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West Maui Helps Santa with Wailuku First Friday
December 4th, 2012

Betty Sakamoto: Aloha and welcome to Betty's Real Estate Corner brought to you by Sakamoto Properties where prestige is our business, reputation our foundation. Again, Danny Couch has brought us in to the radio show with "I love Hawaii" and the one thing I can always say is, 'I love Hawaii'.

Mitch Mitchell: And I love Hawaii.

B: That's Mitch Mitchell who's here doing the show today with a lot of information for us and trying to share what's going on in Maui and in particular, in Wailuku. I see you're already wearing your Christmas shirt Mr. Mitchell.

M: Yes, Betty thanks for noticing. It's bright red. I'm kind of practicing to be Santa's helper this Friday at First Friday in Wailuku.

B: That sounds really like it's going to be a lot of fun for the whole community. I know a lot of people from West Maui are planning to come over so it's going to be big this year.

M: I think they're coming over to see Santa, not just Mitch helping Santa.

B: Oh, could be.

M: But anyway, it's a chance to get a picture with Santa and it's at a reasonable price: Five dollars or a new unwrapped toy. It's all benefiting Maui United Way. And this is all sponsored by our favorites down there at Meyer Computer.

B: Meyer Computer, they are the best. We've been working with them for probably three years now on our website. They've made it easy for us, we get good responses, and they're an amazing company. So if you're looking to do a website, big or small, or any other computer need like that call them. Talk to Chris or talk to Jesse and it's an amazing set up. They can do something that's not real expensive or they can set you up with a real flourish. So again, remember Meyer Computer. Fortunately I think I know the phone number which might be 849 ? oops ? (808) 249-0970. I'm not going to be good at numbers today, that's not very good for a real estate person.

M: No Betty, you better get those numbers down.

B: I'm getting them down. So you're really looking forward to Santa's helper and seeing all the kids? That'll be really neat Mitch.

M: I think it's a great opportunity and I really appreciate Meyer Computer for asking me to help Santa. I thought it's because I look so good in red hats with little red tassels at the end but I don't know. It's that time of the year when we all need to give back to our community and I think Meyer Computer is doing this and it's great to raise money and gifts for this Christmas to give to the needy and I'm happy to be a part of it. Santa needs a lot of help, especially these days. I hope all of you come down and enjoy. Get a picture and enjoy First Friday in Wailuku.

B: First Friday in Wailuku has been fabulous for a long time now. It's been a little harder on some of the other communities that have tried it but in Wailuku if you haven't done it, wherever you live, come down there. Parking seems to work okay, we've done it a couple of times. There's really great food, all the merchants are out. It's a great shopping venue to pick up things for the holiday season and to be able to do this and to get yourselves in the holiday mood. I think one thing that's very simple, this year let's all remember to start today saying "Happy Holidays" or looking forward to Christmas. Let's all talk about it and talk it up and it'll get us in the mood too. As Mitch says, I think as a community we all need to help one another more and when you do this toy thing that they're raising money for there are a lot of kids in Maui that will get a better Christmas because somebody helps out a little bit. So look in your neighborhood, if there's anyone that needs a little extra help get out there and do something, bake something, see if you can extend yourself and babysit for someone so a mother can get out shopping. Let's remember some kindness for Christmas, wouldn't you say Mitch?

M: Ho, ho, ho. Of course I agree.

B: Okay, so a little bit of real estate and we can drift back to, I want to talk a little bit but let's do some real estate first.

M: Absolutely.

B: We need the legends in Lahainaluna, or are we going to save that?

M: Save it Betty, save it.

B: Okay, good.

M: You know Betty, there's been a lot of action at Napili Point lately. Several have gone into contact and the prices are kind of getting in line. Remember, it's still one of the leasehold properties but it's kind of a great lease so I highly recommend it. It's right there out on the point, in one direction you're looking in to Honokeana Cove and those huge turtles and the other direction you look out at the great sunsets that Maui has to offer with the sun setting between the islands of Lanai and Molokai. So, you know, it's a perfect piece of paradise for a lot of people.

