taylor Burkhart

TAYLOR: My last name is Burkhart

BETTY: Oh, excuse me, that's true. I forgot there's a father in this. Shelley is really Shelley Sakamoto- Burkhart and we have Taylor Burkhart, behind me is Madison Burkhart and last but not least back there we have Daryl with a mystery last name so we're going to call her Sakamoto. Unless she reminds me of her last name. So today we're going to try to do a little bit of real estate stuff. You know, we're going to try to let you know what's going on in the community. We've got so many different ideas, but I think Roy might like to have a few words, say a few comments, and then we'll come up with the things that we think you would love to hear about from this generation because I think it's an exciting generation and there's some amazing young people.

ROY: Well this is our special show, it's obviously our family here in the studio with us and it's the Fourth of July coming up tomorrow. So it's a very special show.

BETTY: It is very special and I always feel like I'm a real patriot and when we come to any holiday like that. I think it's a great moment to try to say "thank you" to everyone that has served in the military ever and thank them for everything they've done for keeping us safe, for taking care of our lives, for allowing us to raise families. I can't even say enough but I think each one of you have to agree that without our military our lives would be pretty shabby.

ROY: No question. We've made it a point to thank our men and women in uniform wherever we see them. When we're travelling, or wherever, here on Maui, and it's always nice to just say thanks, thank you for all you do for us.

BETTY: I think that's a great thing and a lot of the kids today are going to talk about spreading aloha and the old aloha question and why we should be doing that. With our military, in any airport, I'd try to walk up to and shake the person's hand, any military person that I'd see in uniform. I've gone through the airports every so often carrying girl scout cookies from one of the grandkids and I just keep handing them out to any service person that I see. And I think anything that any of you do like that it makes them feel that whatever they're giving or whatever they're doing is all worthwhile because you each, individually, appreciate it. Anyway, happy Fourth of July.

TAYLOR: Happy Fourth of July.

BETTY: Alright, happy Fourth of July.

ROY: A big day coming up, especially in Lahaina, a big fireworks show in Lahaina tomorrow.

BETTY: That's going to be great. I'm told at 8:00 p.m. last year there were 18,000 people there and it was barely advertised. This year I think it's going to be huge and we're almost afraid to go there but it's looking like we're going to have to with this troop with us.

ROY: Well we're going to have 18,006 at least because we're all going to be there.

BETTY: That's right, we're all going to be there. Taylor is the first person that is sitting in the hot seat and I'm thinking Taylor I'd love to hear from you. She graduated from high school two years ago, she's been in college two years, is going to a new school this coming year, is working and I think one of the things I'd like to talk about to all of you is how important it is that our young people can get a job. Whatever it is, they need the ability to work and to learn and Taylor is working and heading to school and why don't you give us a little bit of a feel for your job and some excitement or whatever you're feeling about getting back to school this year.

TAYLOR: My job is pretty easy, I'm a hostess at a steakhouse down the street from our house and I just seat people and all of that good stuff. It's important because it's nice to have spending money that doesn't come from your parents because my dad doesn't like giving money to us anymore. I was told, once I turn eighteen, he's not paying for anything, so it's hard but it's good at the same time. I know it's hard because a lot of places are like well I'm not going to hire you because you don't have any experience but how do you get experience without having a job because they won't hire you because you don't have experience.

ROY: And you're going to where?

TAYLOR: I just graduated, or I'm going to graduate in August from Santiago Canyon College. Then I'm going to California State ? Fullerton in the fall. Go Titans.

ROY: And your majoring in?

TAYLOR: I'm a History major with a focus in American History.

ROY: Great.

BETTY: And I think Hawaiiana can be a little bit of American History if you look at it a certain way because we are a state. And she's been learning a lot since she's been here about Hawaii.

TAYLOR: Yeah, I guess it can be considered American History from the standpoint that it did become a state. But before that, I think that's a different course for the Hawaiian History.

BETTY: For the Territory of Hawaii.

TAYLOR: Yeah, for the Territory of Hawaii.

BETTY: So I think that she's got so much going for her and so many things and I think what you just said is true. For each one of us that is looking to hire someone let's think about the person that walks into your office that has no experience. It could be somebody young like these girls, it could be someone that got married right out of high school that never had a job but now needs to support a family because of changes in her life, or his life. And maybe they've had no experience but maybe think about it, think about hiring this person even if it has to be on a 90-day trial basis because you've got a great statement Taylor. If the person has no experience how can they ever get experience if nobody will ever hire them without experience, so to speak.

TAYLOR: Yeah, it was hard.

