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September 2nd, 2014

Betty Sakamoto: Aloha and welcome to Betty's real estate corner brought to you by Sakamoto Properties where prestige is our business, reputation our foundation. And maybe I need to send out a big "howzit" because we just listened to Neil Everett doing his piece for Lahainaluna High School. We have with us, my own Lahainaluna graduate, Roy Sakamoto.

Roy Sakamoto: What a great medium, Neil Everett and then Danny Couch.

B: Danny Couch, love Danny Couch.

R: Yeah.

B: We need to see him again in Honolulu one of these days.

R: Yes, we do.

B: Or wherever he's going to be. I know he's been in Las Vegas a few times, in a variety of places.

R: All over, but hopefully on Maui soon.

B: That would be great.

R: Yeah. But, Neil Everett, Lahainaluna High School Foundation. What a great job for Neil. I know we've said this many times, but to have a national sports figure like Neil Everett from ESPN kind of carrying your flag and helping to raise funds for Lahainaluna. Awesome.

B: He's pretty fabulous and I love how he says, he's not a graduate, he's not even married to a graduate, at least I'm married to a graduate. But I think it is fun to listen to all of it with Neil and what he's got to say. One of the biggest things going on right now, and it's what he's referring to, is the class challenge. You know, so, as part of the bleacher campaign, which is a $1,000, you end up with a row of bleachers. And let's say they have on it, class of 1980, class of 1981 etcetera, or it might just be The Sakamoto Family. So, you could put on it, The Sakamoto Family, you could maybe have some years on it, or dedicate it to a child, or parents. So, I think it is a pretty amazing thing, but to listen to him say it, it really is pretty fun.

R: You know, if you see Neil on ESPN T.V., Sports Center on ESPN in the evenings. You'll see a lot of Hawaiian phrases and gestures, he'll give you the shaka sign, "howzit" is great. Just, you know, a local wannabe, a Lahainaluna wannabe.

B: He is too, at the end of one of his shows, you'll often see that he is...he has his shoes off.

R: Yeah.

B: Or slippers or something. He's just kind of sitting there, hanging out at the end of the show. So, it's pretty fun. It's really great, but anyone that's interested, you know, you can go to to contribute. And it really is an amazing thing to be doing, whether you live here, whether you graduated from Lahainaluna, the stadium that's there is really fabulous, it still needs funds to end up completing it, but it's getting there. So many people have come out and are making it happen. But it's going to be the...there's still going to be things...and then, obviously, the up keep of it, which the Lahainaluna High School Foundation has been working on for a long time. So, any help that we can get is monumental. So, thank you all.

R: Our class of 1960 has raised over $2,000. Two thousand, two hundred, and some odd. So, I know we'll have at least two rows of bleachers, so far.

B: Two rows of bleachers. Or, some people are doing a bleacher and doing one of the tiles or something?

R: Yeah, pavers.

B: Yes, the pavers.

R: Yeah. Great cause, you can reach Jeff Rodgers at the foundation office, 661-5332. Or, as Betty says,

B: It's a great opportunity to give something, to give back to the community. And, we've found that a lot of people that we've dealt with over the years that are here, that have a second home, third home, etcetera, are really wanting to give back to the community here. Even someone that comes on vacation, every so often, during the Hale Makua luau, we've had a lot people that have come that maybe are visitors, that hear about it and it's a great deal for them. To be able to come to fund raiser write off part of it and then enjoy a lot of local color.

R: Yes.

B: So, I think it really is pretty fun and people love doing it and they want to give back to this community because it's also important to them.

R: Absolutely, and speaking of Hale Makua, don't forget, big luau coming up. September 27th, Sheraton Maui.

B: That's going to be... now that one is,

R:, right.

B: So, again, if you were looking to get tickets, you could do, you could call our office, 669-0070 and one of us can direct you. It'll be on our website too, probably shortly, under

R: It is on our website.

B: Is it? Buy tickets? Can it get to that?

R: well, to Hale Makua.

B: Okay. well I guess that's right, you'll get directed to Hale Makua and then you'll be able to purchase tickets.

