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New Maui Property Listings and Charity Walk
February 18th, 2014

Betty Sakamoto: Aloha and welcome to Betty's Real Estate Corner brought to you by Sakamoto Properties, where prestige is our business, reputation our foundation. And I love Hawaii. I love everytime we do the show and I actually have Danny Couch's music in my car; I love it and what a fabulous song. Written by Danny Couch and on that sung by Danny Couch; just pretty fabulous. Today in the studio is Mitch Mitchell. He's been with Sakamoto Properties, we believe 30 years or pushing it. I keep adding on, Mitch probably tries to take a year off here and there, but fortunately, I've got him here in the studio. We're going to try to come up with some things going on in the community, talk about some of our listings, maybe fill you in on a little more information on financing and why it's time for you to be buying real estate. Mr. Mitchell.

Mitch Mitchell: Aloha, Betty and thank you for inviting me again. It's a great day to be in Hawaii, it's a great day to be anywhere, I guess.

B: It is. And you know, from the standpoint of Maui right now, we've got a little bit of vog going on. So aren't we the complainers. We have such perfect weather here, everything is really great. Obviously, the East Coast of our country is snowed in, just about. So it's really some pretty serious weather going on so?

M: I kinda like we don't have to shovel the vog.

B: I am very happy we do not need to shovel the vog and we aren't freezing. We can get in and out of our cars with no ice, no black ice, no anything. So, we're really doing pretty good. So, a couple of things, Mitch. Maybe first of all I'm going to remind everyone how to reach us. For any of your real estate needs call us, Sakamoto Properties at 808-669-0070, check us out at, find us on Twitter @MauiSakamoto and for connecting with us use #BettyMauiRadio. So, it's easy to find us and give us a call with any questions and we'll do our best to help you or we'll find the answers for you pretty quickly. We are taking call-ins to the show, just because it's only a half hour and by the time we get started it's less than that. So, we're thinking what we've been doing is people call us, fax us, email us, and we'll answer any question that we have, show you a property, help you find your dream home.

M: Hey, Betty, they can tweet you.

B: They could tweet us.

M: Rather than calling and just tweet you and we'll try and get you an answer.

B: Tweet us and we will tweet you. Mitch, you wanted to talk a little bit about the walk/run coming up, that, I believe?I always forget exactly who's running it and what happens but I know it helps a lot of our very important charities, in particular Hale Makua. But give us a story on it; the run down on the walk/run and when it's happening.

M: Betty, it's the visitors, the Annual Visitors Charity Walk?Visitor Industry Charity Walk. And it's one of the largest fundraisers here on Maui and actually the great thing is that we keep getting more volunteers and more donations than even the whole island of Oahu. Maui has, for several years now, really outdone Oahu. So it's really kind of exciting. And this year it's going to be May 10th so those of you that are out there on my list, you'll be getting my request for your support by walking the 5K, May 10th. And it will be?I will be collecting or soliciting for Hale Makua Health Services as I have every year and if you don't want to send it to me, send it to anybody. Or come out and walk at the Charity Walk, it's a lot of fun. All the hotels?it's the visitor industry, so all the major hotels, serving some great breakfast afterwards. And last year we had entertainment and then all the awards as to who's raised the most money and what organization. Anyway, it's a great Saturday morning. Lot of fun, get out, get some walking in, comradery, and it's great to see the kids and adults and everybody getting together having just, really, a fun day. And, again, remember we here in Maui County, have out-raised Oahu for several years now.

B: So, obviously, all the island are involved in this.

M: Yes, it's the whole state but each island has their own Walk, Betty.

B: Yes.

M: So, we found a lot of fun in that.

B: One thing that is kind of interesting for many years in a row, Mitch, who's sitting here with me, is the one with the top amount of money raised. Which then there's some special things that happen, but you know call us. Call Mitch and he can fill you in or direct you to someone if you want to walk or he may have another number, in a second I'll ask him if he's got something. But you should really check it out. I think it's really a lot of fun. But last year, I don't want to mention this, but Mitch was not the leader. Somebody beat him, so it's become?it's going to be really aggressive this year to be the top fundraiser. So we're all figuring that we're going to up the ante whatever we're giving Mitch, so if you guys are doing fundraising and you're trying to beat Mitch Mitchell and be the top fundraiser, you're going to have to work pretty hard this year because we're out to win.