BETTY: It was hard.

ROY: Yeah, good point.

BETTY: Well let's see, we have somebody else here. I think the next person is Daryl. She's going to come up and have a couple of statements for us about what she's doing. Daryl is not actually a Sakamoto even if we're calling her one, but she is here for a couple of weeks with the girls. She's set up to go to a different school so let's hear about that and she has a different job, and she's been fortunate to have a job for a while so she's been one of the lucky ones. Daryl?

DARYL: Hi guys. I'd like to think of myself as a Sakamoto.

BETTY: And we're going for it.

ROY: You are.

DARYL: I just graduated from high school and I'm going to be attending Howard University in the fall. I'm really excited about it, it's going to be different, it's all the way across the mainland from where I live.

BETTY: Washington D.C.

DARYL: Washington D.C. yes, so we'll see what happens. Actually today is the two year anniversary of when I started working at my job so I think it's funny that we're doing that today. But, I'm really excited, I love my job. I was so fortunate to be able to get it when I turned sixteen. I know a lot of people have that trouble, especially now with the economy and everything but I don't know. I'm really happy about it, and I'm glad I got it. It taught me a lot about the real world, I guess you could say.

ROY: What kind of a job?

DARYL: I do birthday parties for little kids. I work at a place called Pump It Up and it has bounce houses and that kind of inflatable environment and things. It's a lot of fun for the kids.

BETTY: Daryl also happens to be a soccer player, and although she is not going to school on a soccer scholarship she is going to be playing soccer for Howard. But she does have, from what I understand, a full scholastic scholarship.

DARYL: Right, I received a full academic scholarship so they're paying for my room, my tuition and everything.

BETTY: Who's feeding you?

DARYL: Well my parents have to pay for a meal plan but besides that ?

BETTY: It's not a simple task.

ROY: No, we've had a lot of fun though and we were at the Old Lahaina Luau the other evening and last night we went to Ulalena. For those of you who have not been to Old Lahaina Luau or Ulalena I'll tell you, you're missing out on some great experiences and the performers and the food at Old Lahaina Luau is superb, the performers at Ulalena are unbelievable, incredible. The girls are learning all about practicing aloha and Daryl has been doing a lot of reading. She's read the book and tell us about aloha.

DARYL: Well from what I understand, I know I just started learning about it but aloha is like giving, well not giving, but ?

BETTY: Giving is good. The idea is you're giving of yourself.

DARYL: Treating others the way you want to be treated and just helping everyone else around you. To me that is such an amazing concept because I know, like today, a lot of people are just focused on themselves and they're too busy rushing around to take a moment and just appreciate the people that you have with you. The idea of aloha is just wonderful and I want to take it back with me wherever I go, to D.C. and school and it's been great reading about it.

BETTY: You can learn so much. And to a certain extent, I think aloha is kindness. You know, spreading kindness wherever you go is aloha. But I think the meanings and the book that you've been reading is really the greatest because aloha could be anything. We were, last night at Ulalena, the nose flutist, what is ?

ROY: Anthony.

BETTY: Anthony. He's very amazing, and he did each of the kids here tried the nose flute so they were able to really do it and it was amazing. But he talked about how sometimes if you just say hello to someone when you pass them on the street and say hi, you say aloha, you say how're you doing, good morning, whatever it is sometimes that person carries that with them for the whole day, maybe even longer because nobody really even takes the time to talk to them. So I think aloha can be very simple and it can be major, so thank you Daryl.

ROY: I think if we made it a practice to say hi or good morning, good afternoon or good evening, to a complete stranger and do it at least once a day the whole world would be a lot better.

BETTY: And, especially when you get to Washington D.C.

ROY: Absolutely

DARYL: Definitely

BETTY: Well last but not least in the room now, we have Madison Burkhart who is going to step into the hot seat for a moment and she's been really excited about getting up here and able to say a few words and tell us what she's doing. Also, just graduated from high school and has what is pretty much a first job. So let's hear what you're thinking is going to happen for the next year.

MADISON: Well I hope to keep my job.

ROY: For starters, that's good.

MADISON: Yeah, that's a main one. And over the summer I'm just having fun, keeping my job, earning money, and in the fall I'm going to a community college just to get my general ed done and hopefully transferring in two years.

ROY: Which college?

MADISON: Santiago Canyon College.

ROY: Good. And just your general education?

MADISON: Yeah, and then some major specific classes.

ROY: I know you've talked about maybe going in to nursing. Is that still on the radar?

MADISON: Yes, that's a definite yes.

