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April 16th, 2013

Betty Sakamoto: Aloha and welcome to Betty's Real Estate Corner brought to you by Sakamoto Properties where prestige is our business, reputation our foundation. I'm Betty Sakamoto, here today with my husband Roy, trying to bring you up to date on some properties for sale and what's going on in the market, and what's going on in our world of Maui.

Roy Sakamoto: Good morning.

B:We're going to start today, I think, with some information on probably an interesting one because it just happened, was some information in regards to the Hyundai ? a golf tournament ? and some checks that were presented last week?

R:Actually, yesterday. But, before I get into that, for all of you "Twitter Bugs" out there, you can follow us on Twitter @MauiSakamoto. Also, connect with us using our hashtag #BettyMauiRadio. Follow us on Twitter.

B:Woo-hoo, check it out. I think it's kind of fun. We are "tweeters" and I guess we have been for a while but were neglecting to tell you that. Check us out at and you'll pick up all of our listings, you can get into the Maui Board of Realtors and look at every property that is for sale. That's really great if you're looking for a property or you just want to check out your neighborhood, you can go on there and click "neighborhood". There are so many ways that you can get into our website and find the information that you want. So, give it a try at or reach us by phone at (808) 669-0070 and what is our Twitter address again Roy?

R:It is, our hashtag is #BettyMauiRadio

B:Okay, we better be checking this out more. If we're going to Tweet, we better Tweet.

R:Absolutely. Alright, now getting to our big day yesterday for Maui charities and for Hawaii charities. There was about $350,000 distributed by the Hyundai Tournament courtesy of the PGA Tour and the PGA Tour charities. Amongst the recipients yesterday, there was a nice luncheon yesterday at the Pineapple Grill at Kapalua. Hale Makua was one of the recipients, we had the Friends of the Children's Justice Center, Lahainaluna Foundation, Boy Scouts, The Cameron Center, Ka Lima O Maui, and I think that's it.

B:You know, one of the things worth knowing is how hard all of you worked as a part of the tournament. The Hale Makua people, the Boy Scouts, etcetera.

R:Tournaments like this on the PGA Tour cannot happen like this without volunteers. Hundreds, or actually thousands of volunteer hours are dedicated to putting on a tournament. From manning parking lots, to driving people around, to marshalling on the golf course, it's a real village effort and thank you Maui and thank you Maui charities for all you do for the tournament.

B:You know, a big on that happens out there is picking up the garbage.

R:Oh, yeah.

B:The Boy Scouts have traditionally helped with picking up the garbage, and it's a huge job. And the Hale Makua volunteers, particularly Mitch Mitchell, are always out there trying to see to it that everything is cleared and it is pretty fun because like you said, "it takes a village". So the people from Hale Makua, or the Lahainaluna Foundation, or particularly the Boy Scouts, whatever is needed everybody does so that when the next day comes, the next day of the tournament, everything is cleaned up and ready to go again and all fresh and happy.

R:Right, and everyone is gearing up again for the tournament in 2014 starts on April 2nd, or not April 2nd, but January 2nd right after New Years. So, put that down in your date books: The Tournament of Champions in 2014 starting on January 2nd. All of these charities are going to be involved again.

B:Is it going to be a Monday finish again?


B:Is it? So then "Monday is fun day for Hyundai"?


B:Right? Okay, that was pretty fun.

R:Thursday is actually the Pro AM, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday will be the professional's only.

B:Great, hey another thing is that the Masters' winner Adam Scott, so we're hoping this year we'll have the Masters' winner here which we did last year.

R:I think we could have an in on getting Adam Scott to Maui, he has been before and he happens to be sponsored by the owner of the Plantation Course and his company is called Uniqlo. Adam just signed a contract with Uniqlo on Tuesday of the tournament week last week and he ends up winning the Masters.

B:It was great and he had a fabulous Uniqlo label on so that the minute you saw him you knew that this was the first time that he was showing a Uniqlo label, or whatever. It was really kind of interesting to see him, but an exciting thing, I think, for Maui and it will get someone a winner like that to Maui and it's going to be really great. I think that once he comes hopefully we'll see some of these other guys that haven't been coming ? like Tiger or I don't know. But, the young people are coming so I think that it'll be a great year for the Hyundai Tournament at Kapalua.