R: Yes, and get your luau tickets, you can also ask us anytime for Lahainaluna or Hale Makua. 669-0070 and our website,

B: The website also gets you into every piece of real estate that's for sale through the Board of Realtors. So, in Maui, so, it really is amazing. And there's a segment there that will get you to the site, which is properties worldwide. So, if you take a look, go over our site, I think you'll have a lot of fun doing it. And, again, we'll say it twenty times today,, contact us at (808) 669-0070. And should we do real estate today?

R: Yeah, why don't we?

B: Why don't we?

R: Yeah, one property that really sticks out in my mind is The Masters, number 1402. Two bedrooms, two baths, it's your listing and Mitch's, I believe.

B: It is. Really, a fabulous property. One of the greatest things there, that makes it stand out from the majority of the properties, there at the Masters, is that you have a view from the kitchen, out to the ocean and up one of the fairways of the golf course. So, it's really fabulous. And when you're outside you're directly on the golf course. Huge, huge, huge ocean view. Fabulous place. Highly upgraded.

R: Masters is a great complex, well maintained, grounds are exquisitely manicured. This is a second floor unit, really easy access from the parking lot, and this has got to sale.

B: And it will!

R: Yes.

B: Sakamoto Properties.

R: Right. And if you want more information on this, again, go to our website, or give us a call, 669-0070. Very easy to get you in and to see this.

B: You know, another favorite property of mine, and we talked about this the last time, also, is on Ui Place, right in Lahaina Town. 15B Ui Place. Amazing property, the land is over 8,000 square feet. It has a fabulous, fabulous tree on the property.

R: Big mango tree.

B: Big mango tree and it's a...the primary house is 1,000 square feet, an ohana attached to it, or not attached actually, a separate ohana. And, it's a half a block to the ocean.

R: Yeah, it's a real sleeper, right off of Front Street, close to Pua Mana, the South end of Lahaina town. 15B Ui, U-I, is the address and a real sleeper. It's a hard property to find, but once you find it, you'll say, "wow, what a great price."

B: It's kind of interesting because of the people that have looked at this, the majority have been local residents and I think it's going to be a great place to live. We had some people, that are moving from the Mainland, that have been looking at it. And they're a couple that really want to come here, I think they've got three kids, and it's a small place, but figure it'll work for them. They home school their kids, so they would use the ohana for their home schooling. And, I think they could do it, they want to be in a place where they could walk to the library, walk to anything. And, they can walk or bicycle anywhere they want in Lahaina town.

R: And the price on this, $625,000 is the asking price. I don't think you'll find any better buy in Lahaina.

B: I don't think you'll find a better buy, and it's again, and when this is sold, there is no second choice.

R: No, 669-0070 or again,

B: You know, another couple properties, Roy, that I like are the one, you know the street in Napili, that we've got, the property the has the ohana. Um, Elizabeth...

R: The one we just looked at yesterday.

B: That's the one.

R: Right. Yeah, it's a real sleeper also. It's a three bedroom, two bath, you look to the North and to the, slightly, I guess, Easterly to the Kapalua Bay course. There's a flood control gully that you overlook. It's got a great view, great ocean view also.

B: That's a super property, it's over 2,000 square feet. Listed at $799,500. And, again, you're right, looks over greenbelt, ocean views. Fairly easy for us to get you in to see it. But, again, a great property. Probably is going to be owner-occupant. But it works, if somebody is looking for a second home, it's a great neighborhood, great people, and I think it'd be worth taking a look at.

R: Right, and the little ohana downstairs, you could rent out. So, it's condominiumized, it's ready for the right buyer.

B: One more, one more in the Napili area. If we stick with this one, the one that's considered 30 & 34 Kili Nahe St.

R: Yes.

B: That's another amazing property, it's 2,337 square feet, it actually has a legal ohana. It's virtually brand new and really worth taking a look at it. It's another one, if people are looking to scale back living, you can walk to a lot of places, you're right near the Napili shopping center. You can walk to some restaurants, walk to shopping, and you don't necessarily have to have two cars going all day long living there.

R: No, walk to the beach. It's a great location. Listed price is $985,000. This one, we'll need 48 hours to show, so, call our office, tell them you're interested in 30 and 34 Kili Nahe St. Give us 48 hours to set it up with the tenants and we'll be glad to show it for you.