M: Thank you, Betty. You're on the record now for raising your donation?

B: I'm OK with it.

M: And you know, Betty, don't tell anybody, but it is kind of satisfying that somebody out beats me. That means they're really out there hard working for all of our charities also. So it's really great to see that.

B: I really agree, Mitch. But it is fun now to kind of get it going again just because that's what everybody's doing. Everybody's just trying to raise money. We all know that the government, in the last few years, is not going and continuing, is not going to be able to fill all the needs of our community. So there's so many things that are taken care of this way. You know, it's going to be our seniors and sometimes schools and everything. You know, children, there's so many different charities that are receiving money from this that it really is great. And the county, the state, the federal government can't keep it up. So, as a community, we really need to be take care of these things. So, think about it and, again, if you don't know how to do it or you can't find it online somewhere, call Mitch and ask him. 870 is his cellphone?870-5548.

M: I'd like to get you hooked up and get you to come out and walk. There's a lot of different hotels and a lot of different charities and all the money stays here in Maui for our charities.

B: That really, makes a big difference. So, again, keep in mind our office number, you can also reach Mitch at 808-669-0070, find us on Twitter @MauiSakamoto, connect using #BettyMauiRadio. Mitch, we were talking about a couple of, couple of interesting things going on at Pineapple Hill. You know, this is Kapalua; Kapalua's homes which is kind the upper end of our market. But we currently have a couple of homes under contract. One that was listed at $4.9 million, and one that was listed at $3.5 million. On the way over here, we were talking about a particular listing that I'm going to ask Mitch to give you the particulars on. An amazing house that we, just driving over were saying, "Why haven't we sold that one yet?" Not sure why, but it's easy to view, so if it's something you've been interested in, give us a call and we'll see to it that you get in to see it. Or if you have your own real estate agent get them to call us. So if you've been thinking "house" and you're in that general range, but tell us a little about that house, Mitch. Because I think it really is a great value.

M: Betty, the land that it sits on is just under half acre and it's a 3700 square foot house. Three-bedroom, convertible into four, fantastic sunset views looking towards Lanai and Molokai. It's real close to the famous Kapalua Bay Golf Course. It's a wonderful house, it's done with?it was built with loving care and picking out the granite, and the kitchen, and the family just really built it for them to use it as a family and enjoy. Unfortunately, the kids are grown, their married, having their own kids, so they really can't bring the whole family out here as much anymore. And so they're deciding they need to kind of downsize. Also, I think they found cruising to be their new way of life. So, they do want to sell and it's very easy to view. So, if you're thinking about having a house with a great sunset view, nice courtyards, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, please give us a call and we'd be more than happy to get you in to view it. That's Sakamoto Properties, 870-5548.

B: Ok, kind of just glancing at our listings, Mitch, you know, we can help you with anything in the Board of Realtors. And if you, at our Board of Realtors site, if you take a look at, it will get you into the Board of Realtors, you can look at any property you're interested in and give us a call. In our office we have listings right now for homes starting at $785,000 and going up to $20 million dollars. So, we really do handle a broad spectrum of properties. You know, we have land listings right now that start at $695,000 at Lanikeha and going up to lots at?we have a great Kula property listed at $16 million dollars, which is 30 almost 3300 acres. So, really, we've got a broad spectrum of properties that are listed in our office and we can be available to show them to you with, in many cases, very short notice.

M: Betty, real close to that Kula property you were talking about, we also have a three-bedroom, two-bath home listed at $785,000. It's got great bi-coastal views, it's really done really well?great taste. Everybody that?I can't believe we haven't gotten an offer on it yet, but?

B: Everybody's looking at it.

M: Everybody's looking at it and they all just love it. You know, it's got some great views and the house is really cute, it's really done very tastefully.

B: It's a great home and I think you're right. It is funny how we'll have this. If we have so many showings at this property, 1266 Lower Kimo Drive. Everybody's looking at it, it seems like two or three of the people that would love to be buying it still have another property they've got to get sold, but they're kind of hanging in there. But our best guess is someone in the next week or so is going to hop on board. Because you're just not finding properties like that under $800,000. So, really, a great property.

M: You know, it's just a little less than 1600 sqft., it's got an unattached two-car garage, and landscape, just really well. I think it's really easy for you to view, so give me a call.