R:Well Adam, on top of being a great golfer, is a great individual, as well as a very, very nice person and I'm sure the women are looking forward to seeing a good looking guy.

B:Good looking, single ?

R:Great golf swing. What else do you want?

B:I don't know, maybe if he won The Masters' that might be a thing the ladies are looking forward to, too. I think that could be it. But, some of the other things we want to talk about again, and we've been talking for weeks now about what's going on in the mortgage market and how great interest rates are. It is time to be buying and it is really hard for everybody because a lot of people, especially living in Maui ? well you know I can't do it, it's too expensive, I can't figure it out, interest rates are too high and prices are too ? but I think that the time is now. And again, I've said it over and over again but I think that if we get one of you a week to give us a call and try to buy a place, I think we've done a great community thing and we've helped our business. But it is a good time to be buying and we'd like to see some of you give us a call and learn some of the ways that you can get into a property today. It probably won't necessarily be your "dream" forever house but most of us have started with something small and have worked up to something else. So it just takes time, you're not going to do it when you're really young but we can help you figure it out or any real estate broker can help you figure it out.

R:Hopefully you call us (808) 669-0070. We've got a great staff, ready to take care of you. We'll assist you in every way to help you find your dream condominium or your dream house or whatever you're looking to do. Interestingly, I just checked the Maui Board of Realtors' "Hot Sheet" this morning and there are now 621 escrows here on Maui. That's a staggering amount.

B:It really is, Maui is a small island and when you take a look at properties that have been sold and what's happening and it is some pretty high numbers but today 621 escrows, that's pretty good and that's a lot of people buying something. We just want to get that little push to you to be the one that steps up now. We know that we've got a lot of visitors coming in from around the world that are buying properties but we just really believe that the Maui residents today can figure out buying something. We can help you, we can direct you to a mortgage broker. As soon as we talk to you we'll give you the opportunity to figure out what it is to see what you can qualify for in a mortgage or assist you in figuring out ways that you can get your down payment together. We would love to chat with you (808) 669-0070.

R:There's also many of you out there that are thinking about upgrading if you're perhaps a small condominium or a smaller home owner and you're thinking, "Well we need more space or a little more elbow room" or maybe your family is expanding, it's a great time to sell, the market is headed upwards. It's a great time to sell and then upgrade and buy a little larger property. So call us at (808) 669-0070 and check out our website

B:You know, one of the interesting things that you're saying, someone that has a property and they want to move up, they need something bigger, or they have more family, or it may even be the visitor that's been using or utilizing a one-bedroom for years but things have changed in their finances and they're ready to move up. There are instances where somebody will take your property. They're always hard, I mean, it's not simple to get those deals together but it's really worth a try and if you're talking to us or if you already have a listed property talk to the broker that has it listed and he or she can go to the different West Maui meetings or real estate meetings held across Maui and throw it out to the other brokers. I've got someone trying to sell whatever the property is ? say a one-bedroom Golf Villa ? that really wants to buy a Pineapple Hill house. And we have someone that would probably do that, we have a Pineapple Hill owner that would probably take a Golf Villa. And I think that happens in a lot of different locations so check it out. Check it out with us.

R:Yes, again (808) 669-0070. Here's a perfect example of a great starter unit. It's Maui Lani Terrace unit F205 at Maui Lani Terrace listed at $149,500, it's a one-bedroom, one-bath, Elizabeth from our office, Elizabeth Quayle, has the listing. This is a complete turnkey. Where are you going to buy something like this, a one-bedroom, one-bath, upgraded, fully furnished, ready to move in to for $149,500?

B:You know, it is a big thing today too, living in West Maui. A while ago we did a great radio show, I thought anyway, where we did a whole thing geared toward lucky we live Lahaina. And Lahaina has some fabulous places to live. The whole west side does. And we all know people who are driving from Kihei every day, or from Kahului or Wailuku and even if you had to give up a little bit of living space in order to make the move to West Maui, I think there's so much in West Maui that really makes sense for you so call us about that because you can, there are places that are available for you, and it's such a great lifestyle and the drive is difficult so let's get you over here, let's get you into West Maui and find a place that works for you and for the jobs that you both have.

R:Here's another one, how about Napili Ridge D13. Again, a one-bedroom, one-bath listed at $115,000. It's newly upgraded, fully furnished, and $115,000 fee simple, where you'd own the land and Napili Ridge D13. Call us (808) 669-0070.

