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Kokua for Kupuna - Hale Makua's Annual Fundraiser
July 14th, 2014

Betty Sakamoto: Aloha and thank you for joining us at Betty's Real Estate Corner. We're from Sakamoto Properties. Betty Sakamoto here and Roy Sakamoto here.

Roy Sakamoto: Roy Sakamoto.

B: And it's Tuesday so, it must be time for Sakamoto Properties Real Estate Corner. Anyway, today's one of those days that we're here kind of thinking a lot about real estate. Roy and I were fortunate to be able to drive over together today. We're picking up one of our kids from the airport, who's going to be able to stay for 10-11 days and it's going to be really great. For any of you that are parents, grandparents with your kids living away today will be a special day because she's actually coming by herself - no kids, no husband. She's just going to spend 11 days hanging out with us. Going to the beach, going to the pool, and we're going to spend as much time as we can with her doing all of the great Maui things.

R: One thing we got to show her is Lahainaluna.

B: Oh, we're going to be up there for sure.

R: Yeah.

B: Yeah, you just listen to that...Neil Everett from ESPN just did his piece on Lahainaluna High School. Which he did a while ago for the school and so many people are calling us about that and making contributions. The school needs it in order to get this project finished properly we need all the donations we can get. When you listen to Neil Everett, isn't it amazing - Roy - that here's a guy that didn't go to Lahainaluna High School, he doesn't even have a wife that went to Lahainaluna High School; but he loves it, he really cares about us, he cares about our community and he was willing to put his name out there. I mean, people would pay him tons of money to do an advertisement and he comes in and does a public service announcement for Lahainaluna High School, just to help us raise funds.

R: Oh, his heart's in it. He's a firm Lahainaluna believer and it's not about the money; it's about the belief and he... Again, Neil Everett, thank you very much. Lahainaluna thanks you. Speaking of fundraising for Lahainaluna, our class has taken up the challenge.

B: Excellent.

R: So, the class of 1960 is issuing a challenge to all the other classes. We're starting to raise our $1,000 and maybe we'll raise $2,000 to get two rows of bleachers.

B: Whoa.

R: So, come on classmates!

B: I think it's really great. When it started Roy and I made a quick decision and we contributed $1,000 for the class of 1831 because we thought, if we could do that, the first class that was ever at the school and donate for them; I think that'll be a fabulous row of bleachers, just the whole idea of it. So, if you don't have a class and you don't want - I mean, I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to put their family name on it - but I think it would be pretty fun, to pick all those years.

R: Right. Actually, we've had a lot of interest from people who are not Lahainaluna alumni, who are also interested in participating and sponsoring a row of bleachers. So, anybody out there can do it.

B: We found over the years that a lot of people that we worked with in real estate, that have second homes here, that they really care about the community, they care about all of us, and they want to contribute something - they want to find a way to give back. So, if you're listening to this today and you're thinking, 'over the years what could I do?' 'what could I do to help the whole community?' This is something, that for West Maui, helps the whole community. It helps every kid that ever went to school at Lahainaluna in West Maui, it helps every person in the community because we're all, everybody here...almost everybody, that went to high school here, went to Lahainaluna.

R: And how about the naming of the stadium? It's that great?

B: Yeah, the school has now been named for, or it's being named, the Department of Education just agreed that it will be named the Sue D. Cooley Stadium. Sue, her middle name Davidson, was a family name. She's the lady who stepped up and saw a need. We've told you that story a few times, so I probably shouldn't go through it again. She's someone that's come here for 40 some years easily.

R: I would think so, yeah.

B: We've known her a good deal of that time and she's so amazing and she cares so much. I mean, she was willing to keep giving. You know, she gave - and I'm talking huge amounts - she first gave probably a million dollars. Then, when it wasn't happening, we kept working with her, kind of doing a shout out of sorts to everybody that could help but the expense of the stadium was so huge, and so phenomenal, and eventually she kept stepping up - to see to it that it happened, and it's happened.

R: And, again, like Neil Everett, Sue Cooley is a Lahainaluna believer.

B: Yeah, she's a believer. Is that a great statement? A believer!