B: That's one worth while. And there are a lot of different properties so if you give us a call we can see to it that you get to see other comparable properties but that's one, I think value wise is really great. In West Maui, we've got a couple of properties listed between $800,000 and let's say $1 million dollars. They have?a couple of them have Ohana's. Just, again, really, really, really, worth while now. Getting out there, getting a look at the market, finding out what's happening. And part of the key for me, and I'm sure you're thinking the same Mitch, is the interest rates are so great. So anyone that we're talking about looking right now to buy a property, if you can get the interest rates that you've got today, and I believe the prices are fabulous, you can probably qualify for something that you don't even realize that you can qualify for. So it's time to talk to us. We'll hook you up with a couple of lenders if you want or give you the encouragement to talk to your own lender. If the place has a legal Ohana, that is part of your qualifying process. So you will get credit for what it takes from the stand point of income that would come in on the Ohana. So we can help you get through and possibly surprise you buying a house that will be your home for the next 10, 20, 30 years, or longer.

M: You know, Betty, the one there in Lahaina on Ala Moana Street, which is really close to the Jodo Mission, easy walking distance down to the restaurants in Lahaina.

B: Baby Beach!

M: And Baby Beach. And it's really just a nice little neighborhood, and it has a legal Ohana so you can have?when mom wants to come over you can put her in a different room or you can rent it out and have a little income to help you along the way. It's a great little house, great neighborhood, easy walking, easy shopping, it's quite a nice place.

B: One of the things I like there, for a lot of us, if we bought that property, I think we'd end up having the Ohana be an office. So that when we're working at home, I mean it's very simple. The weather's always perfect in Lahaina, almost always perfect. And it's really a great property, but I think to have a property like that, it's listed under $1 million dollars, it's in great shape, it's a newer community. But again, you can walk anywhere from there. You have an Ohana, which can be kept for your family. You could just rent it long-term. But I think it's a fabulous, fabulous place. Ala Moana Street close to Baby Beach and like Mitch said, if you want to go out and take a walk down Front Street at night or anywhere that you want to go in Lahaina. It's so fun to be walking around Lahaina. Any other properties you've got, Mitch? Ainakea, I think, is still a great listing listed at $874,000, 4-bedrooms, 3-baths. They kind of have a couple of different things that they work on that property. So, I think again, one that we can show you almost anytime and I think would be?it'll be really a great one. We have an open house there every so often, so give us a call: 808-870-7062. Oh, 808-669-0070.

M: Oh, Betty, the other one was your cell phone.

B: I know and that's fine to use. No, but it's easier for us to check in the office because that way there's almost always someone available. So, that's the 808-669-0070.

M: Another reminder I'd like to make, Betty, is that we have various condominiums at Kapalua. So, if you're looking to have a rental, or maybe have it if you live Upcountry and you want to get a rental on the West Side so you can come down and have staycations and still rent it out the rest of the time to help make the payments and so forth. We've got Golf, Bay, and Ridge villas, give us a call, and we'll find out some way for you to get down to look at them.

B: Another West Maui condominium project, Kipa Village. We have two of those listed, one of them which was 2-bedrooms, 1.5 baths, is currently under contract, in escrow. The other one we have at Kipa is a 3-bedroom, 2-bath, substantially larger, listed at $659,000. But really, vaulted ceilings, an amazing place, great little neighborhood there. You know, a lot of children. This one has new air conditioning in the living room, ceiling fans, washer, dryer, and a new skylight. But, again, great home and for somebody looking for a home on Maui, this is listed at $659,000 and, I think, easy place to live. The people who are buying Kipa Village will be, the other one, the smaller one, will be living there if they have a child and they know so many people there in the neighborhood. So, I think, again, it's great, great, place to be living and raising your family. Super neighborhood. So, Kapalua again, Mitch. We were going through, we've got like we said, the condominiums that are there?one of the things, and a couple of these different neighborhoods, and let's, for the moment, say Kapalua. Kapalua has every resort amenity that you could even begin to want. There's two championship golf courses, there's ten tennis courts there at the Kapalua tennis gardens that are really in an amazing garden setting. A couple of the properties have their own tennis courts. We even have a listing, a home, up at the plantation, that has its own tennis court also. But you've got to come out there. People are out there walking everyday. Don't you love the remodel they did at the Honolua store? Where the doors open and people are just flooding out and walking and there's more places for people to sit and chat and hang out.