B: Great property. Keep in mind too, it isn't all leasehold. Phase II is actually already fee simple. Phase I is leasehold but it's very interesting because the actual lease rent until, I believe, 2043, is only $10 a month. And there's been negotiations on and off with the owners of the land and the leasehold owners trying to put together something so that it can go fee-simple. At some point I've got to believe that it'll happen if only because the owners of the land have virtually zero income coming in from it so I think it will happen and that's going to make a huge difference and it's going to really push the prices up astoundingly. So it's going to be really interesting but Phase II: fee simple. We do have a couple of listings in there that are fee simple. Phase I, which is a little bit, in theory, a little bit better ocean views, etcetera, is the one that's lease hold. So let us help you on that and Mitch, I've always thought and I think you commented a little about how it is still a little more Hawaiiana than almost anywhere. A lot of aloha there.

M: You know, there's not a lot of high-rises there or steel structures around just a two-story complex and it's right around the cove. I think they still have the Mai Tai party every Thursday night but it's a real low key Hawaii kickback right near Napili Bay which is a beautiful little bay with all that great sand. So I think it's pretty much unchanged from when I moved here thirty-one years ago.

B: I agree, you just walk over a little rocky area and you're pretty much on Napili Bay. You're not on the street or anything, you just go out of your unit and you just go down toward the ocean and go a little bit north. Very little bit, I mean it's like minutes, and you're on Napili Bay which is one of the most famous beaches in the world. It's a place we all love to go, there's a great restaurant down there and what's the restaurant right out in front?

M: The one in front is just changing, we're talking about the ?

B: No, the breakfast one which is really great.

M: The Gazebo.

B: The Gazebo, and then if you walk down the beach you're at Napili Kai and that's a fabulous restaurant down there. So there's so much going for you and when we talk to people it's great, it's one of the best. You know, going away from there Mitch, for just a bit ?

M: No, not yet I don't want to leave there yet. I've got two great A units there listed. A4 is directly out front, right on the water. I mean it's unbelievable, it's like when you're sitting in the living room it's like your on the bow of the Titanic ? well actually not like the Titanic, that's not a great comparison ? but right on the bow of a ship. It's listed at $540,000. Just right around the corner, more into the cove with the big turtles, is A19 at $575,000.

B: Great, great values there. And I'm saying then we'll move along to Kapalua which is walking distance from Napili Point and Kapalua has a little bit of everything: a Ritz Carlton Resort, two championship golf courses, fabulous tennis center, a spa that was opened just several years ago. It has a little bit of everything there and some of the finest real estate in the world starting with very luxury homes of the Plantation, Pineapple Hill, and then we've got some really great values right now and the market is heating up substantially in the condominiums at Kapalua. Now Mitch, one of the things I think chatting about today is getting back to where we kept saying "a recession is a terrible thing to waste". I think it's an interesting moment to realize that it is moving now. The market's really taking, I think, a big turn and we're going to have to, anyone that's been looking to buy or holding out, we're thinking that the bottom is somewhat over and this is when you want to be buying. You can actually see it happening and I think the move up is in process, at least at Kapalua. It's way worth getting into the market today.

M: You know, the Golf Villas had so many on the market there for so long and the prices had been clipped down for a little bit because of some of the remediation work that's been done but now what are there, nine different ones that are in escrow or have been sold recently? And I think there's only two one-bedrooms that are listed and I think Betty that you have one of those two.

B: We've got one that's listed at $635,000 really, really great unit, building eleven, the closest walking to the beach, the closest walking to the clubhouse, walking to Pineapple Hill restaurant, and it was totally updated so that when you go in there everything has been done. And it's in one of the first buildings that was remediated by the association so that you're never going to have construction going on around you. Way, way perfect unit. So we're showing that probably right now, this weekend anyway, several times a day. And we've got a showing going on hopefully as we speak. So, very interesting movement happening at the Golf Villas.

M: At the Bay Villas there's been quite a few sales too. Again, I have a listing at 15B3 at the Bay Villas and it's at $975,000. The one downstairs just closed so we've got some great comps out there. One of the problems that we've had is I think there's a lot of reasonably priced units but without having any sales it's been kind of hard for the buyer and for us to really put a comparison on it but now with some sales we definitely have something to work with. So I think it's a great opportunity.

