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Great Maui Properties in Kapalua and Napili
April 3rd, 2012

Betty Sakamoto:Aloha and welcome to Betty's real estate corner brought to you by Sakamoto Properties where prestige is our business, reputation our foundation. Today my husband Roy Sakamoto is here with me so we're going to spend half hour, twenty-five minutes giving you a little bit of real estate information. Bringing you up to date on some things that are happening in the community and hello Roy.

Roy Sakamoto:Good morning. I don't know if people realize but we're actually on live so if we goof up we're doing it live.

B: True we should keep restating that cause I feel like we never come here with the perfect plan and whatever plan we had in place we tend to change by the time we're here. So maybe when you hear us kind of flipping from one thing to another realize it is live and we think that for us anyway makes it a lot more fun than if we had a script or doing it ahead of time and then play it. So I love doing it this way.

R: Oh yeah, it's fun and Happy Easter everybody.

B: Happy Easter. You know one of the things that we've been involved with over the last week and a half, a very, very, dear, dear friend of ours has been at the hospital, Maui memorial Hospital. She has had 2 minor strokes and it's so difficult but you know with all of the bad things that off and on we hear about Maui Memorial Hospital, I want to take a moment to say I was really, really stunned by the amount of caring, and loving, and hard work, and dedication, and expertise and I'm not sure what else to say, but don't you think Roy there's been some amazing people there at the hospital?

R: Oh no question, our good friend was well taken care of, the facilities are fantastic, and on top of that what's even better is the staff is one-of-a-kind. Especially in the ER, amazing, amazing, people. We had nurse Collette who was very, very caring, went out of her way to make sure not only our good friend was taken care of but also cared about us, the family.

B: There was also someone, Danny, who happened to be there when she was being moved from place to place often was on the transporter. I kept calling it the transformer. I don't know why, maybe to take a little of the pressure off what was going on. But he was such a nice, nice man, and also very caring. You know, he talked to us about some of the things that were going on; he made a point of making our person very comfortable. You know getting her from test to test, room to room. We spent 2 very, very long days at the emergency room and then after that getting transferred into a room and then finally going home. But there's so much that they did and I had kind of had a list of names and the only one that is in my brain right now is Collette, and Danny. But there's a couple of other people and the next time we have the show I'll bring some of the names with me because it's really worth saying. But they really did a great job. They did a fabulous job and I think so much has happened in the last couple of years there that we're really proud of. Including, Roy, what is going on trying to have some sort of collaboration between Hale Makua and the hospital.

R: Yes, yes. I've been on the board of Hale Makua for twenty-some odd years and we have now a program going in connection with Maui Memorial Medical Center. And we've got two bills pending in the legislature, one in the senate, one in the house that have both crossed over and this will be a big plus for health care on Maui. Where we'll be saving the citizens of Maui a lot of money, and the state of Hawaii a lot of money. And the continuum of care between the hospital and Hale Makua will go as smooth as, hopefully as smooth as can be. This is long overdue, it's kind of an earth shattering event: a joint venture between a state run facility, which Maui Memorial is, and a private, non-profit, which Hale Makua is. So standby we'll keep you posted.

B: One of the interesting things to me is we all lose sight of who is paying for things. You know, so whether it's in many cases, Medicare, there's a lot of maybe welfare patients, there's a whole lot of different way that things are being paid for but it's less expensive if your loved ones happen to be at Hale Makua when they're getting additional care vs. in a hospital bed. And even if an insurance company is paying or in the cases of Medicare, Medicade, I think is the other, whatever it is, whoever's paying in the end it's often we. You know, we the people. And if we all make stuff like this work so that less is paid for each service, in the end it's going to help us all for when we do need care. And I think that Roy and what he's been doing with Hale Makua is a pretty amazing thing and they're saying that it could be the benchmark for things like this all across the country. So I am very proud Roy, it's amazing.

R: And big kudos to Tony Krieg the CEO of Hale Makua and Wes Lo the CEO of Maui Memorial Hospital for their foresight and planning. And I think we'll all benefit, no question, we'll all benefit.