M: I always love when doors open when I walk up them. I'm tired of having them locked?No, it's a great remodel, they kept the old taste of the plantation and the service is great; the same people who have worked there for years. That Ironwood down there, 102, right on the corner. That's a beautiful, beautiful?

B: That shifted us quickly back to condominiums. It's a major condominium, The Ironwoods. And that is one of the ones that has a tennis court?two tennis courts, fabulous pool there, big workout gathering room, and this condo is pretty amazing. We have two listings in there: one that's two?well, they're both actually three-bedrooms, three-baths, just pretty fabulous places. The one that you're mentioning, Mitch, totally, totally, that was?I call it the million dollar remodel. And it's a fabulous, fabulous place.

M: You know, they've lowered the annual maintenance fee in that complex, that's how well it's being run and kept up. I've never heard of very many places that will actually lower the monthly maintenance fee.

B: Yeah, they've got a great manager there, they've got a great board of directors. People really work with one another. Probably the advantage is that there's?there were a total of 40 units, two of them were combined, so it's down to 39 owners. But really, again, great people that all work together. It's primarily owner?well, it's second homes. There's probably only one owner occupant there that's there all of the time. But a lot of second homes there, people that keep them and use them for their families. A little hard?it's not a rental property, it's more of a second home type thing. But we can, again, get you all of the information on it if you're looking for a second home here on Maui. So, I think that is a second home or if you're going to move over here you couldn't find a better place to live. Great people?like you were kinda saying, Mitch, great neighborhood, great owners. Great pool?it's got it all, got it all. And at Kapalua, just walking round there everyday. Don't you think the people having coffee at the Honolua store, etc.

M: Yes, there's several coffee batches there in the morning so you can pick one that kind of fits. You know, Betty. Right now we have another thing going on here on Maui. It's called the Plein Air Invitational; it's the annual and we have artists from all across the country as well as some of our well known local artists. So you people out there when you're driving by and you see some artist along the road trying to capture some of the Maui beauty you'll know what they are. And on Friday at 6 o'clock, we're having the gala down at the Village Gallery in Lahaina where you get to meet all the artists and possibly purchase one of their great works of art this week.

B: That is an annual event that's gotten better and better every year. I keep saying, "Plein Air, what does that mean?" Well, I guess it really means that the artists are going to be painting in plein air, they're going to be outside. They're not doing this by taking a photograph back to their studio?they're actually outside somewhere painting. And right now it's been a little hard for them because we've had a bit of vog going on. But, again. I think they will capture it and they'll figure it out and we've seen everyday, something seems to break and we'll get some great blue skies or maybe they'll just have to put a little blue sky in with their imagination. But if you've been thinking some artwork, this is a great opportunity to buy something to meet some artists that are here on Maui and a lot, again, like Mitch was saying, a lot of Maui artists and a lot of artists from the mainland that come here to love Maui and to enjoy the moment, but also paint some of their best work. You know, Mitch, you may have noticed that we have had a 2 minute warning?oh, now we're at 2 minutes. So we're going to have to start closing down and coming up with some reasons to get you to give us a call about some of this. But do it, just call us. We've got a great office staff, we will have someone available to work with you. We'll hook you up with lenders, we will see to it that we can make your purchase very easy. And, again, 808-669-0070. can look at our properties, our listings, and every other listing in the Board of Realtors. And people are telling us that our website, which is done by Meyer Computer in Wailuku, is very easy to follow. You know, so a lot of people, I've learned, that are even working with other realtors have found our website, and use it, as a way to get in and out of the Board of Realtors listings. So check that out. Find us on Twitter @MauiSakamoto and connect with us using #BettyMauiRadio.

M: Betty, there's one more thing I wanted to quickly get in. You know, we do have five rentals, vacation rentals, that are available and you can get them on our website. You know, when the in-laws are coming over, you don't want them to stay with you, give us a call.

B: Good, yeah that was a great one. We've always done that ourselves. You know, when we have someone, we'll find a vacation rental, get someone in a hotel, or we happen to have these special vacation rentals that we'll use when we have too many visitors around. But again, call us: 808-669-0070, check us out at and pretty quickly, Danny Couch is coming back with, "I Love Hawaii."

M: Aloha!

B: And I do love Hawaii! Aloha!

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