B: Absolutely, you can now sit down with us and we can go over with you the more recent sales, and we can go over with you the sales over the last couple of years and where the market peaked and we can give you a definite reason why you really want to step into the market right now. The Bay Villas was the first ocean front property that Kapalua did, it's amazingly beautiful, it has a fabulous rental program going on, and you can actually do rentals there however you choose. You can do them on a modified basis yourself, you can use one of the local real estate companies, or there is an onsite rental program that can help you if your choice is that you're going to rent it. But again, it's a great market in there right now and it's easy for you to follow it, it's not property that hasn't had sales. So it's really a good time, so call us. Call Sakamoto Properties (808) 669-0070.

M: Or Mitch at (808) 870-5548.

B: Our website is, that is and the easiest way to reach us is the company number (808) 669-0070. You can reach Mitch, you can reach the Sakamotos, or any one of our agents.

M: Or Dean Otto.

B: And we'll be available to be able to help you in the purchase of real estate. So check in with us at anytime. You know, a house, Mitch, that recently I've been looking at more and more is 114 Woodrose listed at $3.2 Million. It's one of the largest lots at Pineapple Hill, single lot, 15,000 square feet almost, well 15,500. But, huge, beautiful home, and it's amazing. Tons of granite in there, really great enhancements to the property, they did a great office on the second floor that's got two work areas, large closets throughout, and the sellers are interested in a possible trade for a well-located condominium. Obviously plus cash but it's a great, great home and it's one that we would love to have you look at. The owners happen to be here right now so it's easy for us to show it and be able to talk with them about the property that you might be interested in exchanging. So call us, (808) 669-0070 and don't forget the website

M: You know Betty, one of the things I like best about that house is that the granite is beautiful granite. The grey, rich colors and it makes it real easy for anybody to walk in and put their own personal touch on it. Bring in any color that you want. A lot of these fairly recent homes have got some pretty out there granites, including mine, and somebody else comes in and goes "Well gosh that's not my color, how do I change it?" and this is a great house that is really open to you putting your own personal touches on it and making it your home very easily.

B: True, it's the granite that goes all the way through. The floor is granite. And I think you're right, it is being sold furnished but again you can walk in, you've got enough furniture that can be there for you to bring your toothbrush and get set up. But Mitch is right, if you took everything out of there at that point and considered it kind of a blank palate it's fabulous. It'll really be, you can do any color, you can do reds, blues, and again your granite actually Mitch is fabulous. You've got some burgundies, but you know what he's saying is with his granite he did what's really perfect for him and a lot of people do that whereas this one, you're right Mitch, it's going to be really simple for you to come in and make it your own. So that's a great property. Any other quick picks for you Mitch? Ones that you think are easy to show or something.

M: Well we have several that are easy to show including 508 Pacific out there at Pineapple Hill.

B: That's a great listing also.

M: You know, even at Pineapple Hill, a couple of lots or one lot has just sold recently so there'll be some more construction going on out there. So it shows that people are taking interest and taking notes of what a great property it is.

B: True, true. And again, construction is going to be really exciting up there because there's almost no, or I think, there's one other lot that is for sale. There are still a few open lots but I think right now people are hanging on and aren't interested in moving the few lots that are available. So again, the houses, we have listings starting at $2.8 million and going up to $9.9 million so that there's some really amazing houses between Pineapple Hill and the Plantation Estates. And we're available to see to it that you get to see them.

M: You know Betty another interesting property is the one that you and I have listed at 100 Ala Hoku Place. It's kind of like a "Gentleman's Farm", they farm sod.

B: That is, that's a great property and that was a somewhat ingenious idea don't you think?

M: Well it's all grass around there and every now and then you can sell a little chunk of it and grow more.

B: You've got two plus acres, virtually, of sod and there's a local landscape person that's been working with the owners from the time they've made the decision to do this. So it's very exciting what they've done there and if you don't choose to do it you already have two fabulously landscaped acres of total sod. So, really a great property for you to take a look at and a good one.

M: It'll be a great place for a husband and wife and their fourteen or fifteen kids, it'll be perfect.