B: It's staying a little bit more basic. I mean, it's easy to keep throwing properties out there but, you know, the way somebody really gets ready to buy a property is typically you call a real estate office, like Sakamoto Properties and we said the number enough today. But, you come by and you sit down with one of us or we'll come out and meet with you and talk to you about what your wants and needs are and how much cash you're looking to put into something. Typically, the best thing to do is to start with that conversation. Come in our office, sit down with somebody. Call us, typically, so that we're sure that we've got the time available for you. But don't you think, Roy, you get someone, you get in and you start to figure out what it is that you need or want, we can hook you up with a lender, if you want to have a lender on the property. We can really see to it that when we go out to look you're already pre-qualified for a mortgage and we're moving in a comfortable direction for you.

R: Absolutely, and whether it's going to be your primary residence or your second home, or third home, whatever it is, or just maybe pure investment, come talk to us. We've been in business many, many years. We've got a great reputation. And look at our website, again, And kind of get an idea of what the market is doing, and the market overall is moving. So, the sooner you call us, the better, 669-0070.

B: The market is moving, but I like what you said, we've been in business many, many years.

R: Yeah.

B: It's a lot of years, really, all kidding aside.

R: Yeah, and we enjoy it and we actually get a kick out of helping people. We've got clients all over the world, which makes it really nice and unique. In fact, we have lunch yesterday with some clients from Tokyo. And, they're...I guess this is their fourth home.

B: I think it is their fourth home.

R: They travel, they are semi retired now, or I guess retired. But, interesting people and we'd love to see them in Tokyo. Next time we go to Tokyo we'll have to call them.

B: Yeah, we should, they're amazing people, great couple, really fun to be with. And they spend, right now, a lot of time traveling, which is really great they're able to do that, their kids are both located in different places at this point. But, it's really fun to listen to them, one of their kids, the kids all speak Japanese, English, one of them is speaking Chinese.

R: Fluent Chinese.

B: Fluent. I think some of, two of them are speaking French?

R: Right.

B: I think it's kind of fun to hear it. These people that have been able to live this lifestyles. Somebody gave me a hard time recently about referring to, on the radio show, that we represent people, that it's a second, third, or fourth home. So, I've been trying to not say that so many times. But, it is the truth, people come here, to Maui, and so many people just want to live here. And, so many of us, that's what we're doing; we're living here, we're working in the community, we're taking care of our business, hopefully we're helping out in the community too. But, it really is a place that people come to have a second home, or maybe it is a third home. And, so many people, we're put into second or third homes when they come here. They have someone that manages the house for them when they're away and hopefully, they walk in and everything is perfection.

R: Yeah, Maui residents wannabes. You know, Maui has attracted worldwide attention, no question. Over the last year we've traveled to different areas, Singapore for instance, there's a lot of money sitting in Singapore, a lot of it from Malaysia, from China, actually from all over the world. European money is also. Singapore has become the Asian banking capital, like Switzerland used to be for Europe. We were there, what about a month ago?

B: Yes.

R: We've been developing contacts in Singapore and we're contemplating a trip to Shanghai again. In October, this will be our fourth trip to Shanghai. We're starting to see more and more Chinese money coming into Hawaii, not so much on Maui yet, but it's going to happen and we'll be there to assist them.

B: We're getting somewhat aligned with some real estate companies there and talking to, you know, talking to a variety of people. It's been amazing, if we're just there, if we're wearing say, a Kapalua or Kaanapali logo, people recognize it immediately and will say something. And, of course, usually we've got some sort of an Aloha shirt, or I'll often just be wearing golf shirts, etcetera. People know right away that we're wearing a logo, that we're from Hawaii and it's been a great promo thing for us, a great way to meet people and it has turned out that we've meet people that are looking at properties here. And, I think that we will end up with some really great sales coming out of there, on Maui.

R: Yes, and we're kind of directing our show to buyers but for those of you out there that are thinking about selling also, our contacts again, our oversea contacts that we've developed over these years have been great. We want to be on the forefront of this Chinese, I won't call it an invasion, but Chinese infiltration to our real estate market here. It's going to happen and we're prepared for it.