R: Yeah. Bless her heart. Thank you Sue, and thank you Neil, and thank you to all of you out there that are going to be donating.

B: You know, that's actually, I guess it's two years now that Sue won one of the Legends of Lahainaluna awards, and she should be a legend. I mean, she is a legend. She lives half of the year here, and half of the year in Bainbridge Island. But, I think for years to come she will be a legend at Lahainaluna just because how do you ever find someone who'll put up seven and a half million dollars to see to it that we have this fabulous stadium? After she won the award, Neil Everett was there and we were there with her, and Neil asked if she wanted to say something and she took the microphone and started talking. Later Neil said, "oops, first lesson of radio, or television, whatever is don't give up the microphone." But she had so much fun and she had so much to say about why she did it and it's an act of love, it's an act of caring.

R: Yes, it is. Totally. What about, now that we're on Public Service Announcements and so forth, next big event, September 28th.

B: Hale Makua Luau.

R: Yeah, it's at the Sheraton Maui this year, starting at 5:30pm at the luau grounds. For those of you traveling and driving in from East Maui, there will be bus service available from Kahului if you'd like. Or if you want to come and spend the night, or spend the weekend at the Sheraton Maui, there's a special rate of $189 a night that the Sheraton is having for Luau participants. Tell the Sheraton when you make your reservations that you're coming for the Hale Makua Luau and that entitles you to this special rate. That's a great hotel, great location.

B: Amazing beach there.

R: Yes.

B: You can watch the sunset and they have the nightly cliff diver and that is so fun. I keep saying we need to go down there one night soon and enjoy that moment again. But, coming over here to spend the night at the Sheraton would be fabulous and you would love every minute of it. Or, the bus idea, I think is also fabulous. None of us needs to drive if we don't have to. When they've done this in the past, the bus is great because everybody has a great time on the bus.

R: Yes.

B: It'll be a great, fun group.

R: It's a great bonding moment and it's fun. Tickets are $110 for adults - $35 of which is tax deductible - $30 for keiki, 5 to 12 - a portion of that is tax deductible, also. So, come on out, have fun. Kapena's going to be the headlining entertainer. There's going to be silent auctions, there's also going to be a raffle with a suggested donation. The raffle is going to be for a day on the Maui Jim.

B: Really? I didn't know that yet.

R: Thank you to Maui Jim Sunglasses for donating the boat. You can have the whole day, up to 8.5-9 hours. 8-9-10 of you can get together and go enjoy a day of fishing, or sightseeing, or whatever you like to do. Maui Jim is a great boat and Walter Hester, thank you for all you do for Hale Makua and for Maui. Walter is the owner of Maui Jim Sunglasses, they do a tremendous amount of work for the community, in particular for Hale Makua - so, thank you Walter, thank you Maui Jim.

B: Amazing, that's true. Maui Jims, they have done so much for our community that's absolutely phenomenal. Someone from that company seems to turn up at almost every important event. I'm sure they take care of other people too, you know, the ones they we don't hear about and they don't get publicity for. But, again, Walter is amazing. Ruthie, there, she's amazing at the organization. Bill.

R: Bill Haywood. The whole company is fantastic. And, frankly, they make the best sunglasses. We've been using Maui Jim sunglasses for a number of years, by far the best.

B: I never would use anything else and the best thing also about them, also, is if you have a problem with your sunglasses, you walk in there, on Maui, and they'll fix them for you. Typically, there's no charge. If you've actually damaged them, they'll tell you. I mean, they'll look and say, "obviously, these lenses are really scraped up," but they'll also totally replace the lenses for $35 each, which is pretty inexpensive. Then they kind of service your sunglasses, I often look at them and feel they gave me a brand new pair back. They're great about it and they really take good care of their customers. So, if you just go in there, if you've got a pair that are broken take them in there and they'll do their best to fix them for you. They do it with a smile, they're happy about it, 'service' really is their middle name.

R: No question.

B: Maybe, first name.

R: Yeah. So, luau tickets are available, the Hale Makua Luau tickets. Call Hale Makua at 871-9283, 871-9283, or get on the website, which is and you'll be able to get luau tickets. Get 'em fast because, again, Kapena is the headline entertainment. It's just going to be a fun-filled evening and a great cause for Hale Makua.