B:You're right Roy, Napili Ridge is a really great property, they've got great management, they really keep everything under control there, it's not short term rentals, if anything people would be doing long-term rentals in there. But owning one, it's a good property and some of them actually have ocean views, it's close to everywhere that you're going to try to work in West Maui so I think that's worthwhile. Another one Roy, that I like, this kind of steps it up a bit, 4800 Lower Honoapiilani Road.

R:Yes, oh it's fantastic, boy, you're just about ocean front.

B:It's just across the street from the ocean but there's nothing that can be built on the ocean there. But there is a kind of sweet little beach that a lot of people go over there and hang out at. You can see the sunsets from the property, it's a large piece of land listed at $1,499,000 and you could do, it's actually 14,700 plus square feet. So again, for Maui, that's a nice, large lot. The home is about 1,800 square feet, older home, but really livable, really great place. A lot of people that have looked at it have tried to figure out maybe they would try to do a two-lot subdivision. I don't know if that's really going to be possible but we had someone the other day that was trying to figure out what they could do. So I think there's a lot of great ideas for the property and the view is fabulous. Definitely a great one for an ohana, wouldn't you say Roy?

R:Oh, no question. And you're actually buying this just for land value alone. It's about a third of an acre, just about ocean front and it's under one point five million dollars. Again, call us (808) 669-0070 for more information and to take a look at this.

B:You know, one other property that I like, you know down in Lahaina, Ala Moana street?

R:It's a great location.

B:That's listed at $995,000, four-bedroom home, it's a little gated community. You can walk to Baby Beach, you can walk to everything going on in Lahaina. Really, a pretty amazing property. I believe it also has, Roy, a small let's see, four-bedrooms, three-baths, plus an ohana.

R:Plus an ohana.

B:And it's got granite countertops in the house, washer, dryer, two-car garage, and then the detached ohana. And again, for $995,000 right in Lahaina, I think that's a pretty fabulous value.

R:It's almost adjacent to Mala Wharf, so you're a short walk from Safeway and Longs and Lahaina Cannery Mall. Also, it's an easy walking distance to anywhere downtown. So that's listed at $995,000. Great, great price, four-bedrooms, three-baths, plus an ohana. Call us (808) 669-0070 or come on our website and look at 46 Ala Moana St.

B:It is interesting, Roy, as we talk about these and we wonder sometimes, although people call us checking in on some properties, we hate to just keep doing property after property after property and try to get someone to pay attention to one or the other. But what we would really like is to have you call us if you have any urge to buy some real estate in the next year. You're going to have to start now, you really need to be talking to one of us. We're available or our agents are available (808) 669-0070. Call us, usually the conversation will start something like we'll ask you some particulars; how much cash would you want to put into something today, you know. You may not know the total value that you can have right now because that's going to take a mortgage lender helping you and the amount that you've got down, and interest rates. But again, it's now and I think that we could really help anybody today get into a property.

R:Okay, how's this for a little larger property? It's in Launiupoko, 480 Haniu St listed at $2,500,000 it's got five acres, actually over five acres, ready to move in to. It's got an ohana already built on it, and a nursery already set out, it's a plant nursery, it's not operating right now but everything is set up for it. Awesome ocean views, five acres.

B:That's called Makila Plantation, it's kind of an area within Launiupoko. That's really an amazing spot, and huge, huge views. And I think that someone that is looking to have a business, I think that you can do a lot out there. And to have a working nursery, it really makes the property a fabulous value.

R:Absolutely, and how about one in Kaanapali Hillside? 14 Puu Hale St. It's three-bedrooms, three and a half baths, totally redone, it's actually about 4,800 square feet and totally remodeled, beautiful pool, nice two-story kind of a sprawling floor plan with a lot of exotic woods and granite. It's something you've got to see, it's listed at $1,990,000. Three bedrooms, three and a half baths.

B:And 4,800 square feet.

R:4,800 square feet, it's huge. The lot size is a little over 10,000 square feet and it's at Kaanapali Hillside.

B:Really, again, really great one. Three bedrooms, three and a half baths, but the side of the house is really the key and Kaanapali Hillside is a great subdivision. It's really the only ones that's not gated which for some people is a big plus because you're not going to deal immediately with a lot of association fees. It's really well run, they've got a good owners group, and I think it really is worth your taking a look at anything in Kaanapali Hillside. It's a great, great subdivision. What about, Roy, Lanikeha? I think we've got one there.