B: And you know Roy's been involved, I say 30 years, but he says the better of 20-something, seems like 30 years, but it's been a real constant involvement. And to get to the point where the hospital and Hale Makua are actually working together like this is an epic thing and it's going to help in every way. So that if someone's trying to get out of the hospital you know, they'll make the transition to Hale Makua in hopefully just for a matter of days but it will be better for everybody and the care at Hale Makua is fabulous. So again I think that something is going to happen that is going to make it better should any of us ever be in that position of having to be in the hospital and trying to transition back home. So we're hoping that this keeps going and moving along.

R: Yes, yes. A lot of rehab work goes on at Hale Makua. Hale Makua is not only a nursing home, it's also a huge resource for rehabilitation from strokes, heart attacks, automobile accidents, broken bones, and so forth. So stay tuned.

B: Stay tuned. Anyway I'm going to bring in some information on a couple of doctors that were extremely kind, that took care of us in the emergency room. And again, the only thing I know is that one of our favorite doctors, her husband happens to be the general manager at BMW which I didn't know until I accidentally talked to him afterwards. So it's someone that probably a lot of you know, Andrew, and he's really great and she was an amazing doctor. But should we get on to some real estate information?

R: It's a real estate show.

B: It is a real estate show. Driving over Roy, we were trying to come up with a couple of properties that we should highlight and one of the ones is 31 Pualu Loop which is close to the Napili park. So if you're heading from Napili on the upper road toward Kapalua, the next real turn is into this subdivision which was set up originally as a Maui land and pineapple Kapalua employee housing and it's really some great homes and this one is fabulous, listed at $750,000. Very close to the park where there's so many, there's tennis courts, soccer, baseball, there's some kid's kind of, you know, little kid type things you know, that you spin around on etcetera. You see people out there really having a great time walking around, walking around the soccer field etcetera. So it's a place for everybody.

R: Running with their dogs, it's a great neighborhood and one that's over looked. Not many people know about this.

B: True but the lot itself at this property is 11,500, approximately, square feet and it has access behind it into a ravine area so it seems even larger than it is but there's a lot, it's a fabulous tropical setting, great fruit trees, beautiful mango trees. Take a look at the photos of this on our website And it's 31 Pualu (P-U-A-L-U) Loop. Take a look at that, the house is almost 2,600 feet. The upstairs is very livable and then downstairs there's kind of an, almost ohana. They actually had their two boys living downstairs in kind of separate areas cause the boys were adults by then. So really great home and really worth taking a look at.

R: (808) 669-0070 to view the property.

B: You know some of the others we keep kind of drifting around on the Kapalua properties because that has been somewhat of our specialty even though we've got a little bit of everything. You know, one of the properties that we've been showing quite a bit right now is 114 Woodrose Place. The house is over 4,000 square feet, one of the larger lots, over 15,000 square feet, listed at $3,350,000, a corner lot, amazing, amazing home. It has the walk in closet that every woman would die for, it's so again when you're coming to Kapalua and you're looking for a property check in with us because we have the listings from the Golf Villas to the Plantation and we can get you in and see anything, almost anytime, we'll work really hard on it.

R: The 114 Woodrose is at Pineapple Hill at Kapalua, behind the gates at Kapalua, or behind the gates at Pineapple Hill. And it's really secluded, and again like you said, great view of the ocean, sunset, Molokai, Lanai, and the whales in the winter time.

B: Oh the whales, right now, are great. Actually it's got two gates which I think is kind of neat. You come in through the primary Kapalua, I mean Pineapple Hill gate, and then when you get onto Woodrose, this is down towards the end, and there's a secondary gate because it's a flag lot. So it's kind of nice that the second gate opens and you go down your row of very private trees into a circular driveway. So again great home and a great value. So I think again if you're looking for something at the Pineapple Hill or the Plantation, give us a call, you've got that number.

R: (808)669-0070. and how about our newest listing at Pineapple Hill? 1008 Sunset Place, it's a 3-bedroom, 3 and a half bath, modified floor plan, it's about 4,500 square feet, limestone flooring, saltwater pool, not chlorine, and again awesome views of Lanai, Molokai, and sunsets.