B: Okay, any real estate we want to do today or should we...

R: Well, we are a real estate show.

B: We are, that's right.

R: Yeah, and again, brought to you by Sakamoto Properties. Look at us at and call us, 669-0070.

B: So, give us a call. If you've got a cell phone from out of town, (808) 669-0070. We have a great website, we have a lot of people that have commented, easy to navigate around. We'd love you to take a look and getting to us, asking about properties anywhere on Maui, or around the world. So, we'd love to check in with you. You know, one of the things I like, Roy, you have a new listing, 15B Ui Place.

R: Yes, right in Lahaina. It's actually just on a market about a week and getting a lot of attention. It's a three-bedroom, two-bath, with an ohana. Home right in Lahaina, it's about half a block from the ocean. It's an older home and needs some T.L.C. but it's certainly priced right. The price is at $625,000. We do have an appraisal, a recent appraisal for estate purposes, that is pretty much right at the asking price for $625,000. So, call us, 669-0070 or look at it on our website,

B: It's an amazing property. To be a block from the ocean, you know, I've said before...

R: Half a block.

B: Half a block, okay. I said this morning, "you know, the land is worth it." I mean you're hitting the point on some of this, that if you could have a house. And I hope right now that people that have been looking at it have been mostly residents and long time residents, and I think it's such a great property. I could see anybody buying that and someday rebuilding there. It's a great, great location. So, check with us.

R: Yeah, it is and people would say Lahaina is hot and so forth, you're close enough to the ocean where you're getting ocean breezes. So, it's a very cool location in a lot of ways.

B: You know, Roy grew up in Lahaina. I grew up in Buffalo, New York. So, it's kind of a funny thing; Roy is so used to the heat, I've been here almost 40 years, but it'll always be harder for me, the heat, because it's not how I grew up. But, when you're in Lahaina nothing could be better. Lahaina in the morning is the most fabulous place in the world, I love it. Five o'clock in the morning, pick up a Starbucks, it's great, or perfect.

R: Or on your way to go fishing.

B: On your way to go fishing, we did that the other day. Whoa, great. You know, another new listing, Roy, is 1369 Kahoma St. four-bedroom, two-bath house listed at $649,000, has an ohana. Really fabulous property and we're not seeing many of those. It's almost the stage that either of these could end up going over the asking price, which is always shocking but we're getting so much interest in them that it's going to be interesting. There's almost nothing you can buy in Lahaina now in the $600,000 range.

R: Yes, both of these. 1369 Kahoma and 15B Ui are both in the 600's, one at 625, one at 649. Both of these are estate type sales. So, call us 669-0070 and we'll make arrangements for you to see.

B: Kahoma St., you know, is Waikuli, so you've got a simple walk down to Waikuli Beach Park, simple walk to shopping. Anything that you need to do, I think, when you're living in places that are Lahaina, Waikuli, Lahaina, it's a fabulous place. So, give us a call, (808) 669-0070 and we'll get you in to see these.

R: Yeah, the cannery mall is a short walk from Kahoma St. Safeway, Longs - right there.

B: Anywhere you need to go.

R: Yes.

B: We can get you there.

R: Right, absolutely.

B: What else, Roy? I'm just kind of flipping through some of these things we were talking, a number of the properties on the way over here. We were kind of intent on discussing with you a little, Hale Makua, a little Lahainaluna because we all need some help on those things. Every time we mention it on the show we hear from somebody that's ready to step up and sometimes just one of the classes again. Class of 1982, Julie Ehu Flynn Sherlock, she's got a big shout out to her class, so, they're working on it now - doing class of 1982. So, let's hear from some other classes also. R: Yeah, and class of 1960, if you're out there - come on!

B: Need 'em all, need 'em all. R: Need 'em all. Okay, 205 Plantation Club Drive, this is a great price for it. A home on two and a half acres, the Plantation Estates at Kapalua. Just a short walk to the clubhouse. It's five bedrooms, five and a half baths. It's listed at $6,500,000. Great floor plan, all on one level and very easy to see, also.