R:Yeah, it's listed by Dean from our office, it's 124 Anapuni Loop. You're on just about one acre of land behind the gates of Lanikeha Estates. 3,292 square feet, four-bedrooms, four and a half baths, brand new, it's a gourmet kitchen, a lot of art finishes, it's something to see.

B:Yeah, it is interesting when we look at the properties that we have for sale right now, we do kind of bounce around in price. So, we've got some very high priced properties, and some lower priced properties, but all-in-all, in our office we've had a reputation for selling "only super expensive properties". That's really not the truth, we're willing to work with anybody, and our office is set up so that we can help take care of you no matter what your price range is, and see if we can help you become an owner in Maui. So again, check in with us, check our website and that will bring you, not only to our own listings, but to all of the listings in Maui, everything that's in the multiple listings service.

R:Actually, listings around the world.


R:Yeah, so if you're by chance looking for maybe a home in Phuket or something, as a second home or third home we've got contacts there.

B:Yes, we have a great setup. When you look at our website you can really search the world, which we've said for years and we've had a couple of people that we've met that we've helped buy properties around the world. So it really has been interesting and people find us through the luxury real estate site ? who's who in luxury real estate ? and you can put a place in and you can pick something randomly and be able to look at what's going on in England, France, and almost anywhere you're going to find some properties. So, give that a try and that might just be enjoyable some evening when you want to have a little special dream take a look at the website and search properties around the world.

R:Yeah, you can look at homes in Argentina just for kicks or France, Italy, maybe Seattle if you're thinking of moving to Seattle or just want to see what the Seattle market is like. Los Angeles, New York City, in fact, we've got some great contacts for New York City in Manhattan if you're looking for an apartment in Manhattan. Get anything around the world through our website

B:Manhattan, that is fun when we've looked at some of the properties there when we visited we took some time and wandered around and looked at some of the amazing properties for sale in Manhattan. But again, take a look at it through our website because it is fun, it is fun to see what's going on on the other side of the world, so to speak.

R:It is, it is. And some of those prices in Manhattan make Maui prices look pretty affordable.

B:They do, Maui can become affordable even when you look at a lot of the Los Angeles prices or San Francisco. You know, everybody is so fearful that Maui is so expensive, and it is, but I think that when you look at the other fabulous cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, let's say Tokyo, we're inexpensive.

R:Oh definitely, and there's an interesting phenomenon going on on the mainland right now and it's going to hit Hawaii pretty quick. It's coming our way and it's the tsunami of real estate buyers. Properties in San Francisco, Los Angeles, if you've got something listed in the Bay Area, the San Francisco Bay Area and you haven't gotten an offer in two weeks then something is wrong. It's either priced too high, or something is wrong with the property. It's becoming a total seller's market and it's not unusual to get multiple offers within the first few days. So, it's coming.

B:You know, always keep in mind that there's, like Roy says, if you're not getting offers right now whether it's San Francisco or anywhere, take a good look at it with your broker. Check in with someone if you've got your property listed, take a long, hard look and figure out why you aren't getting offers. I mean it is partially just the market, the market can be difficult, but take a look and think whether it's the price or you should do a little sprucing up, etcetera, but give it a try.

R:Yeah, sometimes it's staging, sometimes it's maybe adding some color to your property if you've got a property listed that isn't moving. Whether it's here or again, wherever like Boise Idaho, or wherever. B: You know, now we're past our two-minute warning so now we're winding down kind of quickly. It seems this show goes kind of fast for us anyway and I think that the biggest message that we have. Well we didn't talk at all about Boston and what's going on.

R:Yeah, it's very tragic. In fact, we have a client that was running in the Boston Marathon and our hearts and prayers go out to all the citizens of Boston and all the citizens from around the world who were at this tragic event: The Boston Marathon, yesterday.

B:And for everybody in the world that's listening to what's happened in Boston, it's fearful, it makes everybody fearful and none of us want to live that way and I think we've got to remember to live our lives and pray for these people and to give them all of our best wishes. Hopefully their families will go on, my heart is broken for the eight year old that passed away. It's the saddest thing.

R:As one of our good friends, Mark Ellman says "Practice aloha"

B:Practice aloha. Live aloha.


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