ROY: Great

BETTY: Her job right now is very interesting, tell us about that. She's working at a pet store but because we happen to be pet lovers and have cats she's learning so much. Tell us about what you've learned about food, and what you're learning because I know you're new at it.

MADISON: At my job for the first couple of weeks I did mostly just reading packages and standing while the other people are talking to customers and listening in. So I've been learning a lot and I've been loving it. I work at a pet supply warehouse in Anaheim, and it's pretty much my favorite job. I know it's my only one, but it's my favorite right now and I've learned that our main seller is Natural Balance, so that's really the one that they have me learning about the most. So I know which formulas would be best for dogs with grain allergies, and which ones would be best for dogs who are having tummy troubles, or skin allergies, and also with cats. I know a lot about the cat food.

BETTY: Here's an interesting thing for anyone that's listening today, here's someone that truly, as far as I know, has never had a real job before but listen to what she's talking about and what she's learned and how willing she is to share it. You could have someone in a job forever and not care that much. I mean, she is young and she cares and she deserves the job and she deserves to always have a job. So again, I know it's hard because we have so many people out of work, but when we can, especially when we have temporary jobs or maybe we're all a little busier in the summer or over a specific holiday, let's remember to bring these kids into our lives and they're going to really do a lot for us and they're going to keep us all younger. So, anything else you can think of today?

ROY: Madison, how about Old Lahaina Luau, what was the thing about Old Lahaina Luau?

MADISON: I liked the food.

ROY: That's good, that's good.

MADISON: I liked the food and ?

BETTY: What about the waiter? The waiter was awesome.

MADISON: The waiter was fabulous.

ROY: It was just kind of a fun evening. And, what about Ulalena last night?

MADISON: It was so beautiful, I loved the performers and how they were able to tell a story with their dancing.

BETTY: The singing, the dancing. If anyone hasn't seen Ulalena you've got to do it one of these times because we've probably been there twenty times and every time we go we love it just as much. And, after the show they do a thing that's part of the producer's package which has a minimal additional cost but you can stay and a lot of the cast members come out and they sit and they tell you what they're doing, why they do it, how it started, and then Anthony had a major moment with us talking about aloha and what it means to spread aloha and it was a pretty amazing evening. As it was at Old Lahaina.

ROY: It was great. And it's great as a family to be able to go to the shows and enjoy ourselves. So tomorrow is the Fourth of July and we're going to have another fun day.

BETTY: It will be great. Tonight we're just going to eat leftovers, maybe barbecue some hamburgers, and we need to have birthday cakes because we're going to celebrate everybody's birthdays that we haven't missed. So I'm going to go shopping in a little bit for that.

ROY: And now we need a word from Shelley.

BETTY: There we go, and Shelley is the mother of this group.

ROY: And she is a Sakamoto.

BETTY: Yes, she is definitely Michelle Sakamoto - Burkhart and I couldn't love her any, any more. She is one of my most favorite people in the world; she came into my life when she was very young. Now I better not say how long I've known her because it might age her, it certainly ages me.

SHELLEY: A little bit. Well thank you Betty, I love you too.

BETTY: Thank you. So what are you thinking? You're now getting to where you're going to have your second child, both of your kids are going to be in college.

SHELLEY: I have two daughters, my husband and I are very thankful that we got them through high school and we're going to have two in college. So we're giving up our season tickets to the Angels to get our kids through college. But go Angels. Yes, so I'm a school teacher so I know that they value education and I think that so many times parents don't value education and they don't pass that down to their children so I'm very happy that my girls are, all of my girls, are going on to college and know how important an education is.

BETTY: It is exciting to watch everybody right now and the things that are going on and the plans for college. And another thing I think is fabulous about the three girls who are here is that they all read. I mean, they read a lot and now they're going to chuckle about it. But you do read, you guys, don't you? Okay, okay a book a day.

SHELLEY: We used to, when we were little, we used to wake up in the middle of the night and we'd go in and their lights would be on and they'd be reading at like two o'clock in the morning and it's like how can you tell them not to read. So we kind of just let them read as much as they wanted and Taylor, I know, she can read through a book in a couple of days ?

BETTY: No, no she's in the book a day club right now.

SHELLEY: Yeah, she's quick.

BETTY: And it's some amazing books she's getting through in a day.

SHELLEY: And Madison, she just got through with high school so I think now she's going to start kind of reading more for enjoyment. You know, she kind of had a tough senior year, she took a lot of hard classes and was always studying school subjects. So I'm happy that she's reading for fun now.