B: That's a house that has huge, huge living areas. So that there's so much worth seeing in there, it's listed at $3,950,000. But again part of the thing to this is the way that they set up the living space; it has to be the most mammoth beams ever because the open areas of living, kitchen, little eating areas, etcetera, it's pretty amazing. Amazing granite chosen all the way through the place, the master bedroom is upstairs and it kind of, the master bedroom is large with a great lanai, but then you kind of circle behind there where the walk in showers, etcetera, huge bathtub, the closet, another one of those closets that most of us women would love to have, the kind that goes in and almost weaves around. So there's so much to be said for this house. The dining room Roy -

R: Yes.

B: A great dining room.

R: Right.

B: But you'd probably eat outside most of the time.

R: Well it's geared for outdoor living so the pocket doors, it's got 2 pocket doors that open up, and well constructed, it's amazingly well built.

B: I think the pocket doors are key to this kind of a lifestyle where you're going to be in and out of the pool all the time. It's got a great Jacuzzi, huge views, and a view if you're in the Jacuzzi also so you can be sitting there, it's a little bit elevated so at night time you could be there watching the sunset and having your cocktail or soda or whatever you'd wanna have. Amazing, I mean these are some of the greatest properties around.

R: How about 1 more at pineapple hill, actually I wanna talk about 2 more. But how about 208 Crestview which is actually on a double lot, square footage is about 5,700 square feet. The view is just awesome, amazing.

B: The land on that is over 20,000 square feet and again the open expansive interior of this is really something to see. The pool is fabulous, Jacuzzi is private, again there's so much going on there that you've got to see it. And the extra bedrooms are upstairs and out of the way so that the residents could easily live on the ground floor, virtually no stairs, or very little, and the master you could use an area, well it is, the master bedroom is on that floor. So again great -

R: A lot of privacy.

B: A lot of privacy and when you've got guests they're totally out of your way.

R: And again it's geared for outdoor living. Big barbecue area, outdoor dining, well set up. And one more Pineapple Hill. It's listed by Dean from our office, Dean Otto, and it's owned by Carlos Santana.

B: That's a fabulous, another fabulous, fabulous house.

R: It's also on a double lot, about 21,000 square feet, about a half acre of land, 7,600 square feet, air conditioned, it's a 5 bedroom, 5 and a half bath and the furnishings alone are just awesome.

B: It's got that great little area outside, it's a little, it's not really an ohana, but it is a little area that I think they used as a studio.

R: I think Carlos composed some songs in there.

B: Yeah I do too. So it is a house that when you see that it is one that you would love to be in, love to be in.

R: Right, it could be an outdoor or a separate office very easily which is what it was set up for.

B: But I think music was part of it for Carlos, it is absolutely.

R: And what about 1212 Summer home?

B: Okay, I was thinking the same thing.

R: Okay.

B: Now we move to, it was actually on 3 lots.

R: Still at pineapple Hill.

B: Still at Pineapple Hill, listed at $7.9 million, 8 bedrooms, 8 and a half baths, great compound, so I think again, it's something that you've gotta see. The bedrooms, there's a downstairs bedroom area that actually has living space, and was set up with the idea in mind that it's definitely wheelchair accessible for a family member and it has its own little living space, it's all on, that whole floor has no stairs so you can easily get around. So if somebody was with you in a wheelchair or needed some additional help at any time they could be using this area. We did have one person looking at it recently who was thinking they would change that into a master suite instead of using the master suite upstairs. So again there's a whole lot of things worth seeing in that house and again it's a compound, you can have your whole family, kids, grandkids, and it works.

R: 8-bedrooms and walk into the main level, and there's 2 indoor atriums, or atria I guess maybe? Fully open to the sky and so forth and I know when the owners are in residence they keep the doors open, and you can have it sealed off when you're not in residence. But quite the site.

B: Yeah it's great, when they've been in town we've been there for parties, etcetera and you can have a hundred people around there. The pool it seems to me is about 1,600 square feet. So the pool alone, we've been there when there's probably 10 kids in the pool all jumping around in out in out but having a ball. And then they did a neat thing in putting the Jacuzzi separate from the pool so that if the parents, it's almost like there's a little secret path over to the Jacuzzi so if the kids are all over the pool, you know, you can actually go and have a moment in the Jacuzzi and have it just a little bit away from everyone. Again huge barbecue areas.

R: Yes.

B: There's so many thoughts on that house, again 1212 Summer Road and what a great address.

R: And how about going up the hill now to the Plantation Estates? One of our favorite homes 231 Plantation Club Drive.