B: True, true, Roy. I think there will be, again we're not calling it an invasion, but I think that we are going to see a lot of amazing people coming here, out of China, that are going to be purchasing second homes. I think that the school here, Maui Prep right now, is getting ready to have its first boarding students and I think they're both from China. Now, I think they've got two, and they're assuming that by the time this year is out, they're going to end up with a lot more boarding students starting, and I think they are going to be coming out of China. People there want their kids to be able to come to the United States, it's to learn what it's like to live there, to be better at English, to be better in world events.

R: Yeah, and education is the whole key and it's what we're seeing. We're seeing a trace of that on Oahu, where Chinese families are buying homes there and the kids are going to Punahou or Iolani and so forth. Again, education based relocation for some of these Chinese nationals. Good people, very good people, professional people, self-employed, industrialists, etcetera. We're, hopefully, going to be at the fore front, Sakamoto Properties will be.

B: I think we are.

R: Yes.

B: I think we'll be doing it, and again, Maui is getting geared up for it. Maui Prep, great school, amazing kids going there. The parents of the kids, Dean Otto from our office, is the President of the board there. That's been really a plus for everybody because he has dedicated a good portion of his life. One of his kids graduated last year, pretty much at the top, top of his class. He has another child, who's just starting 8th grade, I think. But, she'll be graduating from there in five years at least, at the end of five years. But, again, great school, these kids are amazing coming out of there. They're excelling at the arts, they're excelling at math and science, and last year everybody went to college. There was one student who didn't, but was already a professional athlete by the time he graduated. He actually left Maui as a stand up paddle boarder and came back for his senior year, so that he'd be able to graduate with his class because he knew, for him, how important it was going to be to be a Maui Prep graduate. He did it and it was fun, but every other kid that went there last year, seniors graduating, has went to college.

R: Yes. So, call us if you want more information on Maui Prep or even Lahainaluna. Again, 669-0070.

B: You know, what you said a minute ago is true, Roy, we do want to say that we are looking for new listings all the time. So, if you've got a property you want marketed, you want to get to us, if you call and ask for Roy or myself, (808) 669-0070, we can direct you to the best agent in our office to service the property that you're wanting to sale. We can assist you in a variety of ways to figure out what you 'ought to be doing to get it ready to sale. We kind of make a joke out of that sometimes, because people will often say, "what should we do in order to make it show the best?" But, often when we say what they should do, their thought really is, we don't really want to do anything.

R: Because that's why, that's part of the, talk to a professional, talk to Sakamoto Properties we'll help you, we'll hold your hand through the whole process. Typically, when we do get a listing we'll send out professional photographer out there to do the photos from as many angles as we can including, hate to use the word, but aerial photos from drones, for views and so forth. We put a lot of work and effort into every listing and I notice from our inventory sheets, that our listings are down, so, we do need listings.

B: We've sold too many properties.

R: Well, that's a good thing.

B: And we got some good closings coming up, so that every time that happens it's really great, it's fun but, you know, it does... When we look and we feel we're getting low on listings, it's fun to get out there and say, look we're ready to do it. We even, when you're saying professional photography, we've had times that we've sent somebody out three times to get the right views because if the day just turns out it isn't good, or it's too cloudy, or it's overcast, we're going to send somebody else out there.

R: For sunset views, or whatever.

B: Sunset, sunrise.

R: Yeah. Or, as Neil says, "Whatevers."

B: Whatevers. Well, we're now down to the one minute warning.

R: Wow.

B: We missed the two minute.

R: Okay, how about a quick plug for Alaeloa.

B: That's one of my favorite properties, Alaeloa.

R: This one's got to sell, too.

B: Got to sale. Number 39, it's a fabulous two bedroom, three bath. It's one of the best places in there, two story, really done well. It has a great cottage feel to the whole property. Amazing, amazing beach place to put your beach toys, etcetera. That's one that you really should see, we can typically get you in real easy.

R: Yeah, it's vacant. Call us, 669-0070.

B: Or check out the website. We're going to have Neil Everett pop back on here and Danny Couch, which is really great. So...

R: Aloha.

B: Aloha, thank you for listening today. The "howzit" man is back.

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