BETTY: We probably don't need to brag that she was a straight A student for her senior year, maybe for every year, but it was great and we're very proud. We're very proud of all the girls.

SHELLEY: She was a straight A student. Yes, we're very proud.

BETTY: Daryl we've, I guess we have known Daryl a little bit over the years, but this is the first time we've spent any time with her and we are very thankful that she came and has been a part of our family for two weeks, so it's been pretty great. Roy, are you thinking that we want to talk at all about real estate or are we kind of giving it up?

ROY: Yeah, we kind of are a real estate show and that's what we do. You can find us online at or call our office anytime (808) 669-0070.

BETTY: You know, I did check a little statistics last night and just, for interest, there's currently 516 properties pending in Maui, which again, we're a small island, I think that's pretty good. I took a look at the prior twelve months and there were 2,290 sales over the twelve month period. Now I did every category so it's not just houses or just condos, it's condos, houses, land, timeshares, the ones that happen to record as resales. So, I mean, I think it's really interesting since the first of the year until June thirtieth, there have been 1,238 sales so if anyone wants to say that nothing's happening in real estate, they're wrong. They couldn't be more wrong.

ROY: Far wrong, absolutely. Why don't we talk about a couple of our listings?

BETTY: Go ahead, you start it off.

ROY: Okay, 214 Crestview Road up at Pineapple Hill. It's three bedrooms, three and a half baths, unbelievable ocean, mountain, Lanai, Molokai, sunset views. And it's within the gates of Pineapple Hill subdivision at Kapalua, listed for $2,879,000 and very worth your while to see.

BETTY: That's actually, again, a great home, it's not one of the largest homes there, it has one of the best views however, very livable space and you know from the standpoint of Pineapple Hill that's a great value. The house is in fabulous shape and Pineapple Hill, it not only has a pool at the house, a Jacuzzi at the house, but also Pineapple Hill has a second large pool, not quite Olympic size, but a great spot that's for the use of all the owners, two tennis courts, and obviously it's part of the Kapalua Resort. So there's so much to be said there at Pineapple Hill. So again check out our website and you'll see a lot of the properties that we have listed at Pineapple Hill and the Plantation, and it will also take you into the Maui Board of Realtors. But more than anything call us, make a phone call, let us help you.

ROY: 114 Woodrose, you know a lot about this one.

BETTY: This is another amazing home. It's on one of the largest lots at Pineapple Hill, the largest single lot, so it's over 15,000 square feet it's a corner. The house was really built, it wasn't one of the early homes, it was built just enough later that they modified the floor plan a little, put in huge closets because it was set up for someone to live in all the time. A lot of the homes were built as second homes so this one was really built to live in and I'm kind of hoping whoever buys it is someone that is going to be a full time owner. Again, huge view, easy to walk from there down to Pineapple Grill Restaurant, another of our favorites.

ROY: That's right and what's interesting about 114 Woodrose is the owners would consider a condominium as a partial trade so if you're looking to upgrade from a condominium call us at (808) 669-0070. These owners would seriously consider a trade for a condominium.

BETTY: Absolutely, they're making arrangements to move from here permanently and they have lived here for a lot of years but they want to spend time here they just don't feel like they want to keep what's considered to be a relatively large home.

ROY: Shifting gears a little bit, 102 Honolua Place up at the Plantation Estates. It's over two acres of land, huge home, there's a one bedroom ohana, it's actually four bedrooms, six baths, built by Ted Taylor of CC&D Builders, who is one of the best builders on Maui. If you're looking to custom build your own home talk to Ted Taylor of CC&D.

BETTY: Call us for the phone number because we don't know it off the top of our heads.

ROY: (808) 669-0070 or again

BETTY: You know one thing that I wanted to mention, we are winding down with probably a minute and a half left, but there was an article in the paper the other day for $15,000 grants that are available for first-time homebuyers. Now I think there's only so many of them that are available, you're going to have to make an application, you can call the Housing Division at (808) 270-7351 and talk to somebody. But you're going to need to possibly talk to a broker first; you're going to have a credit pre-approval from a lender, and you'll need a couple of things and I think you're going to have to make a fast move to make this happen. It appears they're only going to have their team that will end up qualifying, but $15,000 is a lot of money toward a first time home and a first time home will eventually move you into a second time home, third time home, and hopefully to your Maui dream home which is the American dream and it's the Fourth of July.

ROY: So call us at (808) 669-0070 and we'll give you all the information on this new program.

BETTY: Okay, we're going to end up here with Danny Couch and we're going to need a little bit of quick laughter here from these guys. Aloha.

ROY: Aloha from everyone.

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