B: Perfect. A couple of others, you know we do tend to have a lot of these upper end properties which are fabulous and we're fortunate that we work in that market but we also have some great listings at Napili Ridge starting at $55,000. With $55,000 we're dealing with leasehold and they start up from there. But it really is another property that's pretty amazing and really worth having you take a look at whether you're looking for a first home, a starter home or even a small rental, typically people there are doing long-term rentals versus hotel or resort rentals. But again, if you're looking to get into the market here and you know you're not going to be coming for a few years but what you really want is to have something that's great. So check in with us and that's something you can get into, you can hire a rental agent here to take care of the rentals when you're not around and we can help you find that person that would be the perfect rental agent. So call us, also, on Ridge and know we've got listings in every price range and we've got agents standing by that can help you.

M: You know, Lars has that Paki Maui listing down there. It's one-bedroom, one-bath at $285,000. It's a great garden setting and that's another one of the less intense properties. You can kind of feel like you're on holiday and kick back. It's a lot of lawn and the property is directly on the ocean so it's another great one.

B: That's a good one. Napili Sunset, we have a great listing there at $395,000. Now really you're totally on Napili Bay, but this one is not directly on the ocean but it's a second-floor studio. A Murphy bed so that it really gives you the full living that would appear to be one-bedroom. But again, you are on Napili Bay so that you just walk around the little corner of your building and you're on one of Maui's most famous beaches. So call us, call us and we'll see to it that you get in to view that or any one of these other properties, Napili Shores, Napili Sunset, and Kapalua. I mean, they all kind of come along there, but we can find you some really great properties to be looking at and get you into either your first Maui investment, help you get out of the property that you own now, and try to find an exchange possibility. So we really do have a lot of different ideas for you. Mitch, do you think it's time that we talk a little bit about the "Legends of Lahainaluna High School"?

M: Yes, that was a great evening last night Betty down at the Pioneer Inn in Lahaina. The Pioneer Inn did a great job with the food for the Lahaina High School.

B: Well it's called "Legends of Lahainaluna" and it's the second year that it's been in existence and it's been very interesting how it's all gone. Neil Everett of ESPN has come both years on his own dime which I think is an amazing, amazing thing for anybody in his position to do. And if anybody doesn't know who he is, which I think is almost impossible that you don't know, but if you heard his voice you'd immediately know who that is. So he worked at Hawaii Pacific University for fifteen years, sports director and reporter for KITV earlier in his career. He never hesitates to come in and support Lahainaluna High School, really helped with the stadium project and he was there last night to introduce the nominees and the honorees so that they were able to, he told a fabulous story about each person.

M: Yeah, there were four different people or groups that got awards. An interesting one that I ran into a friend there that I used to work with at Kapalua Hotel and it was his grandmother who from 1896 to 1957, she was the matron at the boarders' dorm at Lahainaluna. But people came from all of the islands ?

B: For 27 years, she was there for 27 years. She received the Posthumous Award, I'm pronouncing that wrong all of a sudden, but she also wrote "Yonder Lahaina Mountains". Unfortunately we're going to wind down pretty quickly right now so I think we've got to kind of flip through these in a hurry. The Business Award went to Makana Aloha Foundation and that was a pretty exciting moment also because they've done so much working with Lahainaluna High School. Individual awards went to Andrew Kutsunai who was in social studies from 1961 and they announced how many people there were students under Andrew and it seemed like half of the people in the room were. And then one of our favorites is Sue Cooley and maybe you, Mitch, would like to tell a little bit about Sue, her contributions, emotionally and financially to do so many things for Lahainaluna.

M: Well Roy, Betty, and I took Sue to a Lahainaluna game in Wailuku several years ago and because it was a night game and Lahainaluna had never had a night game or games at Lahainaluna. They'd never had a football field, and to make a long story short she decided that she would help Lahainaluna get their first football field and track. Now I believe it's the best in the state.

B: Oh it is, no question.

M: It's as good as the Dallas Cowboys.

B: It is the same field that the Dallas Cowboys have. Okay, we're coming to an end but Sue Cooley received a fabulous award and she's the one that came through and saw to it that Lahainaluna has its first state of the art athletic field. Aloha.

M: Aloha, and ho, ho, ho.

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