B: That's an amazing home and again when you think in terms of a home that is truly you know meant for family living, you know where you can have several generations that are there. There's so many different ideas that people have had. There's a 2-bedroom ohana that is actually attached, there's a separate building that's considered to be an auxiliary building, and they've used it for a variety of hobby type things, but the downstairs of it actually has a pool table, ping pong, it's own bathrooms, you know up and down. It's you know you're right there off your own private tennis court, it's one of those properties that I think, you know I haven't, it's hard for me to believe that it hasn't sold yet is one of my things on that.

R: It shows really, really well, it's on a little over 7 acres and as you mentioned it has its own private tennis court.

B: And it's a little over 8,000 square feet of living space. You know, so it is, it's a true compound. You know if you were here by yourself, it's very easy living on primarily one level, and then when every body is with you you're gonna spread out and until everybody wakes up for breakfast, everybody can have total privacy and if somebody's going to sleep early they can drift into their quarters more or less and have, again, total privacy. So you gotta see it, 231 Plantation Club Drive, an amazing, I keep saying amazing, but I am sometimes stunned at some of the listings that we've done, some of these properties, just going there and showing them is a pleasure.

R: And again, you can view our listings at or call us anytime, (808) 669-0070.

B: And shortly you're going to be able to view all of ours on your iPhone and Blackberry. We're in the middle of getting that finished up but we're looking at how it's coming out and it's really going to be pretty fabulous. So when somebody wants to pull something up or they're looking at one of our signs they'll be able to quickly pull it up on a Blackberry, pull it up on an iPhone. And you know, the people at Meyer Computer here in Wailuku have been amazing, taking us kicking and screaming into the current century. We're doing our best but I'm sure for everybody that's in the middle of trying to update themselves so that you are more reachable, it's pretty amazing. You know, check us out on Facebook, so you'll find us everywhere and take a look at our listings and we're willing to help you look for a property whether it's $100,000 or $11million. So I hope that you realize that we've got agents that work on everything, including us. You know we are never too busy to talk to someone that walks through the door to chat with us.

R: Speaking about high tech though we have Chris from Meyer Computer in the studio and actually taping the show. So stay tuned for our new software that will be coming I guess maybe next week for the iPhone.

B: And take a look at YouTube and you can see what we are doing here which maybe isn't that exciting but if you listened to it and want to hear what we said again, hopefully someone is trying to hear what we said a second time, you know take a look. It's kind of fun, you know I've of course glanced at it from time to time to maybe figure out what I didn't do or what I forgot to do. But take a look at all of that and again

R: I think we've got a couple of minutes left to talk maybe about some condominiums.

B: Okay, you know one of the best buys right now are the Golf Villas, and again give us a call right now (808) 669-0070. But you're talking right now from as low as $400,000 for a 1-bedroom and then ones that are in better shape going up from that. We've got a fabulous 2-bedroom, great view, located close to the pool, never been in a rental program, that's a good one, don't you think?

R: Oh, it is.

B: $600,000

R: And the views are just fantastic from this one too. Right on the golf course.

B: Great views, and many upgrades have been completed over the years so it's really worth taking a look at it.

R: It's never been rented so it's in pristine condition.

B: You know another one we've got, I guess we are getting down close to one minute, but the Iron Woods at Kapalua, call us, you know we have the listings that are there. And Coconut Grove, you know, we've got a great listing at Coconut Grove, number 14, so again large, 3-bedrooms, 3 and a half baths, the Iron Woods are pretty much 2-bedrooms, three baths, with a little study but we can get you into these and some of these oceanfront condominiums they're not gonna be available for long, so again I think you've gotta take a look. You know another one Roy, the Sands at Kahana, the price just went down $255,000 so it's $995000. You're never gonna see that again. It's so oceanfront that I think we told you last week that someone accused us of putting a picture in that wasn't from the unit, it was so fabulous they thought we just picked a beach. Anyway, I guess Roy, we are winding down pretty fast so remember our website and also our phone number (808) 669-0070. Any other last thoughts from you Roy as Danny Couch comes on?

R: Well my email address is and Betty's is and again our phone number is (808) 669-0070

B: Aloha, and listen to Danny Couch.

R: Aloha

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