B: You know, another - kind of switching around - but going to some of the condos at Kapalua. We're having a lot of activity right now on one in particular. It's at the Ridge, unit #524, it's got a great ocean view, and it's also got a great view out to the Ritz Carlton Hotel. We happen to have lived on that side of the ridge for a lot of years, so that when you can see the Ritz Carlton, it's probably the good news and the bad news, but we happen to have loved it. You're also looking out, any night that they're having some fireworks there, so you've got front row seats. When the Ritz Carlton has a company in town or something that's going on with a special day, and we'll get to see the fireworks. The hotel lit up at night is absolutely fabulous and a great place to go for cocktails, or whatever you want to do. For the spa, for just walking over there at night, for the Christmas lights, for everything. You know, so, at Kapalua you are part of the Ritz Carlton Hotel and this particular unit looks out right down to the ocean and you can see the Ritz Carlton. Listed at $730,000, one bedroom, two bath. I say the Ridge is, absolutely an amazing place.

R: It really is. Again, construction is concrete block, cement block. Really solid construction. 524 is right across the street from the main recreation area, big pool, big barbecue area. We've had some great barbecues there.

B: Yes, we have. We lived there and we used to... We probably had 80 some people, which is probably more than the number of people you're supposed to have there (laughter). But we would, during the golf tournaments, we would invite a bunch of people up there, a lot of the different owners that were in town, and we would have a fabulous barbecue with Azeka's Ribs.

R: Azeka's Ribs, yeah the good old days.

B: Yeah, the good old days.

R: Boy, we've had some great golfers there; Hale Irwin, Ben Crenshaw, Mark O'Meara. Just fun times.

B: It was a fun time because everybody was here, it was more casual at the time. All of pros that were around in that era loved to come off to kind of a family barbecue where they would meet a lot of local residents and hang out with people and it was a different era. Loved it.

R: Fun times. Fun times.

B: Yeah, it was really super.

R: And how about, still staying at Kapalua, 26-V1 at the Golf Villas. It's a one bedroom, one and a half bath.

B: Top floor.

R: Top floor, corner unit. It's highly upgraded and still on the market, I'm surprised it's still on the market at $675,000. If you're not familiar with the Golf Villas, it surrounds the Kapalua Bay course and this one is right on the 11th fairway. Top floor, huge views, sunsets all year round, Lanai, Molokai. Come see this, 669-0070 call us; look at it on our website, Again, our website, courtesy of Meyer Computer. Thank you Chris and Jesse and everybody at Meyer Computer.

B: Another listing, as we're talking condos, etcetera, at the Napali Kai Resort, Puna II, unit number 229, listed at $875,000. Totally renovated, impeccable complex, they went through and did everything. I mean, the buildings were kind of taken down to studs and rebuilt. It's a studio, large studio, listed at $875,000. Fabulous rental program they've got a great restaurant there, you're adjacent to the whole Kapalua Resort. A place that, if you're looking for an investment, second home type property, for $875,000, it's one of things that next year will be, 'oh my gosh, I wish I had done that one.'

R: It really is and Napali Bay, what a pretty setting, isn't it?

B: Nothing could be better. It's a great spot to even go for anybody to go down to the restaurant and you can sit on the beach all afternoon, there's a great outside are where you can have hamburgers, or pupu's, or whatever you want. As our kids were older, it was great to go down there, now with our grandkids. It's a fabulous spot to go out there, sit out on the beach, kids can run around, younger grandkids and all the rest of us can be sitting eating hamburgers, having drinks, and sodas, and whatever. So, anyways, looks like we're at the one minute warning.

R: Yeah, one minute warning. Quick plug for Napali Point B-5. It's a one bedroom, one and a half bath at Napali Point, $629,000. Call us, 669-0070 and...


R: Yes, ma'am.

B: And here, we've got now, we're going to have Danny Couch coming up, we're also going to have Neil Everett back on. So, listen to this, listen to what he says. What's his first thing? Howzit.

R: Yes

B: When he says how is it, he says Howzit. So, listen to this and do what he tells you because he won't keep doing it for us if you don't listen.

R: Okay. Aloha.

B: Aloha.

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